First Time

Glory Hole Daughter

It was a late fall afternoon when I was walking home from band practice. My dad was running late in picking me up so I told him I would be walking home and he could pick me up at the park. When I got to the park I needed to go to the bath room […]

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 4

Charlotte finally composed herself after Julie’s surprise oral assault on her aching pussy… an assault that had brought her to the very brink of orgasm, and then left her hanging in a tangled mess of sexual frustration the likes of which she had never experienced. Julie had proven to her that a woman could get […]

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 2

Dr. Julie Alexander had gotten up at 3:00 am to see her husband off on his month-long business trip, and after trying unsuccessfully to get a few more hours of sleep, she was now sitting in her office waiting for her first appointment. As she did, the memories of what had happened with Jamie Bradley […]

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 1

Jamie Bradley sat quietly in the doctor’s office waiting room as his mother filled out the insurance information and questionnaire as to why they were visiting. This was nothing new, since Dr. Alexander had been Jamie’s doctor since he was a young boy, and had remained so for his annual checkups and other typical illnesses, […]

Curious Daughter

My daughter Amber had always been curious about things. When something got her attention there was no stopping the girl. It should have come as no surprise to me the day she saw my wife and I having sex. Donna my wife was sucking my cock while she was grinding her pussy in my face. […]

Daddy’s Facebook

It all started innocently enough. I merely wanted to make sure my daughter Kerri was doing okay emotionally and keep an eye on the kinds of people she was hanging out with. I didn’t really think too much about it, although I knew if she found out what I had done, she would be furious […]

My Wife’s Little Sister

Kayla had grown up to be a sexy little thing and she was hitting on me! What could I do? My wife, Sandy, and I are both in our early forties and have been married for fifteen years. Her little sister, Kayla, who her parents admit was an accident, had just turned eighteen when she […] Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

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