A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 6

When Charlotte and Jamie arrived at Perrone’s, Julie and Tyler were already there. Julie looked stunning in a classic ‘little black dress’ that showed off her toned arms and shapely legs, and the black heels she wore added even more elegance to her sleek, athletic body. Charlotte looked just as sexy in a little red […]

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 5

As Jamie and Tyler followed their naked moms into the house, they took another opportunity to ogle their distinctly different but equally perfect derrieres as they swayed in front of them. They both did their own comparing and contrasting, noticing how Charlotte’s ass was full and succulent, with cheeks that bounced as her rounded hips […]

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 3

Saturday morning dawned, and a freshly showered Charlotte sat in her silk robe, sipping her second cup of coffee as she thought about the life changing events of the last few days. It had all started just forty-eight hours earlier when she had taken her teenage son Jamie to his doctor for a mysterious condition […]

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 2

Dr. Julie Alexander had gotten up at 3:00 am to see her husband off on his month-long business trip, and after trying unsuccessfully to get a few more hours of sleep, she was now sitting in her office waiting for her first appointment. As she did, the memories of what had happened with Jamie Bradley […]

Daddy’s Facebook

It all started innocently enough. I merely wanted to make sure my daughter Kerri was doing okay emotionally and keep an eye on the kinds of people she was hanging out with. I didn’t really think too much about it, although I knew if she found out what I had done, she would be furious […]

My New StepDaughter

I met Helen at the park one day, we were both out walking our dogs and just bumped into each other, and the instant i saw that mature 30 something blonde woman in her summer dress and sandals, i knew i was going to be with her forever. As it turned out she was just […] Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

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