A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 3

Saturday morning dawned, and a freshly showered Charlotte sat in her silk robe, sipping her second cup of coffee as she thought about the life changing events of the last few days. It had all started just forty-eight hours earlier when she had taken her teenage son Jamie to his doctor for a mysterious condition he was experiencing… then something happened during their visit that ignited a two day firestorm of sexual awakening for the single mother, her son, and his beautiful doctor, Julie Alexander.

The mysterious condition was a painfully frustrating erection that had lasted over ten hours, despite his masturbating twice, which he reluctantly admitted to both women during his exam. Everything had started out as clinical and professional as possible, considering the teenage boy’s embarrassment over having his erection exposed to his mom and his attractive physician. But then it happened… as the blonde haired, blue eyed doctor held his swollen organ in her hand and leaned in for a closer look, Jamie cried out, “Oh no,” and then spontaneously ejaculated on the surprised woman’s face.

Charlotte felt her smooth shaved pussy quivering as she recalled how it looked when her son’s hard young prick began spewing ribbons of milky white sperm onto his doctor’s face… but even that wasn’t the moment that sparked the sexual frenzy. It was when Julie licked a large dollop of pearlescent sperm from her lip and pulled it into her mouth… openly savoring the taste before swallowing it.

As the memory of the pretty physician swallowing Jamie’s thick semen ran through her mind, Charlotte’s hands found their way into the folds of her robe, with one moving to her full round breasts, and the other directly to the warm, wet spot between her legs. She let out a soft moan as her middle finger stroked her swollen pussy lips, coating the tip with the slippery lubricant. Then she shuddered as she dragged the wet fingertip over the tiny pleasure pebble at the top of her drooling slit.

Charlotte closed her eyes, and as she spread her legs further and slowly stroked her clitoris, she replayed all of the events that had occurred since Thursday… events that had changed her relationship with Dr. Alexander a patient’s mother, to her best friend, to her lover… and had taken her from being a typical mom to being a sexual surrogate who would do anything to take care of her sweet son.

Now Charlotte’s masturbation became more intense as she remembered everything, from Jamie ejaculating on Julie’s face, to the pretty doctor licking and swallowing his virgin cum, to watching Jamie jerk off to a video of her masturbating, to masturbating herself while watching him, to giving her son his first blowjob, to having an incredible lesbian encounter with Julie, to the two of them exposing themselves to Julie’s son Tyler… and all within the last forty-eight hours.

Charlotte could feel the muscles deep in her groin begin to tighten as her masturbation became more intense, and she spread her legs wider, giving her abusing fingers better access to her swollen clit. Then, just as she began pinching her nipples, she heard Jamie calling, “Mom… hey mom, are you up?”

“Shit,” she cursed under her breath as she quickly pulled her fingers from her aching cunt and straightened her robe, trying to look as nonchalant as a woman on the verge of orgasm could look.

“In the kitchen honey,” she called back, her voice cracking as she tried to compose herself.

Jamie entered the kitchen wearing a tee-shirt and boxers, still rubbing the sleep from his eyes. As he finally focused them, he looked at Charlotte and said, “Are you okay mom?”

“I’m fine honey… why do you ask,” his mother replied, still trying to calm herself down and wishing she would have had just two more minutes to get herself off.

“Well, your face is red and you’re breathing like you just ran a marathon,” Jamie replied, not even mentioning that he could clearly see her nipples as they poked through the thin material of her robe.

Luckily Charlotte had finally regained her wits and said, “Oh it must be the coffee honey, it’s really hot.”

“Okay, just don’t burn yourself mom,” her son replied in a cautionary tone.

Charlotte was relieved that he had bought her story. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed that he had almost caught her masturbating… especially since masturbation had become such an open topic between the two of them in the last few days. But she also knew that if he had found her playing with her pussy, he probably would have wanted to participate in some way, and as aroused as she was at that moment, she wasn’t sure if she could have resisted him, even if she wanted to.

Just then she glanced at the front of his boxers and noticed that the almost constant erection he had sported the last few days wasn’t there and said, “Jamie, did you already masturbate this morning… you know you’re supposed to tell me when you ejaculate so I can keep track of the time between.”

“Oh yeah mom, that’s what I wanted to tell you… after I peed this morning my erection went away and it didn’t come back, so I guess I’m getting better,” he answered in a gleeful tone.

“Honey that’s fantastic,” Charlotte replied happily… glad that her son’s injury seemed to be righting itself, but a little sad the closeness his condition had created between them might be over. Still, his well-being was most important, and she said, “Julie will be so glad to hear that she was right!”

“Julie?” Jamie asked, and then he quickly realized who his mom was talking about and said, “Oh, you mean Dr. Alexander.” Then he added, “Boy you two are on a first name basis… you really have become good friends pretty fast.”

“Well we really enjoy each other’s company,” Charlotte replied, then she smiled as she remembered their lesbian encounter and thought, ‘you have no idea how much we enjoy each other’s company!’

Suddenly Jamie got a pensive look on his face and said, “Mom, I’m really glad you and Dr. Alexander have become such good friends, you really deserve to have someone to hang out with… but do we really have to go to her house to swim today… I mean her son might be some rich-k** stuck up asshole.”

“Language young man!” his mother quickly scolded him, and then she added, “Dr. Alexander made a very nice offer, and I met Tyler yesterday and he seems like a nice young man… so we are going.”

“When did you meet Dr. Alexander’s son?” Jamie asked.

Charlotte realized she had let the cat out of the bag and said, “Well, after Julie… I mean Dr. Alexander and I had lunch, we went and sat by her pool for a while, and Tyler came home while we were there.” What she failed to tell her son was that Tyler had caught them sunbathing in the nude… but she would tell him that part when the time was right.

“Why didn’t you tell me you went to her place when you got home last night,” Jamie asked, curious to why his mom told him about the invitation, but withheld that part.

“I’m sorry honey, I just thought you might be upset because I was sitting by the pool with Dr. Alexander instead of being here with you,” Charlotte replied.

“That wouldn’t upset me mom, you’re the best mother in the world and deserve a friend you can hang out with,” Jamie replied.

Tears came to Charlotte’s eyes as she hugged her son and said, “That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me Jamie,” and then she added, “So you’ll go to the Alexanders without me forcing you?”

Jamie held his weepy mother and said, “Okay, don’t go all ‘Lifetime Movie’ on me mom,” and then he groaned, “And yes I’ll go… but I’m not promising I’ll have a good time or anything.”

Charlotte laughed at his joke and said, “Thank you honey,” and then she hugged him again.

As his mom held him tight, Jamie’s hands fell to her hips, and landed at the top of her full round ass cheeks. As they rested there, he could clearly feel that there was no panty line under the smooth silk, and considering how visible her hard nipples were as they poked through the thin material, he knew his beautiful mother was naked under the barely-there robe. Immediately the blood rushed to his penis, causing it to swell into a turgid column of pulsing flesh.

Charlotte felt her son’s hands slide down until they were almost cupping her ass cheeks, and then it happened… the full length of his erection pressed against her. Considering she had been masturbating when Jamie interrupted her, a new flood of wetness surged in her own groin. But she fought back her own lust and said, “Jamie, are you sure you’re healing down there… it feels like you’re hard again.”

Jamie quickly tried to break contact with her and said, “Yeah Mom, I think I just got hard because… well, I think it just happened.”

Charlotte knew why he had gotten another erection, but she didn’t want to embarrass him by pointing out his hands on her ass, so she just said, “Well, to be safe, do you think you should go relieve it.”

Jamie quickly read opportunity in his mom’s question and said, “Maybe I should,” and then he added, “Do you think maybe you can come and help me like you did yesterday?”

This was exactly why Charlotte was glad he hadn’t caught her masturbating. She knew he was looking for any excuse to ask her for another blow job… after all, he may have been her son, but he was still a young man. Plus she was fighting her own urges, and since she was still very aroused after suffering from his ‘masturbatus-interruptus’, the thought of dropping to her knees and sucking his cock was very appealing, but she ignored her aching pussy and said, “Jamie, I told you that was just a one-time thing to help you with your erection problem… so if you think you need relief, you need go and to do it yourself.”

“Okay mom,” Jamie groaned in disappointment as his mom’s rejection deflated his hopes… and his erection. Then he headed to his room to get ready to go to the Armstrong’s.

While the morning tango of sexual tension was playing out in the middle-class Bradley home, across town in the affluent Sterling Heights section, a similar dance was just beginning in the opulent Armstrong house. Tyler was still fast asleep, but his mom was lying alone in her huge king-size bed, reliving the events of the last few days in her mind just as Charlotte was… and like Charlotte, Julie’s pussy was starting to quake.

The pretty blonde physician’s mind wandered back to her office Thursday morning, and the moment Jamie Bradley’s hard cock began pulsing in her hand, and the staccato bursts of sweet young cum splattered against her face and lips. As she reminisced, she kicked off the Egyptian cotton sheets and pulled her nightgown over her head, leaving her nude on the bed.

As she lay back and began to replay Thursday morning in her mind, her hands began caressing her athletic body. Even after the intense fucking her husband had given her before he departed for Dubai, and the amazing lesbian experience she had shared with Charlotte by the pool, she was still in a heightened state of arousal… and it was all sparked by that moment when she drew Jamie Bradley’s sweet young cum into her mouth and swallowed the creamy goodness.

Julie was a doctor who had minored in psychology and understood behavioral ‘triggers’, but she still wasn’t sure why the taste of her young patient’s sperm had triggered such an obsessive desire deep inside her. But at that moment the ‘how’ or ‘why’ didn’t matter, all she cared about was the intense ache building deep in her pussy… an ache that needed to be addressed immediately.

As one hand cupped her firm breast, and the other slid over her flat tummy to her smooth pubic mound, she recalled that moment when she licked her cum covered lips, and her taste buds were coated with Jamie’s sweet and tangy aphrodisiac. She let out a groan as her fingers reached her sodden pussy lips, and then she gasped as two of her delicate, tapered fingers penetrated her labia and lodged deep in her steaming cunt.

She owned a vibrator, but this morning it wasn’t needed. Julie was hurtling towards orgasm as her fingers now concentrating on her hard clitoris. As she rubbed the tiny pea, she started to think about her poolside encounter with her new ‘BFF’, the curvaceous Charlotte Bradley, and her first taste of another woman’s pussy. Her finger was a blur now, and her insides felt like molten lava as her climax prepared to pour over her, but just as she was about to cum, there was a light tap on her door.

Julie knew it could only be her son Tyler, and she tried to stop fingering herself, but unlike Charlotte when Jamie had interrupted her, Julie was so close to orgasm that her body wouldn’t listen. She tried to speak, to tell him he couldn’t come in, but the feeling was just too intense, so instead of stopping and composing herself, Julie kept rubbing her clit. She hoped he would just give up and go away, but in a few seconds there was another knock, followed by Tyler saying, “Mom, are you awake?”

Now Julie was beyond the point of no return. She was so close that even if she stopped stroking her clit right then, she was going to climax. So she continued to frig herself without an ounce of concern that her son might catch her… in fact she was so overcome with lust that she almost hoped he would. Just then Tyler opened her door, and as his eyes focused on his masturbating mom, she came.

“Oh God… Tyler, get out!” Julie screamed as uncontrollable spasms of pleasure exploded deep in her belly… but her son couldn’t move. He was paralyzed by the sight of his beautiful mother lying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide… one hand moving furiously between her muscular thighs while the other clutched her breasts. It was the second time in two days that he had seen her naked, but this was different. Even with his limited sexual knowledge, he quickly realized she was masturbating, and despite him watching, her fingers never stopped assaulting her pulsating cunt.

As Tyler looked on, Julie’s back arched up from the satin sheets and her ass pressed into the mattress as her orgasm tore through her body. When he had seen her and Mrs. Bradley sunbathing nude the day before, it was from a distance, but now he was only a few feet from her, and he could clearly see her bright pink pussy lips shining with her juices… and her shapely legs were spread so wide that he could actually see her tiny puckered asshole clenching over and over with each orgasmic contraction.

The sight made blood rush to his penis, causing it to lengthen and swell. He felt almost light-headed as in a matter of seconds it grew to full erection… creating an obvious tent in the front of his lightweight sleep pants. And even though she was completely overcome with pleasure, Julie couldn’t help but see the impressive bulge… and that only intensified her climax. Then finally, even as her insides continued to ripple with orgasmic spasms, she managed to gasp, “Tyler, I c-c-can’t stop… puh-please leave!”

The teenage boy was suddenly shaken back to reality, and he apologetically said, “I’m sorry mom… I didn’t mean to… I’m sorry,” but that didn’t stop him from taking one last mental picture of his climaxing mother before backing out of her room.

Finally, Julie slumped back on the bed, her chest heaving and her mouth dry. It had been a far more intense masturbatory orgasm than usual, and she knew why… it was because of Tyler. While her outward reaction was embarrassment when he walked in on her, it was secretly what she wanted. She was glad he had seen her rubbing her pussy, and she was glad he had seen her cum… but now she feared she might have upset him, so once she calmed down, she slipped on the first robe she found, and without considering how transparent it was, headed down the hallway to his room.

When Julie reached her son’s closed door, she took a deep breath, softly knocked and said, “Tyler, may I come in?” When there was no reply, she knocked a little firmer and said, “Tyler, I know you’re in there, may I please come in?”

There was another moment of silence, but then Julie heard a forlorn voice quietly say, “It’s unlocked.”

The beautiful mother slowly opened the door to her son’s room, and as she peeked in, she saw he was lying on his bed, with the covers pulled up to his chest. He couldn’t even look her in the eyes as she walked to the foot of his bed and said, “Honey, I think we need to talk.”

Tyler couldn’t make eye contact, thinking she was about to chastise him for barging into her room, and he quickly blurted out, “Mom, I’m sorry I walked in on you… I knocked twice and asked if you were awake, but when you didn’t answer I thought you were still asleep, so I just came in.”

Julie could see how distressed her son was becoming and quickly replied, “Hey, hey, honey… I’m not mad at you. I just think we need to talk about, well… what you saw.”

Finally Tyler lifted his eyes and saw his mom standing at the foot of the bed with a reassuring smile on her beautiful face. Her shining blonde hair hung over her shoulders, and her blue eyes seemed to sparkle. But what really caught his attention was the robe she was wearing… it was so shear that he could her firm round breasts and bright pink her nipples through the material… and even though he was still distraught, the sight caused another erection to begin under his blanket.

After a long and uncomfortable pause, Julie finally said, “Tyler, do you know what I was doing?”

The teenager’s face turned a bright red, but he quickly said, “I’m not a k** mom, I think I know what you were doing.”

“So tell me then,” his mom replied, pushing the uncomfortable issue.

“Do you really want me to say it mom,” he quickly asked.

“Yes I do Tyler,” Julie said.

“Okay fine,” he said in an exasperated tone, but then he finally relinquished and softly said, “You were masturbating.”

“Now see, that wasn’t so hard to say, was it?” Julie asked as she moved to the side of the bed and sat down next to him.

“Well, it was kind of embarrassing,” Tyler tried to explain.

“That’s the point honey, masturbating shouldn’t be embarrassing, it’s perfectly natural… I mean I would appreciate my privacy, but I’m not embarrassed I was doing it,” Julie replied very confidently.

“I know it’s natural… but you’re my MOM,” Tyler exclaimed.

“So do you think mothers aren’t supposed to masturbate?” Julie asked.

Tyler paused for a moment, and then he said, “I just thought that once you were married, you didn’t need to do that.”

Julie almost laughed at her son’s innocence, then she said, “Tyler, your dad and I have a wonderful sex life,” a thought that made him cringe, and then she added, “but you don’t stop masturbating just because you get married… sometimes the urge just hits you and you do it… you masturbate, don’t you?”

The question caught Tyler off guard, and Julie could sense his hesitation in admitting it, so she decided to help the process along and with a reassuring smile she said, “Tyler, I’m your mom, I’m a doctor, and I do your laundry… so I think I figured it out.”

Her son let out a large sigh and said, “Yeah, I guess I do it sometimes.”

Once again Julie had to suppress a laugh at Tyler’s ‘sometimes’ reference, since the evidence she had found told her that he probably jerked off at least once a day, as most boys his age did. But to keep from adding to his embarrassment she just said, “And you shouldn’t feel embarrassed because you do… I’m not saying you do it in front of the neighbors, but as long as it’s practiced discretely, masturbating is perfectly normal… for teenage boys and their moms.”

Tyler appreciated his mom’s blunt approach, and he actually did feel relieved that she told him he wasn’t a pervert for jerking off. He didn’t even feel embarrassed that they were discussing it as she sat on his bed wearing a thin robe that hid next to nothing. Then, before he realized the words were coming out of his mouth, he asked, “Mom, you said you couldn’t stop when I walked in… why?”

Tyler’s question had caught Julie completely by surprise, but she kept her composure and said, “Tyler, right when you walked in, I started having an orgasm, and once you reach that point, there is just no way you can stop it… you understand, right?”

The teenager certainly knew what it was like to masturbate to orgasm, but he still wasn’t sure why his mom didn’t stop and said, “I guess, but you kept doing it right in front of me… couldn’t you have just stopped until I left and then, you know… finished?”

Now Julie was faced with a dilemma… she didn’t think he would understand that she had secretly wanted him to catch her, and she could tell he wasn’t grasping the concept of a woman’s orgasm being an unstoppable force, so she asked, “Tyler, have you ever heard the term, ‘blue balls’?”

The question actually made him blush a bit, and he said, “Yeah, I’ve heard guys use it.”

“And do you know what it means,” his mom asked, pushing the issue.

“Yeah, it’s when a girl… you know, gets a guy really excited and then, you know, kind of leaves him hanging,” the teenager replied, looking away from his mom.

“Well that’s certainly one way to get them,” Julie said to her son, and then she asked, “Has a girl ever done that to you?”

Tyler couldn’t believe his mom had just asked him if a girl had ever given him blue balls, but he tried to reason that because she was a doctor, it was different, so he said, “Yeah, it’s happened to me a couple of times.”

Julie squeezed her thighs together to quell the ache building in her groin as she imagined her son getting a throbbing erection from making out with some cute high school girl, but she kept her composure and said, “Well then you know how uncomfortable it can be when you are ‘left hanging’, as you said… so now do you understand why I couldn’t stop?”

Tyler still wasn’t sure he got the connection and said, “But mom, you’re a woman so, well, you can’t get blue balls… so you can stop that whenever you want.”

Julie could tell that he still wasn’t getting what she was saying… but it was also obvious by the lump in his covers that the sexual tone of the conversation had given him another erection. So the physician side of her decided it was time she taught her son a little something about anatomy. With that she said, “Tyler, you don’t need testicles to get ‘blue balls’, and quite frankly it’s a little chauvinistic for you to think that only men can get sexually frustrated.”

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean anything,” Tyler said, realizing him mom was a bit perturbed at his reply.

Julie wasn’t really upset at her son, and said, “I’m not mad honey, I just want you to be respectful of a woman’s needs as much as your own,” and then she thought of a somewhat devious way to show Tyler why she couldn’t stop when he walked in on her, and she boldly said, “So I noticed you got an erection when you were watching me, and it looks like you have another one right now.”

Tyler was completely aghast. He quickly folded his hands over his lap and said, “Ummm, no that’s just the blanket, and I don’t think I got a… you know, when I saw you.”

Julie smiled and said, “Tyler, it’s okay honey… you’re a teenage boy for heaven’s sake.” Then she added, “And as a doctor I can tell you that it is not uncommon for post-adolescent young men to view their mothers in a sexual way during their development.”

Tyler did feel more relaxed when his mom said that, and he added, “Yeah, I guess I did get one from watching you, you know… do that.”

Both mother and son chuckled, and then Julie said, “Well I’d like to think it might also be because you find me a little attractive too.”

“Jeez mom, I think you’re really pretty… and have a really, you know… nice body,” Tyler suddenly blurted out, wishing he hadn’t gotten so detailed.

Julie sensed his sudden uneasiness and said, “Thank you honey, that’s very nice coming from a young man your age,” and then she stoked the sexual undertones in the room again when she said, “And I’m glad it wasn’t just Mrs. Bradley’s body that made you masturbate last night.”

“What… I mean, no, I didn’t last night… and I would never think about you and, you know…” Tyler said, trying to deny his mom’s outrageous, but true accusation.

“Tyler,” Julie interrupted, “When I was picking up your dirty laundry this morning, I found dry semen… I’m a doctor, remember,” and then she added, “And besides, I told you I’m okay that you find me attractive enough to fantasize about me.”

Her teenage son turned an even deeper shade of red, but instead of saying anything, he just nodded his head. That was when Julie decided to put her plan into effect and said, “You know Tyler, since you already have an erection, and you watched me masturbate this morning… I think it might be only fair if you let me see you masturbate right now.”

It took his young brain a moment to process what his mom said, but suddenly the light went off in Tyler’s head and he said, “You want me to WHAT?”

Julie could see it was going to take some reasoning to get him going, so she said, “Honey, I’m pretty sure you were going to masturbate before I came in, and the Bradleys will be coming over soon… so if you don’t want to greet them with an erection, I think you should go ahead and do it now.”

Tyler couldn’t believe his mom was actually suggesting that he jerk off in front of her, and he definitely wasn’t sure he could even do it. But then he looked down and saw her erect nipples showing through her shear robe, causing a new rush of arousal to surge through his groin, and suddenly the idea of masturbating in front of his mom took on a new appeal.

Julie could tell his defenses were lowering, and to help accelerate the process, she reached to the top of the covers and pulled them down, revealing the very prominent bulge in the front of his thin cotton sweat pants. Then Tyler took over, and without saying a word, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his pants, raised his ass off of the mattress and pushed them down, and as they cleared the head of his erect cock, it sprung back upwards, slapping against his bare skin.

Julie let out an audible ‘ohhh’ as her son’s erection came into full view. The first thing she noticed was that it was slightly longer than Jamie Bradley’s, but with about the same girth. The small patch of blonde hair above the base matched the hair on his head, and the blood gorged crown of his penis had turned a shade of red that was darker than his face, which was flushed with embarrassment from being so exposed to her. And between his thighs hung a pair of balls aching to release a torrent of young cum.

The two sat silently for a moment, with Julie closely examining her son’s impressive young cock as it arched up towards his stomach, and Tyler watching the color rising in his mother’s cheeks. Then, Julie said, “Okay honey, you can start when you’re ready.”

Tyler didn’t say a word, but slowly slid his hand down until it rested at the base of his erection, and then as his mom watched, he wrapped his fist around the hard shaft. At first he just held it, and Julie could see the head puff up even more, and turn from red to a deep purple. Then, he began methodically stroking his hand up and down.

Julie couldn’t believe she was actually watching her handsome son jerk off. Lightning bolts of desire struck her groin has Tyler silently manipulated the thin membrane of skin up and down the hard shaft it covered. And thanks to the circumcision that she had performed herself, she never lost sight of the mushroom shaped head as her son jacked his cock.

As Julie’s arousal continued to build, Tyler’s was starting to fade. He suddenly began processing what he was doing in front of his mom, and almost immediately he started to lose his erection. He accelerated his stroking motion to try to keep himself hard, but the more he thought about it, the softer he got.

It wasn’t long before Julie could see his shaft shrinking and the head beginning to deflate. She was worried that she may have pushed him too hard and said, “Honey, are you alright?”

“I don’t know, it just won’t say hard,” Tyler groaned, fearing he was disappointing her, and then he added, “I guess I just feel a little weird doing this in front of you.”

“I understand Honey,” his mom said, trying to reassure him, and then she added, “But I’m also a doctor, so try thinking of it as me observing you for medical research… maybe that will work.”

“I wish it was that easy,” Tyler replied, still stroking his ever-softening penis.

Suddenly Julie got a smile on her face and said, “Honey, I think I have something that might help… it seems to have worked before.”

Tyler wasn’t sure what his mom was talking about until she stood up, untied the sash of her robe, slid it off of her shoulders and let it slide from her body until it collected in a pool of material at her feet… leaving her naked in front of him.

“Oh wow,” Tyler said in a soft voice as he looked up and down his mom’s amazing body. It may have been the third time he had seen her naked in the last two days, but the sight hadn’t gotten old. And the fact that she was getting naked just for him had the blood rushing back to his penis, and in a matter of moments he was back to a full hardness.

“Well that seems to have done the trick,” Julie said with a smile as she looked down at her son stroking what was once again a throbbing young cock. She could feel the warmth and wetness rising in her own groin as she watched him jerking off with a new enthusiasm. His eyes moved up and down her body over and over again, and Julie decided to use his eagerness to tease him a little bit.

As Tyler stroked his cock faster, Julie cupped her hands under her breasts and said, “Do you like my tits honey?”

The teenager couldn’t believe his mom had used the word ‘tits’, but at that point he wasn’t questioning anything, and just said, “They’re amazing mom.”

“Are you sure honey,” Julie asked in a sultry, anything but motherly voice, and then she added, “They’re not as big as Mrs. Bradley’s.”

“I think they’re perfect,” Tyler replied in a voice that cracked with passion. Then as he watched his mother drag her thumbs over her hard nipples, he felt the pressure of an impending orgasm building at the base of his aching prick.

Julie could sense Tyler was getting close, and as she watched his fist gliding up and down his swollen member, her right hand slid down over her taught tummy and between her shapely thighs. Then as her fingertip found her swollen clit yet again, she groaned, “Did you like watching me masturbate this morning honey… did it excite you?”

“Oh yes mom,” Tyler groaned. He couldn’t believe his beautiful mother was standing right in front of him, playing with her pussy again… only this time she was putting on a show for him, and that knowledge had his raging prick ready to explode.

Julie could also tell that her son wasn’t going to last much longer. It seemed the shaft of his cock had gotten bigger and harder, and the head had turned an even darker shade of purple… but what really sent her own arousal soaring was the tiny drop of pre-cum she saw glistening at the tip. Ever since sampling Jamie Bradley’s sweet syrup, Julie had been obsessed with the taste of young cum, and knowing her son was about to spew his own load had her mouth watering.

Tyler was beginning to groan louder as he stroked his hard penis and ogled his mom’s body. Julie was nearing climax too, but she slowed her own masturbation so she wouldn’t cum before him, because she still had a point she wanted to prove. As she stepped closer to him, she spread her legs to give him a better view of her pussy and asked, “Are you getting ready to cum honey?”

“Uh huh,” was all he could groan, never taking his eyes from his mom’s finger as it fucked in and out of her swollen cunt lips.

“Tell me when baby… tell me when you’re going to cum,” Julie said, her own voice cracking with pleasure as she tried not to orgasm herself.

Suddenly the pace of Tyler’s hand accelerated on his turgid shaft, and his legs stiffened straight out as he cried out, “Mom, I’m gonna… I’m gonna…”

Before he could get the words out of his mouth, Julie reached down and tore his hand away from his throbbing cock. “MOM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” Tyler screamed as he reached for his near-bursting prick with his other hand, but Julie intercepted that one too.

“Oh God mom… PLEASE LET ME FINISH,” Tyler cried out in frustration as his unattended erection surged upward. The first orgasmic contraction at the base of his prick had just started, but she had pulled his hands away before he reached full ejaculation, and now he was in agony. His stiff organ bounced up and down like a magic wand as the cramped muscles at the base tried to force his load out on their own, but it was no use, only one long strand of milky white spunk oozed from the tip of his cock and made a ribbon to his belly… his orgasm had been interrupted.

Julie sat down next to her son, still holding his wrists to keep him from finishing himself off. He was nearly gritting his teeth out of pure frustration, and then he finally looked into his mother’s eyes and said, “Why mom… why did you stop me?”

She looked back at him, and as a soft smile came over her beautiful face she said, “Now do you understand why I said I couldn’t stop myself when you walked in on me this morning?”

Suddenly it made perfectly agonizing sense to the teenage boy. This was what a case of ‘blue balls’ truly was. Forget being teased and then sent home with a hard dick… being stopped at the very brink of orgasm was like slamming your balls in a car door. He now understood why his mom couldn’t stop, and that everything she had just done was to teach him a lesson.

Tyler was incredibly disappointed because he thought they were done, and as breathing slowed, he was finally able to speak without gasping and said, “I’m sorry mom… I guess I get it now.”

“I’m glad honey, I just wanted you to have a better understanding of why I couldn’t stop once I reached that point,” Julie replied as she finally released her son’s wrists.

After a few moments of silence, Tyler sheepishly asked, “So now that I’ve learned my lesson, can I, you know… finish?”

Julie suddenly realized that Tyler thought she was ending their interlude, and quickly said, “Of course you can honey, I wanted to teach you a lesson, not torture you.”

“Will you stay here with me,” her son asked, looking once again at her naked breasts.

“I’ll do anything for you Tyler,” Julie replied, feeling closer to her son than she ever had before.

As the teenager began reaching for his erect penis to finish what he had started, Julie looked down to see the string of thick sperm that connected the tip of his dick to his body had broken, and was now a small pool on her son’s stomach, and she u*********sly licked her lips. Then just as he was about to wrap his fist around the shaft and finish what he started, she said, “Honey, wait.”

“What is it mom,” Tyler groaned, fearful his mother may have changed her mind… but he kept his hand resting at the base of his prick, ready to begin stroking the hard organ the moment he had the okay.

Julie looked down at her son with a pensive smile on her face and said, “Tyler, you know that there is absolutely nothing that can happen between us, including today, that will ever change the fact that I am your mom, and you are more important to me than anyone in the world… right?”

“Yeah mom, I mean I guess,” he replied, still not totally certain what she meant.

Then she said, “And you know that your dad is the love of my life, and nothing will ever change that.”

“Yeah mom, I know,” Tyler replied, wondering what his mom was getting at, but also wanting to get back to jerking off. Then he asked, “Why are you telling me this.”

Julie just smiled at her handsome son, and then leaned over until her soft breast and hard nipple brushing against his upper arm. As Tyler’s cock twitched from the amazing sensation, she said, “Do you remember how when you were younger, I used to give you a reward every time you did well on your lessons at school?”

“Uh huh,” Tyler grunted as his mom leaned over and kissed him on the forehead, this time pressing both tits against his arm.

“Well, I think the lesson you learned today deserves a special reward,” she said, and then she leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips. As she did, he could feel her soft breasts were now pressing against his hairless chest.

Tyler still wasn’t sure what the reward was, but his hopes began to soar as his mom kissed his neck, then his collarbone and then his chest, trailing her tongue along his skin as she moved lower. When she began tonguing his belly button, she purposely dragged her left tit along his pulsing cock, and he almost came on the spot. Now both mother and son were a raging pile of sensitive flesh aching to be satisfied.

As Julie moved lower, the scent of fresh cum that had leaked onto Tyler’s stomach permeated her nostrils, making them flare, and sending new pleasure impulses directly to her dripping pussy. Then, when her mouth was directly over the pool of sperm, she extended her tongue and dipped the tip into the tiny puddle.

Sparks went off in Julie’s groin as she tasted her son’s virgin seed for the first time. Then after swallowing the morsel, she used her tongue to collect the entire mass, and draw it into her mouth. Tyler couldn’t believe his mother was actually licking the sperm from his skin, but what he didn’t realize was she was only whetting her appetite for the main course.

As the remaining drops of fluid coated her tongue, Julie knew what she had to do. When she had tasted Jamie Bradley’s sperm, a white-hot obsession was ignited within her, and for two days she thought the taste of his cum might be the only thing that could satisfy her. But her son’s virgin spunk was just as fresh and sweet and she wanted more, she wanted it directly from the source, and she wanted it now. So as Tyler watched, Julie took the base of his erection in her hand, held it straight up, parted her lips, and sunk her warm, wet mouth down onto the bloated organ.

“Oh God Mom,” Tyler cried out as Julie sealed her lips around the incredibly hard shaft. She knew her son wasn’t going to last long, especially after he had been to the very brink of orgasm a few minutes earlier, so she held her head perfectly still and kept her tongue retracted, trying to keep any friction to a minimum. She could actually feel his pulse on her lips as blood pumped into the rigid organ now lodged firmly in her mouth.

A myriad of thoughts were raging through Tyler’s mind as he tried to burn the sensations he was feeling into his brain. He had gotten a couple of hand jobs from one of the girls at his private school who had a questionable reputation, and once she had kissed the head of his dick, but before she could get it in her mouth he exploded all over her face, pissing her off to the point that she would never see him again. But for the first time someone was actually sucking his cock… and it was his own, beautiful mother.

Julie could feel that Tyler had relaxed a bit, so she slowly began bobbing her head, sucking his sensitive erection in and out of her mouth. The teenager let out a low moan as his mom’s lips began a steady, rhythmic motion on his dick. He still couldn’t believe what was happening, and was doing everything he could to hold back the inevitable eruption from his swollen balls. Then, just as he thought he had things under control, his mom began using her tongue.

“Oh mom… that’s going to make me… ejaculate in your mouth,” Tyler said, trying to use proper language as he warned his mom what her blow job skills were going to cause.

Julie momentarily lifted her mouth from his penis and said, “Honey, you don’t have to say ‘ejaculate’… you can say you’re going to cum in my mouth, and that’s what I want you to do.”

“Okay,” Tyler groaned as his mom began sucking him again. He couldn’t believe she actually wanted him to shoot off in her mouth, and that pushed him even closer to the edge.

Now Julie cupped her son’s balls in her hand as she began sucking him in earnest. She could feel their weight, and knew he was going to cum in buckets. Her taste buds tingled with the anticipation of having a full load of his sweet young sperm filling her mouth, and that thought had her pussy trembling.

Just as Tyler thought nothing could possibly feel better, Julie wrapped her free hand around the base of his prick and began moving it in rhythm with her mouth. Now her soft lips, wet tongue, warm mouth and stroking hands were working as one, and it was all getting to be too much for the inexperienced teenager. The pressure in his groin had built like a shaken champagne bottle, and when his mom took the head of his penis into her throat, the cork erupted.

“Oh mom, I’m cum… I’m CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGG”, Tyler screamed as his cock came alive in his mother’s mouth, flooding it with powerful jets of thick, creamy ejaculate.

The first spurt was so powerful that it shot straight into Julie’s throat, and she had no choice but to swallow. So much sperm was pumping into her mouth that some was leaking past her sealed lips, but she kept sucking and bobbing her head, wanting her son’s first blow job to be unforgettable. But the sweet taste and creamy texture of her son’s precious discharge was also having a profound effect on her, and without so much as touching her pussy, she had a spontaneous orgasm of her own.

Now mother and son were cumming together. Tyler cried out with pleasure each time another contraction behind his balls pumped more of his virgin seed into his mom’s mouth, and Julie moaned around her son’s pulsing shaft as spasms of pleasure quaked deep in her cunt as the first hands-free orgasm she ever experienced rocked her body.

The rich, thick spunk exploding from Tyler’s spurting cock was even sweeter than what she had licked from his stomach just minutes earlier. It was right from the tap… still warm and fresh, and just like Jamie’s, it had the silky smooth texture that an older man’s sperm just didn’t seem to have.

As Julie savored the last of his son’s copious ejaculation like it was a fine wine, Tyler could feel the muscles in his groin finally starting to relax. He had never had such a powerful orgasm, and while he still wasn’t sure exactly how it had all come about, he had never been happier.

He could still feel his mom’s warm mouth nursing his cock, and the muscles in her throat contracting as she swallowed the last of his discharge. Then, after sucking any residual from his now softening shaft, Julie let his shrinking penis slip from between her lips and moved up until she was lying next to him.

At first they lay together in silence, and when Julie finally realized she was probably going to have to speak first, she said, “So how did you like your reward?”

“It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever felt,” the teenager answered, and then he said, “But mom… what did this mean?”

That was the question that Julie feared… because she didn’t really have an answer. So she thought for a second, and then she said, “Tyler, it means everything… and it means nothing.”

“What,” her son asked, even more confused than he was before he asked the question.

“Honey, it means everything because it is a very special bond that you and I will share for the rest of our lives,” Julie answered, and then she added, “And it means nothing, because nothing has changed. What we shared was a physical expression, but we are still mom and son, and emotionally we have to be the same people we were before, and live our lives as we did before it happened. Do you think you’re mature enough to do that?”

“Yeah mom, I think I am,” Tyler answered with a smile, and then he added, “So, do you think we can ever do it again?”

Julie laughed and said, “I knew that was coming… I just didn’t think it would come this fast.” Then she said, “Look honey, I think the best thing we can do is not plan things, or count on it happening again, one of us may decide tomorrow that it should be a one-time thing, and if that happens, the other needs to respect that… so why don’t we just enjoy the rest of today and not worry about tomorrow?”

“Okay mom,” Tyler answered, and then he said, “So when are the Bradley’s coming over?”

“They’ll be here at noon,” Julie said with a mischievous grin on her face, and then she said, “I think you’re just looking forward to seeing Mrs. Bradley’s big boobs in a bikini.”

Tyler laughed and said, “Why… I saw them naked yesterday.”

“Touche’ wise guy,” Julie replied, elbowing her son in the ribs, and then they got up and started getting ready for the Bradley’s arrival.

After showering, Julie slipped on a stylish pair of shorts, a sleeveless top and a pair of sandals with a two inch heel… she didn’t think it was proper to greet her guests in a bathing suit. Then she went to the kitchen and began preparing some sandwiches and fresh brewed iced tea for lunch. When Tyler entered the kitchen and saw his mom, he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was… even with clothes on.

As he watched her cutting the sandwiches, he recalled seeing her and Mrs. Bradley sitting naked by the pool the day before. In his mind, he began comparing Mrs. Bradley’s voluptuous body to his mom’s more athletic form, and as he did, he could feel his penis swelling again. It had been less than an hour since his mom had given him his first blow job, and he was already getting another erection.

He was still in his sleep pants so it would be obvious he was hard again, and he didn’t want his mom to think he was some sort of pervert who constantly had an erection, so he moved to where his lower half was hidden by the counter and said, “Mom, do I really need to hang out with this k**?”

“Tyler, Jamie is not a k**… he’s the same age as you,” Julie responded firmly, and then she said, “And yes you do need to at least try to get to know him, and you will be courteous.”

Tyler groaned and then he said, “I know you’re friends with Mrs. Bradley, but why does that mean I have to hang out with her son… I don’t try to make you spend time with all my friends’ moms.”

As Julie put some plastic wrap over the sandwiches she said, “I just think it would be nice to have them over… Jamie Bradley has been a patient of mine for years, and his mom and I have become good friends,” and then she added, “With my schedule it is really hard to make friends, so having someone like Mrs. Bradley gives me someone to have lunch with, go shopping with, and just do girl things.”

“Like sitting naked by the pool,” Tyler said sarcastically.

“If we want to, yes,” Julie replied curtly, and then she added, “And don’t forget that it’s my business, and what happened between you and me earlier doesn’t change the chain of command in this house.”

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful,” Tyler replied, remembering what his mom had said earlier things saying the same. Then he said, “I really am glad you and Mrs. Bradley have become good friends.”

“Oh, you just like her boobs you little perv,” Julie said laughing.

“They are nice, but you have a better butt mom,” Tyler replied.

“Alright, I think we’re getting a little carried away,” Julie said, quelling the conversation she started, and then she said, “Now go get ready for our guests.”

Tyler felt a little dejected by his mom’s rejection of his compliment, but as he walked away she said, “Honey… do you really think I have a better ass than Mrs. Bradley?”

“Are you k**ding, you’ve got a great ass mom,” he replied.

Julie smiled back at him and said, “Thank you honey, that really means a lot,” and then she winked at him and went back to getting lunch ready.

At noon, the doorbell rang and Julie opened the door and welcomed the Bradleys with an enthusiastic, “Hi guys, c’mon in!”

Charlotte entered first, also wearing shorts, and a tank top that showed plenty of cleavage. After giving Julie a hug, Jamie followed, already wearing his trunks and a tee shirt. At first, Julie thought of hugging him too, but instead she extended her hand and said, “Welcome to our home Jamie.”

“Thanks for having us Dr. Alexander,” Jamie replied as he shook her hand, pleasantly surprising his mother with his social graces.

Just then Tyler stepped into the foyer, and Julie said, “Tyler, you remember Mrs. Bradley from yesterday.”

“Yes… it’s nice to see you again, Mrs. Bradley,” Tyler said as he shook her hand, but what he was really thinking was, ‘Yes, I remember her, but the last I saw her she was naked.’

“Nice to see you again too Tyler,” Charlotte replied as she took his hand, and he could have sworn she winked at him as she smiled, and then she said, “And this is my son Jamie… Jamie, this is Tyler.”

“Hey,” Tyler said as he shook Jamie’s hand.

“What’s up,” Jamie retorted as he returned the brief handshake.

Both women smiled at how awkward the exchange between the boys was… considering that it had only taken the two of them a matter of a few hours before they had their tongues buried in each other’s pussies. Then Julie said, “Tyler, why don’t you take Jamie out and show him the pool?”

“Okay mom,” he replied in a less than enthusiastic tone, and then the two teens went outside.

As soon as they were out of earshot, the two women broke into laughter and Julie said, “Oh my God, you’d have thought we were asking them to go clean their rooms.”

“I know… all morning long Jamie kept asking me if he had to come,” Charlotte replied.

“The same with Tyler,” Julie told her friend, “he kept asking me why he had to hang out with a k** he didn’t know.”

As both women laughed at their sons, Charlotte said, “Oh I almost forgot… this is for you.” And handed Julie a gift bag with two bottles of the wine they had shared at lunch tucked inside.

“Char, you didn’t have to do that… that was so sweet,” Julie said as she gave her friend another hug.

“Well that wine led to an amazing day yesterday, so I thought it would be fitting,” Charlotte said with a wink.

“It was an amazing day,” Julie replied, referencing how her friend had introduced her to the joys of woman on woman sex. Then she said, “I’ll put this on ice til later, since I’m about to fire up the blender and make some margaritas!”

“That sounds fabulous, and if we hang out in here for a bit, it might let the boys find something they have in common,” Charlotte replied.

“Well I’m not counting on a miracle… Tyler is a little shy when it comes to meeting new people,” Julie said as she began pouring the margarita ingredients into a state of the art blender.

As the spinning blade mixed the ice, liquor and juices into the perfect pool concoction, Julie said, “So how is Jamie doing with his treatments?”

“Oh shit, I almost forgot,” Charlotte exclaimed, “After he took his morning pee today, his erection went away and never came back.”

“Charlotte that’s fantastic… you and he must be so relieved he won’t need surgery,” Julie said as she poured their frozen cocktails into salted glasses.

“I am thrilled, although I have to admit there is a little part of me that kind of misses the whole thing,” Charlotte said, and then she added, “I know some unorthodox things happened between Jamie and I while we were dealing with his erections, but we really bonded, and have a better relationship than we ever did.”

“I get that Char, sometimes it’s the most unique circumstances that strengthen relationships, and the intimate nature of Jamie’s injury certainly had the two of you sharing more than most mothers and sons,” Julie said as she handed Charlotte a perfect margarita, and then she added, “And I know some might disagree, but I admire the fact that you put no limits on what you would do to help Jamie.”

“That means a lot to me Jules… thanks,” Charlotte said sincerely.

Then Julie got a quizzical look on her face and said, “Did you just call me ‘Jules’?”

“I’m sorry, you don’t like that,” Charlotte said, suddenly concerned she had insulted her friend.

“Oh my God Char, I love it,” the excited blonde answered, and then she said, “I’ve always wanted a friend to give me a cool nickname, and it finally happened.” And with that, the two women hugged like they had known each other their entire lives.

When they broke their hug, Julie raised her glass and said, “To our sons.”

“To our sons,” Charlotte repeated, and then they clinked glasses and drank.

“God I love margaritas,” Julie said as she took another sip, and then she asked, “So did you talk to Jamie about your involvement in any future ‘treatments’ now that he seems to be healed.”

“Well, I kind of indicated that it was back to him masturbating behind closed doors once he was healed, but when he got just a normal erection this morning, he asked if I would help him with it… in other words, if I would give him another blow job,” Charlotte explained to her friend.

“So what did you do,” Julie asked as some me familiar pangs started in her groin as she listened to Charlotte talk about giving her son a blow job.

“Well, I told him if he needed relief he should go and masturbate, but in all honesty Jules, I wanted to drop to my knees and take him in my mouth right then and there,” Charlotte replied honestly.

“So if he was doing better, what gave him the erection,” Julie asked before taking another sip of her drink.

“Well, he was giving me a hug, and all I was wearing was a silk robe, and somehow his hands wound up on my ass, and before you know it, there’s a steel rod poking my hip,” Charlotte replied.

“So did he go masturbate,” the beautiful physician asked, wanting to hear more details as her pussy began to moisten yet again.

“No, I think he was too disappointed when I said no to a blow job,” Charlotte answered, then she added, “I was just glad he didn’t come in a little earlier or he’d have caught me masturbating, and I don’t know what would have happened then.”

“So you were masturbating this morning,” Julie asked, thinking about her own morning, and feeling the crotch of her shorts getting warmer and warmer.

“Yeah,” Charlotte replied with a sheepish grin, and then she added, “What a slut, right?”

“So you’re a slut because you were masturbating?” Julie asked.

“Well no, but I’ve become so obsessed with sex I wasn’t even thinking about Jamie catching me, so I was doing it right in the kitchen,” Charlotte said, and then she asked, “I mean, what would you do if Tyler caught you masturbating?”

Immediately the mouthful of margarita Julie had just drank exploded from her mouth and through her nose, and as she coughed and gasped, Charlotte said “Julie, are you alright?”

Julie finally regained her breath, and then she started laughing hysterically, and when Charlotte looked at her with a combination of confusion and concern, she said, “I’m sorry Char, I just can’t believe that today of all days, you asked me what I would do if Tyler caught me masturbating.”

Charlotte still wasn’t sure what she was talking about, and said, “Okay, why would asking a question like that today be different than any other day?”

Julie took a quick look to make sure the boys were still outside, and then she looked into Charlotte’s eyes and said, “Because this morning, Tyler walked in on me masturbating.”

“SHUT… UP…” Charlotte exclaimed at her friend’s revelation, feeling a familiar quaking starting in her own groin. And then she said, “So what did you do?”

Once again Julie looked at the door and said, “I’ll give you all the details, but let’s wait til we go put our suits on.”

“Okay,” a disappointed Charlotte said, and then she added, “Well, at least you didn’t have to decide on whether or not to give him a blow job,”

When Charlotte looked back at her friend, she could see her staring back at her with one raised eyebrow in an ‘are you sure about that’ look, and she screamed “Oh my God Julie… he asked you for a blow job?”

“He didn’t have to ask,” Julie replied with a grin.

“Holy shit,” her voluptuous friend exclaimed, then she said, “You have to tell me how it happened.”

Once again Julie said, “Wait til we go put our suits on and I’ll tell you the whole story,” and then she picked up the tray of sandwiches and the pitcher of margaritas and headed towards the deck. Charlotte could feel her pussy melting as she grabbed the pitcher of iced tea and a tray of glasses and followed.

As the two women reached the deck, they both stopped in their tracks. The boys they were afraid would find nothing in common were tossing a football back and forth and talking their favorite pro skateboarders. When the teenagers finally noticed their mothers, Tyler hollered, “Hey mom, why didn’t you tell me Jamie was into boarding?”

“I’m sorry, I never even thought of it,” Julie called back to her son as she and Charlotte put down the trays of sandwiches and drinks.

When the boys saw the sandwiches, Jamie said, “Lets race to the food.”

“Cool,” Tyler said, and then they both went to the far end of the pool.

When they reached the wall, they both took their position, and Jamie hollered, “Mom, count us down.”

Charlotte put her hand in the air and called out, “On your marks, get set… GO!!!”

As the two boys raced across the length of the pool, Julie said, “Well how about that… they hit it off as quick as we did.”

“I’d say quicker,” Charlotte answered, and then she said, “Remember, I’ve been bringing Jamie to you for years.”

Julie laughed and said, “Yeah, but as far as I’m concerned, we only truly met two days ago.”

As the women watched, Tyler finished the race first. When Jamie finally touched, he said, “Dude, you are really fast.”

“Thanks,” Tyler replied, and then he said, “But it helps that I have my own pool.” And with that the two boys high-fived each other and then climbed out of the water.

As they dried off, Charlotte said, “We really do have two handsome young men for sons.”

“We certainly do,” Julie agreed.

Both Tyler and Jamie took a lot of their characteristics from their moms. They were each about five feet seven inches tall, give or take an inch, with room to grow. Tyler had his mom’s straight blonde hair and blue eyes, and a trim build, while Jamie’s hair was brown and wavy, and like his mom, his build was a little on the thicker side.

Once they were dried off, they sat at the table and dug into the sandwiches like teenage boys do. As they ate, Jamie said, “Hey mom, would it be alright if Tyler came over next Tuesday and went to the skate park with me?”

But before she could answer, Tyler said, “And mom, I thought maybe Jamie could come over to swim again next Thursday.”

Both women looked at each other and smiled, and then told their sons that would be fine. The boys high-fived each other again and then went back to wolfing down sandwiches. As they ate, Julie said, “Well Char, why don’t we go put our suits on and get some sun.”

“Sounds great to me,” Charlotte answered, and then the two of them headed inside to change.

When the women were in Julie’s room with the door was closed behind them, Charlotte dropped her bag and said, “Okay, I can’t wait any longer… what happened with you and Tyler this morning?”

As both women began undressing, Julie told Charlotte that she had been in bed masturbating when Tyler, who thought she was sleeping, walked in on her just as she started to cum. She described how she screamed at him to get out, but he froze in his tracks with a ‘dear in the headlights’ look on his face, and a tent pole in his pants. He stayed and watched her fingering herself until she finally told him that she couldn’t stop, and asked him to please leave, and he finally walked out. She also admitted to Charlotte that while she didn’t invite him in, she had silently hoped he would, and was glad he had caught her.

Charlotte could feel her pussy getting wetter as Julie told her what happened. Julie could feel her own arousal building as she took a good look at her beautiful dark haired friend who was now down to a tiny pair of purple panties and a matching bra that was struggling to hold in her magnificent breasts. Then she licked her lips as Charlotte unhooked the bra and tossed it aside, exposing the full round orbs, capped by very erect, dark pink nipples.

Julie’s ogling was interrupted when Charlotte asked, “So then what happened?”

Snapped out of her trance, Julie told Charlotte that once she was done cumming, she slipped on a robe and went to his room. She described how she found him in his bed, with his covers pulled up to his neck and an obvious lump in the middle caused by his hard cock. Then Julie walked to her closet and showed Charlotte the shear robe she had slipped on with nothing underneath, and how Tyler couldn’t take his eyes off of her tits as she next to him and discussed what had happened.

Charlotte was naked now, and was having a hard time keeping her fingers away from her own pussy as Julie described how her son had caught her masturbating… and the desire to finger her own aching cunt got even more intense when the beautiful doctor stripped off her tiny thong, leaving naked too.

“Jules, you may have the most perfect ass I have ever seen,” Charlotte said as she admired her friend’s incredible derriere and gave serious thought to reaching out and grabbing it. But she maintained her self-control and said, “Okay, so how did you wind up giving Tyler a blow job?”

Both women were now openly drooling over each other as Julie told Charlotte how Tyler apologized for barging in on her, but wanted to know why she didn’t just stop masturbating when he walked in. She said that she tried to explain how she had been in the middle of an orgasm, and it was just so intense that she couldn’t stop until it was done. Tyler still seemed confused, so she used the ‘blue balls’ analogy, but she said even that didn’t seem to totally convince him.

Charlotte laughed and said, “Did you really try to tell him that if you stopped masturbating when he walked in you would have gotten ‘blue balls’?

Julie got a bit defensive and said, “Of course he knows I don’t have balls Char, I was just using the term to describe what would have happened to me if I tried to stop masturbating in mid-orgasm.”

“C’mon Jules, you could have stopped, but you really didn’t want to, did you,” Charlotte asked, remembering how Jamie had interrupted her masturbation that morning, not realizing that Julie was much closer to orgasm when Tyler interrupted her.

“I’ll admit that knowing Tyler was watching me was a huge turn on,” Julie answered, and then she added, “But at the point I had reached, I was going to cum whether I stopped or not.”

“I guess so, I’ve just never stopped in the middle of an orgasm, so I’ve never had ‘blue balls’,” Charlotte said, making her friend chuckle, and then she asked, “So what about the blow job?”

Now the nude women could hear their sons splashing in the pool as Julie told Charlotte how after explaining to Tyler why she couldn’t stop masturbating, she told him that since he had watched her masturbate, that it would be only fair that she get to watch him. Charlotte said she thought that was a stroke of genius, but Julie told her the real stroke of genius was how, when Tyler was too embarrassed to keep an erection, she dropped her robe and began touching herself until her son was jerking a rock hard prick.

Both women sat on the edge of the bed, pressing their thighs together to calm their aching pussies as Julie described how Tyler watched her slip her finger in and out of her pussy as he masturbated to the point of orgasm, and just as he announced he was going to cum, she pulled his hand away from his throbbing young cock, stopping him before he could shoot his full load, and how he cried out in agony.

“Oh my God Jules… you stopped the poor k**,” Charlotte said, and then she added, “Why?”

“Because,” Julie replied, “I wanted to show him what I would have felt like if I’d have stopped masturbating when he walked in… so I gave him ‘blue balls’.”

“Wow, I hope you never have to prove a point to me, but I’m still not sure I’m convinced ‘blue balls’ are as bad for a woman as they are for a man,” Charlotte said with a laugh, and then she added, “so the blow job… get to the blow job.”

Julie shook her head and laughed at her obviously horny friend, and then she described how Tyler begged her to let him finish masturbating, and how she felt so bad for teasing him so mercilessly that she slowly kissed her way down his developing body, rubbing her tits on him as she did, until she reached his cock, and then without saying a word, took his throbbing fuck tool in her mouth and sucked it until he exploded, pumping so much cum into her mouth that she had a hard time swallowing it all.

Now both women were in an incredibly heightened state of arousal, and as Julie finished telling her friend what had happened, Charlotte said, “What did his cum taste like Jules… was it as good as Jamie’s?”

“It did,” Julie replied, “It was sweet, thick and creamy… and it slid right down my throat.”

“Oh forgive me Jules, but I want to taste him… I want to taste your son’s cum,” Charlotte said as she actually folded her arms over her stomach and bent over, trying to use the pressure to quell the desire building deep in her groin. Julie could see how aroused her story had made her friend, and as Charlotte pictured Julie sucking her own son’s hard young penis, the beautiful physician kissed her deeply.

Charlotte was almost swooning as Julie’s tongue slipped past her lips and danced with her own. At the same time Julie’s hand lifted one of her friend’s heavy breasts and began kneading it… and then she dragged her thumb over the hard nipple, causing Charlotte to groan into Julie’s mouth as they continued their passionate kiss.

Julie was in complete control now, and she pushed Charlotte back until she was lying on the king sized bed. Then she began kissing down her friend’s body… starting with her neck, then her collar bone, then her chest, until she finally reached Charlotte’s magnificent tits. Julie was truly amazed how perfect they were… soft but firm, large but not too large… tits that she wished she had. Then she leaned forward and took one of Charlotte’s erect nipples between her lips.”

“Oh my,” Charlotte groaned as she felt her beautiful friend sucking on the sensitive flesh. She could feel Julie’s tongue making circles around the areola, causing it to pucker, before flicking at the hard nipple with the tip of her tongue. And then she moved to the other. Charlotte was groaning out loud now as her pussy was flooded with her juices. Then suddenly remembering where they were, she said, “Jules… what about the boys?”

Reluctantly Julie lifted her mouth from her friend’s hard nipple and said, “Don’t worry Char… after this morning, there is no way Tyler would come in here, or let anyone else in, without knocking.”

With her friend’s mind at ease, Julie continued her oral journey down the beautiful brunette’s voluptuous body. She kissed and licked her way across Charlotte’s soft, flat tummy, and down to her smooth pubic mound. As Julie dragged her tongue over the clean shaven patch of skin just above her friend’s womanhood, Charlotte’s entire body trembled. Then the beautiful blonde slid off the bed and knelt at Charlotte’s feet before lifting her legs and d****d them over her shoulders, and now her face was just about the brunette’s dripping cunt.

The pheromone filled juices leaking from Charlotte’s pussy were intoxicating to Julie, and her own pussy fluttered as she inhaled the scent deeply. The first time she ever tasted another woman’s sex was just the day before, but she was already hooked… and her mouth watered as she prepared to do it again.

Charlotte’s cunt was aching for what she knew was coming next. She could feel the backs of her thighs resting on Julie’s shoulders, and her friend’s warm breath was bathing her pouting pussy lips as she hovered just above her throbbing womanhood. She wasn’t sure what the delay was, but she was almost to the point of begging Julie to lick her.

Julie could sense her friend’s desire, and as her own pussy juices leaked on to her inner thighs, she put her hands behind Charlotte’s knees, pushed them up and out until her legs were spread as wide as they could be, and then leaned forward and pushed her tongue straight into her gaping cunt.

“Oh FUUUUCK,” Charlotte screamed as her friend’s tongue penetrated her dripping slit. She began groaning loudly, not even caring if the boys heard her as Julie began tongue fucking her. It may have been only the second time she had eaten pussy, but the doctor was a natural, and she made Charlotte squeal when she dragged her tongue over her pink, puckered asshole.

Nobody had ever licked Charlotte there, and even though Julie hadn’t even reached her clit yet, her belly began tightened as her orgasm started to build. The feeling of her friend’s wet tongue teasing the virgin orifice was driving Charlotte crazy. Then she felt Julie’s oral invasion begin to move north as her tongue dipped between her swollen labia, and then upward until it finally dragged over her hyper-sensitive clit.

“AGGGGHHHHHH,” Charlotte gasped, still not caring who heard her as Julie’s tongue began swirling around her love button. Her stomach rippled as she bent her pelvis upward, pushing her pussy into her friend’s face.

Listening to Julie talking about giving Tyler a blow job, and knowing that both of their sons were right downstairs as her best friend licked her clit had Charlotte on the very edge, and when Julie pushed a finger deep inside her tightening pussy, she screamed, “Oh God Jules… I’m gonna cummmm!”

As soon as Julie heard that, she pulled her finger from deep inside Charlotte’s pussy sat back, disengaging her tongue from her friend’s throbbing clitoris.

“Julie… what are you… what the FUCK,” Charlotte groaned as her new best friend abandoned her pulsating cunt. She was so close to orgasm that she could actually feel her vaginal walls clenching, and she was so wet she could feel the juices trickling down over her twitching asshole, tickling the sensitive area. Meanwhile, Julie was still kneeling between Charlotte’s wide spread legs, and as the overheated brunette looked down at her, she could see her lips and chin shining with thick, syrupy pussy juice.

Charlotte was nearly sobbing in frustration as she said, “Jules, why did you stop.”

Julie just smiled at her friend and said, “You’re just aching to cum, aren’t you.”

“Oh God yes, please Jules, it won’t take that long,” Charlotte begged. But instead, Julie stood up and then lay down on top of her friend, face to face with her hips between Charlotte’s still spread legs, grinding her pubic mound onto the beautiful brunette’s, and keeping her on the very brink .

The look of confusion on the Charlotte’s face was obvious as she looked up at her beautiful BFF, and then Julie leaned her head down and kissed her lover deeply. Charlotte could taste her own pussy juice on her friend’s lips, and then Julie looked down at the desperate woman and said, “Now do you believe a woman can get ‘blue balls?”

At that moment, Charlotte would have believed in Bigfoot, unicorns and the Loch Ness Monster if it would have gotten Julie’s tongue back on her pussy, and she said, “Yes, yes I believe it, because I have them… so please, please make me cum Jules.”

Julie just smiled at her friend and said, “You know Char, I’m just about as turned on as you, but I have an idea.”

“What’s that,” Charlotte asked in a somewhat disappointed tone.

“Why don’t we just keep all this pent up sexual energy on hold for right now, put our suits on, and go down to see our boys,” she said with a mischievous smile.

“Why,” Charlotte asked, still wanting Julie to finish licking her, but anxious to hear her plan.

“Well, as horny as we both are right now, and as hot as we are going to look to those two hormone-filled teenagers when we put our skimpiest suits on, I think it could be a lot of fun for all four of us,” Julie said with a wink.

Charlotte knew there was no way she was going to convince Julie to get back down on her aching pussy, and she really was so horny that she would probably go for anything at that point that she said, “Okay, what did you have in mind?”

Julie said, “Why don’t we just put our suits on, head downstairs and see what happens.”

Charlotte lifted her head and kissed Julie deeply, and then she said, “Okay baby… let’s do it.” Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 3

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