A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 5

As Jamie and Tyler followed their naked moms into the house, they took another opportunity to ogle their distinctly different but equally perfect derrieres as they swayed in front of them. They both did their own comparing and contrasting, noticing how Charlotte’s ass was full and succulent, with cheeks that bounced as her rounded hips moved to and fro, while Julie’s behind was tighter and firmer, looking like, as Charlotte had said, ‘A Beach Volleyball Player’s ass,’ as the high rounded cheeks rose and fell with each step.

The blowjobs each boy had just received from the other’s mom had left their young cocks limp with brief satisfaction, but as they followed the naked women up the stairs and into the large master bedroom, both of their dicks had returned to full hardness, and they bounced unapologetically in front of them with each step they took.

The sexual awakening the two teens had experienced at the hands… and mouths of their mothers had been both the biggest shock and greatest joy either of them had ever experienced, and just when they thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre, or wonderful, their moms had offered to take their virginity that weekend.

The Alexander’s master bedroom was magnificent… a huge room with a fireplace, a dressing table, and three enormous windows that let bright sunlight stream in. The other furnishings were equally as beautiful, and included two antique straight-backed chairs, a small tea table, and a four post king-sized bed in the center of the room that looked big enough for ten people to sleep in.

As Julie began to pull the duvet and blanket down, exposing dark burgundy satin sheets, Charlotte said, “So did you guys like watching Dr. Alexander lick my pussy down by the pool?”

The teenagers didn’t say anything, but nodded their approval.

Then Charlotte said, “Well, then why don’t you two go sit on those chairs and watch me return the favor to her… and that will give you a chance to recharge your batteries a little before we move on to your next lesson.”

“Next lesson?” Jamie asked, wondering aloud for both he and Tyler as to what she meant.

“Yes, your next lesson,” Julie answered for Charlotte, and then she said, “If you guys are alright with it, Mrs. Bradley and I have decided we are going to teach you everything we can about sex, since after this weekend, we go back to just being mothers and sons… do you understand?”

Once again both boys felt a twinge of sadness as Julie repeated the women’s edict that for many reasons… emotionally, physically and socially, their relationships had to return to what they had been before this magical weekend.

Charlotte sensed the sudden drop in the boys’ excitement level, and said, “You have to understand boys, it isn’t because we don’t love you, or that we don’t think you’re emotionally equipped to handle what we are doing… and it isn’t because Dr. Alexander and I haven’t enjoyed this as much as you, because believe me… we have!”

Then Julie who interceded and said, “It’s just that there is too much for all of us to risk, and more than anything, we would never want anything to jeopardize our families, or our relationships with you,” and then she added, “And like I said outside Tyler, your dad is the love of my life, and I want it to be that way for the rest of my life.”

Charlotte finished laying the ground rules when she said, “But, for the rest of today and tomorrow, we want to show you everything we know about sex… both how to give and receive pleasure, so when you do meet girlfriends, you will make them the happiest young ladies in the world!”

That brought the smile back to both boys’ faces, and as they walked towards the two antique chairs as Charlotte instructed, Julie said, “Whoa… hold on a second their guys.”

As everyone froze in their tracks, Julie disappeared into her magnificent master bathroom, only to return with two large, soft terrycloth towels, and as she spread them on each chair she said, “Okay, I’m not a prude, but you have to sit on the towels… those chairs were very expensive, and I don’t want one of you to lose control like Jamie did on my dress.”

Jamie blushed, knowing Dr. Alexander was talking about when he had his spontaneous ejaculation in her office, but he still managed to laugh. Then as the naked boys sat down next to each other, Charlotte took her friend’s hand and led her to the huge king-sized bed.

Jamie and Tyler watched intently as their beautiful moms crawled to the center of the bed, and then after looking to make sure their sons were watching, Charlotte and Julie kissed deeply again.

In a matter of moments, both teenager’s cocks were sticking straight up from their laps again as they watched their moms locked in a passionate kiss. Now it was Charlotte who had become the aggressor as she maneuvered her friend onto her back… never letting their lips part. Charlotte’s tongue had found it’s way into her friend’s mouth, making circles around Julie’s tongue as her hand found one of the blonde’s firm breasts and began kneading the feminine flesh.

“Mmmmmm,” Julie groaned into Charlotte’s mouth as her friend began using her thumb to flick back and forth over her rubbery nipple. The beautiful doctor had wrapped her legs around one of Charlotte’s thigh, and began grinding her aching cunt against her friend’s hip.

Charlotte could feel the incredible heat rising from Julie’s pussy as she pressed against her soft skin. That was when she moved her hand to grasp her other breast, causing Julie to groan into her mouth again as the ignored nipple finally got its deserved attention.

Even though they had seen it by the pool, both boys were still amazed that it was their mothers locked in such a passionate, lesbian embrace. By now their male appendages were completely engorged with blood, and it was Tyler who wrapped his hand around his cock first, and began stroking the twitching organ.

Jamie looked over to see Tyler slowly jerking his cock, and decided to follow suit, wrapping his fingers around his own erect shaft and stroking it in a slow, up and down motion as he watched the sight unfolding in front of him.

When the women finally broke their kiss, it was Julie who looked over to see their sons stroking their very hard pricks, and whispered, “I think we have their attention.”

Charlotte looked over to where they were sitting and said, “I know you guys are enjoying the show, but we have a lot more to do, so I don’t think you’ll want to waste a load of your yummy cum by shooting it on your own bellies.”

Both boys reluctantly released their hard dicks and went back to watching as Charlotte began sliding down Julie’s body. Jamie’s eyes were as wide as saucers as he watched his mom suck one of Dr. Alexander’s hard nipples between her lips, and Tyler’s prick twitched as he watched his mom squirm with pleasure when Mrs. Bradley starting sucking the same pink nipples he had suckled as a baby.

“That feels sooooooo gooooood,” Julie groaned as Charlotte used her lips, teeth and tongue to expertly tease one nipple, and then the other. The beautiful doctor arched her back and ground her pelvis into her friend’s hip, trying to quell the ache building deep in her womanhood.

After using her talented mouth to pay homage to Julie’s excited nipples, Charlotte continued to travel down her body. The buxom brunette had to admit she felt a tiny pang of body jealousy as Julie’s incredible abs rippled under her tongue, but as she moved closer to her friend’s pussy, that feeling was replaced by one of complete lust.

Charlotte finally reached her goal, and as she maneuvered between her friend’s legs with her face inches above her pubic mound, she inhaled the now familiar scent deeply before saying, “God Julie, just the smell of your pussy turns me on so much.”

“I was thinking the same thing when I was licking you earlier,” Julie said as she looked down to see her best friend’s gorgeous face poised right above her drooling cunt. Then as the she and the two young spectators watched, Charlotte leaned forward and gently kissed Julie’s swollen labia.

“AHHHHH,” Julie gasped in pleasure as Charlotte began licking her dripping gash. Thick, pungent juice coated her mouth as she pressed her face into her friend’s crotch, fucking her tongue deep into Julie’s sopping wet quim.

Out of the corner of her eye, Charlotte could see their sons leaning forward, trying to get a closer look, and that was when she momentarily pulled her mouth from Julie’s aching sex and said, “C’mon up onto the bed boys.”

Jamie and Tyler leaped from their seats and climbed onto the bed as Charlotte said, “Okay Tyler, you get on one side of your mom, and Jamie, you get on the other.”

The teens did as they were told, and once were in place, Charlotte said, “Now as I lick her pussy, I want you two to suck her nipples.”

Before Julie had a chance to comprehend what Charlotte had said, she felt her friend’s tongue back inside her throbbing cunt, and at the same time, each of her nipples were surrounded a set of warm, wet lips.

”Oh FUUUUUCK,” Julie groaned as she experienced a sensation that was like nothing she had ever felt. Three mouths were concentrating on three pleasure centers at once… her own handsome son sucking one nipple while her equally handsome young patient sucked the other, and at the center of it all was her beautiful friend eating her pussy like it had never been eaten before.

“Bite them gently boys… bite them gently,” Julie groaned, and then as Tyler and Jamie obeyed her instructions, Charlotte made a frontal assault on her clit. Then, as the muscles deep in her cunt convulsed, she screamed, “Oh gawd I… I’m CUMMINNNNNGGGG!!!”

Julie screamed in ecstasy as three mouths held her writhing body in place. A rush of sticky sweet pussy juices painted Charlotte’s face as she pressed her face into her friend’s pulsing cunt. Tyler and Jamie kept sucking and softly biting the climaxing woman’s nipples as she wrapped her arms around them and held their lips to her tender flesh.

Wave after wave of pleasure exploded from deep inside Julie’s loins. Charlotte could feel her pussy and asshole twitching on her chin as her continued strumming her friend’s clit with the tip of her tongue… making her orgasm last as long as she could.

Then finally, Charlotte could feel Julie’s body beginning to relax, telling her that her climax was ending, and as she lifted her mouth from her friend’s flooded pussy, she said, “Okay boys, you can stop sucking her nipples now, I’m sure they’re getting real sensitive.”

A spent Julie just nodded her head in agreement. Tyler could see how red his mom’s face was as she gasped for breath she managed to say, “I never… never felt anything like… like that… three mouths… three mouths at once… amazing.”

Charlotte could see that Julie was swooning into a brief, post-orgasmic c***, and she said, “You boys did a great job.”

Neither of them said anything, but they both smiled proudly… feeling they had participated in Julie’s orgasm. Then Jamie looked at Charlotte and giggled, causing his mom to smile and ask, “What’s so funny?”

Jamie blushed a bit, and then as he circled the lower part of his own face with his index finger, he said, “You’re face is kind of covered in, Dr. Alexander’s… you know.”

Julie was finally able to life her head, and when she looked down to see Charlotte’s face still only inches above her satisfied womanhood, she smiled herself and said, I think he’s trying to tell you my orgasm is all over your face.”

Charlotte’s tongue snaked out of her mouth as far as it could and circled her lips, chin and cheeks, collecting as much of Julie’s syrupy nectar as she could until it covered her taste buds, and then she drew it into her mouth before swallowing, and then she smacked her lips and said, “Delicious.”

She could see both of their handsome sons staring at her, so she said, “It really is delicious… would you like to find out what a woman’s pussy tastes like?”

Tyler and Jamie looked at each other then back at Charlotte, and almost simultaneously, they said, “YES.”

Julie quickly spoke up and said, “I’m still a little bit sensitive, so I’m just going to need a few minutes come down.”

Charlotte certainly understood, so as Julie basked in the afterglow of her orgasm, her friend moved up to lie down next to her, and as she did, Jamie asked, “Mom, does what you just did to Dr. Alexander mean you’re, like… a lesbian?”

Charlotte could see Tyler was wondering the same thing, so she said, “No, I’m not a lesbian, and neither is your mom Tyler, but I guess we are bisexual… at least with each other.”

Julie had finally recovered from her orgasm, and she added, “Tyler, I am very much in love with your dad, and Jamie, I think I can speak for your mom when I say that we both still love sex with men very much… but yesterday, she showed me what it was like to make love to a woman, even though I had never really thought about it… and because of how I’ve begun to feel about your mom, it was very special, and very amazing.”

“Wait, yesterday?” Tyler asked.

“Yes, when we came back here after lunch, we started talking about sex, and you two, and then Mrs. Bradley kind of became my teacher… and as you just saw, she’s very good at it,” Julie said with a smile of gratitude sent in Charlotte’s direction.

Then Jamie said, “So mom, you’ve had… I mean, you’re the one that’s been with another woman before?”

“Yes Jamie,” Charlotte said, not wanting to have any secrets.

“Who was it,” Jamie asked, as his curiosity rose and his dick throbbed.

“Well I guess I can tell you… do you remember meeting my old college roommate a couple of years ago,” Charlotte asked with a sly grin.

“Are you serious, you’ve done this her… wow,” Jamie said in an excited tone.

“Is she hot,” Tyler asked his new friend.

“Maybe not as hot as our moms… but yeah, she’s pretty freakin’ hot,” Jamie said.

“Awww, you guys really think we’re hot,” Charlotte asked.

“Heck yeah,” Jamie said, and then he added, “It just feels kind of weird telling you.”

Both women were touched by the fact that their sons found them to be ‘hot’, and then Tyler said, “So mom, to hear you talk, it almost sounds like you and Mrs. Bradley are in love.”

Neither of them said anything at first, and then Julie looked at Charlotte and said, “I guess we are in a way… I mean in a short period of time, we have found we have so much in common, and not just you guys… it just seems like we found this strong emotional bond, and we also have a physical attraction… I mean I can’t speak for Mrs. Bradley, but I’ve never felt this close to another woman… so yeah, you could say there’s love there.”

Charlotte smiled at Julie and said, “I feel the exact same way,” and then she leaned over and kissed her friend again. Then she said, “So now, before you two lean to eat pussy, how about some good old fashion making out?”

“That’s a good idea Char… I want to see how our boys kiss,” Julie agreed.

“Mom, we’ve both made out with girls before,” Jamie said to Charlotte, having compared stories in the pool with Tyler in the pool earlier.

“Well you haven’t made out with us, so why don’t you show Dr. Alexander how you kiss, and Tyler, you can show me,” Charlotte replied. And with that, both boys sat next to the others’ mother, and then they began kissing… at first softly and gently, and then deeper and deeper until all four were in full make out mode.

Even though they had each received a blowjob from the two women they were now making out with, kissing seemed even more intimate. Neither boy could believe how soft and moist their lips were, and before long, their hands were beginning to roam the women’s bodies.

As Tyler kissed Mrs. Bradley, and their tongues sensually rubbed together, his hands moved down from her shoulders until they were filled with her unbelievable breasts. He gently kneaded the large, round orbs, feeling her hard nipples pressing into his palms.

At the same time, Jamie’s hand had slid down Dr. Alexander’s tummy and over her smooth pubic mound until his middle finger found her wet pussy lips. And as the two lay back on the bed, Jamie’s finger slipped deep inside a woman’s vagina for the first time.

“Mmmmmm,” Julie moaned into his mouth as her young patient began fingering her cunt. The teenager had never felt anything so soft and wet as her vaginal walls clutched his finger. At the same time, Dr. Alexander’s own hand had found his rampant cock, and was slowly stroking the rod as the two made out.

Charlotte and Tyler had also begun digitally stimulating each other. The teenager had two fingers deep inside the beautiful brunette, and Charlotte could feel drops of precum beginning to leak from the tip of his dick as she slowly stroked him.

For a brief moment, both women considered pulling their young partner on top of them and guiding their hard cocks into their aching cunts, but they knew they had other plans for their son’s virginity, so Charlotte groaned, “Okay guys, are you ready for your first taste of a woman?”

Both boys hated that their hard cocks were being released, but they were more excited about their first adventure into cunnilingus. As Charlotte and Julie moved until they were laying side by side, Tyler said, “Mom, should I do it to you, or Mrs. Bradley.”

The two women looked at each other, and then Julie said, “Well why don’t you start with Mrs. Bradley honey, and Jamie, you can start with me, and then we’ll switch.”

Both boys moved until they were lying on their stomachs with their throbbing cocks pressing against the satin sheets, and their faces right above the other’s mom’s crotch. It was the closest either of them had ever been to the female sexual organ, and they each started by giving them a close visual examination.

Both women were wet, especially Julie, who’s pussy lips were still swollen and pouting from the tonguing Charlotte had just given her, so the scent emanating from their cunts was strong. The boys each inhaled the aroma, and the pheromone filled smell caused their brains to tell their cocks something wonderful was about to happen, and they both ground their hard pricks into the mattress, trying to ease the intense feeling.

Charlotte spoke first, and in a voice that trembled with excitement she said, “Tyler… use your thumbs to pull my pussy lips apart, just be gentle, okay.”

As Tyler put his thumbs where Mrs. Bradley had told him, and then pulled the lips open, Dr. Alexander said, “You do the same Jamie.”

Now both boys were holding the other’s mom’s cunt wide open. As they familiarized themselves with the women’s pleasure centers, Julie said, “You can see how swollen and wet the outer labia… that’s the lips, get when a woman is excited. And don’t worry, the wetness you see isn’t pee… that’s just the natural secretions a woman experiences when she’s excited… and of course, that little bump at the top is the clitoris.”

“Jeez mom, we’re not idiots,” Tyler said as his face hovered above Mrs. Bradley’s crotch, causing both women to laugh.

Then Julie said, “I know you guys aren’t, I was just giving you a little tutorial,” and then she added, “And I was also going to tell you that the clitoris is filled with nerves and very sensitive, so you don’t want to just dive in and start licking it right away.”

Now Charlotte spoke up and said, “She’s right, a woman likes to be teased… you should start out trying to avoid the clitoris, paying attention to the lips before moving up.”

Then Julie added, “And when you do start using your tongue on the clit, try different things… flicking it, swirling your tongue around it, massaging it… different women like different things, and the same technique doesn’t make every woman cum, you have to find out what your partner likes.”

“How do you find out what they like,” Jamie asked.

“Well sometimes a woman will tell you, but sometimes you have to read her body language and listen to the sounds they make… that will tell you what they like,” Charlotte replied.

“Wow, I didn’t realize learning to do this was going to be so much like going to school,” Tyler said, laughing at his own joke.

The other occupants of the bed laughed too, and then Julie gasped as Jamie ran his index finger up and down her gaping cunt and said, “Wow, you’re very wet.”

“That’s because I’m very excited,” Julie said as she looked down at her young charge, and then she added, “Okay, are you boys ready to give it a try?”

“Okay,” they said, and then simultaneously, they both leaned forward and took their first taste of a woman.

Both mothers groaned as the other’s son began licking their pussy lips. Tyler brushed his tongue up and down Mrs. Bradley’s fleshy lips, being careful to avoid her clit, just as they had suggested, and then he pushed his tongue deep inside her before retracting it, and then pushing it back in again.

“That’s it Tyler, fuck your tongue in and out of my pussy just like that,” Charlotte groaned to her student. Her words of encouragement inspired her own son, and as the sound of his mom using words like ‘fuck’ and ‘pussy’ caused his hard prick to throb even more, Jamie began doing the same thing to Dr. Alexander.

“Oh yes Jamie… that’s it… that’s so good,” Julie moaned, and as both women spread their legs wider to give their novice pussy lickers better access to excited cunts, their knees bumped together. The innocent contact added to both women’s excitement, and Charlotte d****d her leg over Julie’s… locking them together.

Both women were moaning now as the boys lapped at their sodden cunts. Then suddenly Julie squealed, “Jamie… OHHHHH.”

“What did he do Jules,” Charlotte asked, wondering what her son had done to elicit the sudden shriek of excitement from her friend.

“He’s licking… licking my asshole,” Julie stammered with excitement as Jamie tongued her tight little sphincter.

Not to be outdone, Tyler used his hands to pull apart Charlotte’s fleshy ass cheeks, and then slathered his tongue over the tiny hole.

“Oh God these two are quick learners,” Charlotte cried out as Tyler licked her nerve-filled anus. Then she felt his tongue move back to her pussy lips, which had gotten much wetter from the combination of his saliva and the excitement induced flow of her own juices.

Both women were squirming as the boys practiced their oral skills, and the Julie groaned, “Ohhhhh Jamieeee…. Yesssssss.”

“Did he get your clit,” Charlotte asked as her voice cracked with passion.

“Uh huh,” was all she could manage to get out as Jamie pressed his tongue against her clit and began rotating it in a slow, circular motion.

Then it was Charlotte’s turn to groan as she felt Tyler’s lips encircle her pleasure button, before the tip of his tongue began fluttering on the hard little nub.

Now the women were groaning between the occasional words of encouragement as the boys pleasured them. Both Tyler and Jamie were very pleasantly surprised at how good pussy tasted, and they were enjoying their new exploration as much as their moms were.

Much to their own surprise, both Julie and Charlotte could already feel orgasms approaching. But they both knew that it wasn’t just from having their pussies licked, or that the technique was so great… it was because of who was licking them.

The women knew and understood how much of a role the psychology of sex played in a pleasurable experience, and it was the fact that Tyler and Jamie were the ones going down on them that was going to make them cum. And Charlotte also knew what both of them really wanted when she groaned, “Okay boys… are you ready to switch partners?”

Both boys got up, and with their faces still shining with the juices of his friend’s mom, took their new positions… and then without saying a word, they both leaned forward and began licking his own mother’s pussy.

Julie’s was the first voice to break the silence, moaning, “Oh yes… that’s it my sweet boy,” as Tyler’s tongue flicked at her tiny pleasure pebble.

Charlotte’s groans soon filled the room as her son sucked her clit between his lips, and then cried out, “Oh God Jamie… yessssss,” as he began tapping the organ with the tip of his tongue.

Both women were hurtling toward orgasmic bliss now as their sons began finding the exact pressure, speed and technique it was going to take to make his mom cum. And it was Charlotte who got there first as Jamie surprised her by plunging a finger deep into her cunt.

“Oh fuck Jules, he’s making me cum… MY SON IS MAKING ME CUUUUMMMM,” Charlotte cried out as her pussy exploded in her son’s face. Jamie locked his lips around his mom’s clit as he kept swirling his tongue on her hot button. He pushed a second finger into her drooling pussy, and he could actually feel the walls of her cunt gripping and releasing as the involuntary muscle contractions of her orgasm took over her body.

Since her last orgasm had been a little more recent that Charlotte’s, it took Julie a little longer to reach the finish line, but as she heard her friend crying out, and felt Charlotte’s leg lock down on her own, Julie groaned, “That’s it Tyler… don’t stop honey… I’m gonna… I’m gonna… YESSSSSSSSS!!!!

As his mom came, Tyler felt a new rush of thick pussy juice coating his lips and covering his chin. Julie was raising her ass up off the soft satin sheets, pressing her steaming pussy into her son’s face as his tongue continued to vibrate on her clit. The organ felt like a tiny beehive as the thousand nerve endings on the little nub all exploded at once, causing a frenzy of muscle contractions deep in her vagina and rectum.

Both women were groaning uncontrollably as their sons continued to coax orgasmic spasms from deep in their bodies. Then it was Charlotte who said, “Oh God no more baby… no more,” as she reached down and gently pushed his face from her over-stimulated pussy.

Julie wasn’t quite done, and moaned “Don’t stop yet honey… just a little more,” as a few more mild contractions sent stimuli to her pleasure centers. And then with one last sigh, her body slumped back to the mattress… totally sated.

From between their legs, both boys looked up at their moms, their faces still covered with the mixture of juices they had acquired from their first pussy licking. The women were still going through their post-orgasmic swoon, and then it was Charlotte who looked down into her son’s eyes first.

Jamie cum-covered face broke into a smile as he saw his mom looking down at his, and he asked, “Well, how did I do.”

Charlotte smiled back at him, but he also noticed her eyes welling up as she said, “You did wonderfully honey.”

As a tear rolled down her cheek, Jamie asked, “Mom, are you okay.”

Charlotte just said, “I’ve never been happier honey,“ and then she added, “I’m just a little overwhelmed because you may have just given me the best orgasm of my life.”

Julie also had tears in her eyes as she looked down to see her handsome young son looking back at her. She reached down and ran her fingers through his blond hair and whispered, “I love you honey.”

“I love you too mom,” he whispered back as he fought to keep his own tears from flowing.

For a few minutes, the four of them shared an overwhelmingly emotional moment. Neither mother had ever felt closer to her son, and vice versa. But then it was Tyler who broke the moment when he looked over at Jamie and said, “Good job man.”

“You too,” Jamie said as the four of them began laughing hysterically. Then it was Julie who said, “I don’t know about you Char, but all these orgasms have left me a little worn out and kind of hungry.”

“Well it is almost dinner, and yeah, I’m kinda pooped myself,” Charlotte replied, and then she said “What about you guys?”

Neither boy said anything, but it was Tyler who got himself to his knees, pointed down at raging hard on sticking up from his groin and asked, “Does this look like I’m tired?’

Both women laughed, and then Charlotte looked at her son and said, “So I’m guessing you have one of those too.”

“Uh huh,” Jamie said, still lying between her legs with his face right above her pussy, and still covered in her juices.

“Well I don’t think Dr. Alexander and I are quite ready to make good on that ‘taking your virginity’ thing quite yet, so why don’t you come up here,” Charlotte said as she patted her chest right between her magnificent breasts.

As Tyler and Julie watched, Charlotte had Jamie move until he was straddling her, with his hard cock in the valley between her large tits. Julie smiled as she realized what Charlotte was doing, and as then she let out as gasp as her friend reached over and put two fingers in her still sopping wet pussy.

“I just need some lubricant,” Charlotte said as she fingered Julie’s pussy, coating them with her natural juices, and then she reached between her own legs and added her own thick nectar to Julie’s before wrapping her hand around her son’s hard shaft and spreading the syrupy mix onto his twitching organ.

Jamie groaned as his mom’s slippery hand slid up and down his rampant cock. The she released her grip on him and spread the rest of hers and Julie’s pussy lube onto her tits and into her chest. Once she was nice and slippery, she pulled her son’s erection back between her breasts, and then pressed the heavy globes together, trapping his prick between them.

It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she wanted, and Jamie began slowly fucking his mom’s beautiful breasts. Charlotte had propped a pillow under her neck, and each time Jamie thrust forward, and the rubbery head of his cock poked out from between her tits, Charlotte swabbed it with her tongue.

As they watched what Jamie and Charlotte were doing, Julie wrapped her hand around her own son’s rigid prick and began stroking it. Tyler groaned as his mom slowly jacked his cock. Then she maneuvered him to where he was sitting next to Charlotte’s head, and after saying, “I’m sorry honey, my boobs aren’t as big as Mrs. Bradley’s, but I think you’ll be okay if I do this,” she dipped her head into his lap and swallowed his cock whole.

Both boys could feel their balls churning as they watched the other being pleasured by his mom. As Jamie fucked his mom’s tits, he watched Dr. Alexander take Tyler’s prick down her throat. And Tyler watched as Mrs. Bradley’s tongue snaked out of her mouth, licking Jamie’s swollen purple cock head every time it peeking out from between her massive tits.

Each woman could also see what the other was doing to their son, and even though they had both just had orgasms, the sight had their cunts heating up again. But they both knew there was more to be done, so they each increased their efforts to make their sons cum.

As Julie sucked Tyler’s throbbing dick, she reached between his legs and began rolling his balls in her hand. “Oh God Mom,” he groaned as she added this new sensation, and as his shaft swelled even more in her mouth, she knew it wouldn’t be long.

Charlotte could also tell Jamie was getting close as he began moaning louder, and the head of his cock got puffier, and turned a deeper shade of purple. She was also getting a taste of his precum as his near-bursting prick began leaking the neutral fluid.

As Jamie’s thrusts became faster and more erratic, Charlotte said, “Tell me when you’re ready to cum honey.”

No sooner had she gotten the words out than Jamie screamed, “HERE IT COMES MOM!!!”

Charlotte quickly released her tits and cupped her son’s ass, pulling him forward… but she wasn’t in time to catch the first powerful rope of semen as it splashed on her lips, nose and chin… but before next blast of his seed erupted from his cock, she trapped the spewing organ in her mouth. His shaft pulsed on her tongue again and again as gobs of rich young cream were deposited in her mouth.

Watching his friend cum in his own mom’s mouth was more than Tyler could take, and as he screamed, “Oh God Mom… AHHHHH!” his own cock came alive, bucking and kicking as it pumped his mother’s mouth full of his thick young cum.

As the boys grunted and groaned in indescribably pleasure, the tiny pump factories behind their balls unloaded their contents into their mothers’ waiting mouths. Both women savored the taste and texture of their sons’ discharge, before swallowing… letting each gooey masses slide down their throats.

And finally, when they were sure they had felt the last muscle spasm, and the final trickle of semen had leaked into their mouths, they let the spent cocks slip from between their lips, and then the two women kissed each other deeply again, sharing the remnants of their sons’ salty-sweet cum as they had done before.

After they had rested for a few minutes, Julie said, “Well that was a delicious appetizer, but now I’m ready for some real dinner.”

“That sounds good,” Charlotte replied, and then she asked, “So what would you boys like to do for dinner?”

“I’m in the mood for a steak,” Jamie answered.

Tyler quickly chimed in and said, “Yeah, a nice thick steak sounds pretty good.”

“Well Char, do you think our boys have earned a steak dinner,” Julie asked.

“I certainly do Jules,” Charlotte replied as she smiled and winked at her son.

“YES,” both Tyler and Jamie said enthusiastically as they high-fived each other. And as they did, both women laughed at the fact that while their sons were now young men, they still had a little boy deep inside them that would occasionally sneak out.

“So what’s the plan Mom,” Tyler asked.

Julie leaned over and whispered something to Charlotte, and after they nodded in agreement, and sealed it with a quick kiss on the lips, Julie said, “Well we are going to have ‘Mother/Son Date Night’… Mrs. Bradley and Jamie are going to go home and get dressed, and then meet us at Perrone’s Steakhouse for dinner at 7:00… and then we thought we might go catch a movie, and then we’re all going to come back here and spend the night.”

Jamie said, “Cool” and Tyler yelled, “Awesome” at the same time, and then the two high-fived again. It was obvious to their moms that they were also becoming good friends, and that was important to Charlotte and Julie.

As the Bradley’s got dressed so they could go home and get ready for dinner, Charlotte said, “Jules, is there anything I can bring back here for tonight?”

Julie thought for a second, and then as a wry smile formed on her face, she said, “Not really Char… as a matter of fact, I can only think of something that you and Jamie don’t need to bring.”

“What’s that,” Charlotte asked.

“Pajamas,” Julie said as she walked up to Jamie and kissed him. Charlotte followed her friend’s lead and kissed Tyler too. And finally, the two women shared their own goodbye kiss before the Bradley’s left for home. Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 5

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