A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 6

When Charlotte and Jamie arrived at Perrone’s, Julie and Tyler were already there. Julie looked stunning in a classic ‘little black dress’ that showed off her toned arms and shapely legs, and the black heels she wore added even more elegance to her sleek, athletic body.

Charlotte looked just as sexy in a little red number that highlighted her round hips, while the plunging neckline showed off plenty of her magnificent cleavage. She also wore a pair of matching red pumps that elevated her ass, making it look even more ripe and juicy as it stretched the fabric to its limits.

“You look sensational Char,” Julie said as she hugged her friend.

“You too Jules… I love that dress,” Charlotte replied, and then she added, “And look at our dates… I can’t believe I was able to get Jamie into a pair of slacks and a sport coat!”

“I know… Tyler has to wear a sport coat at school, so he hates wearing one any other time… but they both look so handsome,” Julie said as she gave Jamie a hug.

Charlotte hugged Tyler too, and then Julie led them to the host podium.

“Good evening Dr. Alexander… how are you this evening,” the pretty young hostess asked.

“Fine Rachel, so nice to see you,” Julie replied, and then she said, “Mr. Alexander is traveling, so we decided to have a Mother/Son date night with our friends… these are the Bradley’s, and of course you know my son Tyler.”

“It’s so nice to meet you both, and always good to see you Tyler,” Rachel replied sweetly, and then she said, “Right this way please,” as she led them to their table.

The Alexander’s were regulars at Perrone’s, but Charlotte had only been there a couple of times, and it was the first visit for Jamie. Rachel passed out the four menus, and then asked if Julie wanted to see a wine list.

“No, I think we’ll just have a bottle of the Rombauer, it’s my favorite chardonnay,” Julie replied, and then she said, “If that’s okay with you Char.”

“It sounds perfect,” Charlotte said to her friend.

“And what about for the young men,” Rachel asked, correctly assuming they weren’t drinking age.

“I’ll have a Coke please,” Tyler replied politely.

“And I’ll have the same, thank you,” Jamie said, also being very polite.

“So a bottle of the Rombauer Chardonnay for the ladies, and two Cokes for the gentlemen… I’ll have your server bring your drinks right over,” Rachel said.

Then Julie said, “Oh… and Rachel, could you have the Cokes served in wine glasses… we’re celebrating a special evening.

“Certainly,” Rachel replied, and then she asked, “Is it someone’s birthday?”

“No, we’re just celebrating good friends,” Julie replied as she winked at Charlotte.

Rachel left the table, and the boys watched her very cute ass as she did. Once she was out of earshot, Julie leaned in and said, “See Char, one cute young girl and the old women are out.”

Both Tyler and Jamie knew they had been busted checking Rachel out, and Tyler decided to just own up to it when he said, “What can I say… she has a nice butt.”

“Yes she does,” Charlotte agreed as she put her hand on Jamie’s thigh underneath the tablecloth, and then as she secretly slid it up between his legs to grab his package, she said, “But remember, you’re our dates tonight.”

Jamie couldn’t believe his mom had grabbed his penis right under the table, but he didn’t say anything as a server came to the table with their drinks.

“Good evening Luis,” Julie said as the handsome young server put the empty wine glasses on the table.

“Good evening Dr. Alexander, so nice to see you again,” Luis said as he gave the boys their wine glasses filled with Coke. Then as he opened the bottle of wine and served Julie a tasting, he said, “We’re so glad to have you and your guests dining with us… may I tell you about the special dishes our chef is offering this evening?”

“Please do,” Julie replied, and then she sampled the wine and then nodded her approval.

After Luis told them about the specials, the boys both ordered the aged bone-in rib eye steak, and Charlotte and Julie ordered the fresh catch of the day.

When Luis left the table, Charlotte raised her glass and said, “I’d like to propose a toast.”

The other three raised their glasses, and then Charlotte said, “To new friends, and a weekend of firsts for the best sons two mothers could ever want,” and then she winked at Julie as they all tapped their glasses together.

The dinner was superb, as was the wine and the conversation, and when the check came, Julie insisted on paying it. Charlotte protested, but her friend said, “Char, you’ve been paying me to take care of your son for years, and besides, if it wasn’t for you and Jamie, this weekend would never have happened, so please let me take care of this.”

Charlotte could tell she wasn’t going to change her friend’s mind, so she said, “Okay Jules… but next time it’s my treat.”

“Deal,” Julie said as she gave Luis the check and her credit card, and after the bill was paid they walked across the parking lot to the theater multiplex.

The boys wanted to see an action movie, but the women wanted to see the newest romance comedy. After a brief discussion, Jamie and Tyler were reminded of what was waiting for them when they got home, so they quickly ended their protest and agreed to let their mothers choose the movie.

Since they had just finished dinner, nobody was interested in anything from the snack bar, so they found their way to the theater that was showing their movie and went inside. The movie had been out for a few weeks, and the crowd was pretty sparse, so there were plenty of open seats.

When Julie chose a row in the back right of the theater, Tyler said, “Why are we sitting way back here?”

“Because sitting too close to a theater screen is bad for your eyes,” Julie replied, knowing Tyler would accept a medical excuse to explain her choice of seats away.

Tyler entered the row of seats first, but he was surprised when Mrs. Bradley followed him in instead of his mom. Then Jamie slid in next to Charlotte, and Dr. Alexander completed the foursome.

When Tyler reached the fourth seat he stopped, thinking his mom would want to be on the aisle, but Mrs. Bradley said, “Why don’t you keep moving in, Tyler… it’s a little more private over there.”

Tyler thought it was odd that they were moving so far into the corner, but he didn’t want to be disrespectful and disagree with Mrs. Bradley, so he kept moving in until she said, “Okay, this is good.”

A few minutes after they took their seats, the lights were lowered and the feature movie started. It was your typical, cute romance comedy, and even the boys had to admit that even though there were no zombies, car chases or explosions, it wasn’t that bad.

About half way into the movie, Charlotte leaned towards her son, seated between her and Dr. Alexander, and whispered, “Jamie, why don’t you take off your sport coat and get comfortable?”

Jamie was a little warm, so he took of his jacket and d****d it over the chair in front of him, but Charlotte said, “Just fold it over and put it in your lap honey… I don’t want us to accidentally leave it here.” The teenager was pretty sure he wouldn’t forget it, especially with the two eagle-eyed moms sitting on either side of him, but he did as he was told and laid it over his lap.

When the movie reached a part where the main characters were in bed, the boys were a little surprised to see the female lead showing her boobs and her ass. Jamie was so engrossed in seeing the pretty actress naked that at first, he didn’t even notice Dr. Alexander’s right hand sliding under his jacket and resting on his thigh, but when he realized what was happening, his body trembled.

Jamie’s dick was already semi-erect from watching the nude actress, so when Julie cupped the bulge in his pants, he quickly grew to full erection. The teenager couldn’t believe Dr. Alexander was massaging his hard prick right in the theater, but when he looked at her, he could see her eyes were locked on the screen, acting as if she was doing nothing.

Julie could feel that her young patient’s penis was fully erect now, so after looking around to make sure nobody had sat near them, and that they couldn’t be seen from the video booth behind them, she deftly pulled down his zipper, reached inside his boxers, and released his hard cock. Then she very quietly wrapped her fingers around it, and began stroking him.

Charlotte knew what was going on next to her, so she leaned to her right, put her lips close to Tyler’s ear and whispered, “Why don’t you take off your sport coat too?”

“I’m okay Mrs. Bradley… thanks,” Tyler said, not realizing what was happening only a few feet from him.

But then the beautiful woman rested her hand on his thigh, and as she brushed her little finger up and down his balls, she said, “Tyler, I’d really like you to take off your sport coat and lay it over your lap.”

Tyler looked to his left, and with the help of the light from the projector, he could see Mrs. Bradley smiling as her finger tickled his scrotum through his pants. Then he looked past her to where Jamie’s jacket covered his lap, and he could see the garment rhythmically rising and falling, telling him that his mom was giving his friend a hand job.

That was all the motivation he needed, and he quickly shucked his jacket and laid it across his thighs. As soon as his lap was covered, he felt Mrs. Bradley’s fingers find his zipper and pull it down, and in a matter of seconds, his hard cock was sticking up through the opening, with her soft hand wrapped around the steel-like shaft.

Neither boy could believe what was happening. They were each getting hand jobs from his friend’s mom in a public place. Even though there were only about 20 or 30 other people in the theater, and they were far away from all of them, there was still a risk involved, and that made them all very nervous, and very excited.

Now all four of them were slumped down into the cushioned theater chairs, to the point where only their heads were visible. But still, they were all managing to keep their eyes on the screen as if nothing was happening.

Tyler was having a hard time concentrating on the movie as he felt his balls beginning to tighten. While Mrs. Bradley stroked his cock with one hand, the other gripped his left wrist and pulled it towards her. When his palm landed on her soft thigh, he could feel the warmth rising from it. Then she pulled his hand upward until it disappeared under her dress, and when he reached the apex of her thighs, he realized she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Julie heard Charlotte let out a slight hiss as Tyler’s fingertips caressed her wet pussy lips, and that was when she leaned towards Jamie, and as she continued stroking his cock, she whispered, “Put your hand between my legs.”

Jamie shuddered as the beautiful woman ran her tongue along the back of his ear, and then he slowly moved his left hand to her lap. He felt her legs part slightly to give him better access, and as his hand moved up her smooth thigh and reached its destination, he was as surprised as Tyler had been to find that Dr. Alexander was also wearing no panties.

Tyler already had two fingers buried deep inside Mrs. Bradley’s dripping slit, and he could feel her cunt walls tightening around them as he fucked them in and out. Then she suddenly reached down and pulled his wet digits from her aching twat. He thought he may have gotten carried away, but instead she brought his hand to her mouth, and then sucked her own juices from his drenched fingers.

“Mmmmmm,” she softly moaned as her tongue was bathed with sweet pussy honey. Then she stuck her own hand under her dress and inserted two fingers into her drooling snatch, coating them with her juices before pulling them out and offering them to Tyler, who greedily sucked them clean.

Jamie was first to feel the pressure of orgasm starting to build. As Dr. Alexander expertly stroked his rigid member, she could feel it swelling even more in her fingers. His pleasure centers were nearing the point of overload, and that was when Julie leaned towards him and softly whispered, “Tap my thigh when you’re ready to cum, Jamie.”

The teenager’s head fell back onto the soft chair as Dr. Alexander began stroking him faster. Charlotte could also tell what was happening, and as she kept stroking Tyler’s cock, her eyes focused on her son and her best friend. Just then, Julie felt Jamie tap her thigh as his back began to arch, and in one swift motion she pushed his jacket aside, plunged her head into his lap and sucked his near-bursting cock into her mouth.

A strangled scream formed in Jamie’s throat as Dr. Alexander’s hot mouth encased his hard prick, and then the first orgasmic contraction propelled a powerful shot of thick spunk into the back of her throat.

The force of Jamie’s orgasm caught Julie by surprise at first, and she sputtered a bit as she swallowed the initial burst, but then she regained control of her gag reflex and kept sucking his spewing cock as it launched pearls of rich young sperm into her greedy mouth.

Jamie was gritting his teeth, trying not to make any noise as Dr. Alexander expertly drained his balls. The pleasure her mouth was creating caused his body to tingle from head to toe, and when his cock finally stopped twitching, and the last of his spunk leaked into her mouth, she released his wilting prick and sat back in her chair.

Normally Julie would have shared Jamie’s delicious load with Charlotte in a kiss, but she was sitting too far away, and she didn’t want to draw attention with too much movement, so she broke tradition and swallowed, letting his gooey mass slide down her throat.

In the meantime, Charlotte had re-focused her attention back onto Tyler. The teenager’s fingers were still deep in her pussy as her hand began to masturbate him faster. She could feel him squirming in his seat, so she leaned over and whispered, “Are you ready to shoot?”

When she saw him nod, she whispered, “I want you to cum in my mouth,” and then she followed Julie’s lead, sweeping his jacket aside, diving into his lap, and wrapping her lips around his throbbing prick.

Her lips no sooner sealed around his shaft than the first blast of cum erupted from the swollen head and filled her mouth almost to overflowing. Tyler did his best to control his grunting as his cock twitched and flexed between Mrs. Bradley’s lips. His orgasm was so intense that he involuntarily lifted his ass from the cushioned chair, trying to force his spewing organ into her gullet.

The muscles around Tyler’s prostate were flexing like they were being hit with a cattle prod, causing spurt after spurt of his young seed to be pumped into the beautiful brunette’s mouth. Then as the final spasms eased, and only a trickle of bittersweet young spunk leaked from the tip, he slumped back in his chair, dislodging his cock from Charlotte’s mouth as she swallowed his ejaculate with one gulp.

It took a few moments, but when Jamie and Tyler finally recovered, they continued their manual assault on the women’s pussies. Since they were both so excited from giving their sons blowjobs in a public theater, Charlotte and Julie knew it wouldn’t take long for the boys to make them cum.

Jamie had remembered his training from earlier that day, and he pulled his finger from deep inside Dr. Alexander’s pussy and began rubbing her clit. Almost immediately her body went rigid, and her thighs clamped down on his hand, holding it in place. Then as his wet fingertip frigged the tiny, nerve-filled pea, her back arched and she came.

Julie did her best to be quiet, but her body language made it clear she was having an orgasm. Her ass lifted from the seat momentarily, and her stomach convulsed as her cunt was racked by a serious of muscle spasms. She wanted to scream, but she knew she couldn’t, so she sealed her lips and had the quietest climax of her life.

Now it was Charlotte’s turn. She was still holding onto Tyler’s spent penis as he pushed two fingers deep inside her cunt again, and then he used his thumb to stroke her clit, and that was when she tumbled over the cliff.

Charlotte actually clamped her hand over her mouth to keep quiet as she came. Even though this orgasm wasn’t as intense as when Julie and the boys had licked her pussy, she still wanted to cry out from the exquisite pulsations rippling deep in her belly. Tyler could feel her pussy walls gripping his fingers as she came, and he kept circling her clit with his thumb until she finally squeezed her thighs together, telling him she had had enough.

Once they had all cum, the four of them sank back into the reclining theater seats as they regained their composure. After they were calmed down and zipped up, Julie whispered, “Do you guys want to stay for the rest of the movie?”

Their sons shook their head no, so they gathered their belongings and quietly slipped out the door. As they walked to the car, nobody said a word until Tyler said, “Well I thought that was a great movie.”

Now all four of them laughed hysterically, and then Jamie looked at his mom and Dr. Alexander and said, “I can’t believe you both just, you know… gave us oral sex in a theater.”

Charlotte smiled and said, “Jamie, with everything that’s happened today, I think you can say the word ‘blowjob’… and Dr. Alexander and I made sure we had enough privacy, that’s why we sat where we did.”

Then Julie added, “Besides, the only reason we gave you blowjobs is that it we didn’t want to be the ones to try to explain to the dry cleaner how you got sperm stains on your sport coats.”

They all laughed again, knowing Julie was referring to Jamie’s unscripted ejaculation on her dress a few days earlier, and then Charlotte said, “Honey, I know what happened in Dr. Alexander’s office that day was embarrassing at the time, but if it wasn’t for that accident, we probably wouldn’t be here today.”

“Gee, I never thought about it that way… maybe I should ejaculate on ladies’ dresses more often,” Jamie said with a wry smile, and bringing more laughter from the group.

With that, the four of them lined up side-by-side with the ladies in the middle, and as each boy held his mom’s hand, Charlotte and Julie held each other’s, and they headed to the parking lot.

Once they had gotten back to the Alexander home, Julie opened another bottle of wine and poured two glasses. Then she looked at her friend, and as she quietly held the up the bottle, she gestured towards the boys. When Charlotte nodded her approval, Julie said, “Would you guys like to try some wine?”

Tyler and Jamie looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, and then they both said, “Sure.”

As Julie poured two more glasses, Charlotte looked at her son and his friend quizzically, and then she said, “You know Jules, I get the impression that they’ve both tried wine before.”

“Is that true boys,” Julie asked as she handed each of them a glass of chardonnay.

At first neither of them said anything, but as his mom looked at him, Tyler said, “Well yeah mom… I mean I’m in high school and I’ve gone to a couple of parties… I didn’t get drunk or anything, but there was alcohol there.”

“And what about you honey,” Charlotte asked Jamie as Julie handed her a glass of wine.

“Yeah, same as Tyler,” Jamie said as he looked sheepishly at his mom.

Both teens were relieved when all their moms did was thank them for being honest, and then Julie raised her glass and said, “Well here’s to what has been a memorable weekend… and it isn’t over yet.”

With that, the four of them toasted and took a sip of their wine, and then the women watched as their sons made the kind of face you would make if you smelled something sour. Charlotte laughed at their reaction and said, “I thought you guys said you had tried alcohol.”

“I said I tried it… I didn’t say I liked it,” Tyler said, making both women laugh with his sarcasm.

“What he said,” Jamie said in agreement, and then he took another sip of the chilled wine.

With that, Julie put on some music, and after the boys shed their jackets and their moms kicked off their heels, each woman took her son by the hand and began dancing with him. At first Tyler and Jamie felt awkward, but after some prodding by their moms, they started getting into it.

As the music played, each woman showed her son how to move with the rhythm, and then Julie put on some more upbeat popular music, and they all began dancing freestyle. Everyone’s inhibitions were starting to lower, so neither of the boys cared how silly they looked as they danced crazily, making their moms laugh hysterically.

Now Jamie and Tyler were both feeling the effects of the alcohol as another slow song came on. Julie and Charlotte were more seasoned drinkers, but since they had already shared a bottle of wine at dinner, they too were feeling a bit tipsy, and as the song played on, each mother grabbed her son and began slow dancing with him again.

Jamie could feel his mother’s body against him as they moved to the music, causing his dick to swell again until its entire length was pressing against her. Charlotte ground her pelvis against his hard organ as one of his hands slipped down over her rounded hip, and then cupped her ample butt cheek. Then Charlotte let out a low groan as Jamie’s fingers sunk into her fleshy ass, pulling her even tighter to him, before humping his cock against her pubic mound.

Tyler and Julie were also getting more and more intimate. As they slowly danced to the beat of the music, Tyler slid his hands downward to his mom’s amazing derriere, but instead of cupping it like Jamie was doing to Charlotte, Tyler began pulling up his mom’s dress until her ass was fully exposed, and then he caressed her soft, naked butt cheeks as they kissed.

Both couples were being caught up in the moment… the wine, the music, the intimacy… it was wonderful. Up to this point, everything had been a series of sexual explorations for the mothers, and sexual awakenings for their sons. But this was different, and the four of them knew something special was about to happen.

Now they were making out more than they were dancing. Each son had his lips firmly planted against his mother’s in a passionate kiss. Tongues were intertwined, and hands were exploring as their hips ground together. Both women could feel their offspring’s hard young pricks grinding against them, and all four had reached the point where they wanted and needed more.

Julie was the first to speak as she broke her kiss with Tyler and said, “Why don’t we go to my bedroom?” Charlotte nodded, and then the women took their sons by the hand and led them into the master suite.

The soft music continued to play through the bedroom speakers as Julie went around the room, lighting the numerous candles she had put out for this special occasion. Once the room was bathed in the soft light, she told the boys to get up onto the bed.

Still clothed, Jamie and Tyler climbed onto the huge king sized bed and watched as their mothers approached each other, and after making sure they had their sons’ attention, Charlotte and Julie kissed deeply. The erections that had begun to subside during their move to the bedroom quickly returned as the teenagers watched their moms make out again. Even though they had seen it before, they were still fascinated and aroused by the fact that their moms were so sexually attracted to each other.

As their sons watched, Charlotte slowly pulled the zipper down on Julie’s dress, and once it had reached the top of her ass, she pulled it from her shoulders and it slid down her body until it was a puddle at her feet… and then Charlotte disposed of Julie’s black lace bra, leaving her friend naked.

Charlotte began kissing her way down the beautiful blonde’s naked body, stopping first at her firm breasts, taking each hard pink nipple in her mouth and teasing it with her tongue… causing Julie to groan out loud. Then as the boys watched with great interest, Charlotte lowered herself to her knees until her face was even with her friend’s smooth pubic mound.

The teenager’s cocks were threatening to rip through their pants as they watched their moms’ erotic exhibition. At first Charlotte just glided her hands up and down her friend’s body, before sliding her hands around Julie’s hips and cupping her incredible ass. Then after smiling at the boys, she pushed her face into her Julie’s crotch and dragged her tongue over her friend’s swollen labia.

“Oh God Char,” Julie groaned as her friend’s tongue probed her steaming cunt. Then she parted her feet, spreading her legs more and giving Charlotte’s tongue better access to her dripping slit.

Thick pussy juice leaked into Charlotte’s mouth as she lapped away at her friend’s cunt. Each time she dragged her tongue over Julie’s clit, her friend’s body went rigid. Julie knew Charlotte was only doing this to arouse the boys, but she also knew that only a few more licks would send her into an uncontrollable orgasm, so she pulled her lover’s face from her mound and lifted her to her feet.

The boys stayed focused on their moms as they kissed again. Julie could taste her own slippery nectar on Charlotte’s lips as their tongues dueled, and that was when the naked blonde began helping her busty friend take her dress off.

Julie pushed the small straps over Charlotte’s shoulders, and then slid the slinky red material down over her full hips and ripe ass until it fell to the floor. Then she reached behind her friend, undoing the red bra and releasing her magnificent breasts.

The women kissed again as Julie filled her hands with Charlotte’s soft, round tits. The big breasted brunette groaned as Julie began flicking her hard nipples with her fingers, and then Charlotte whispered “Oh yes Jules,” as her friend lowered her head and took one of the puckered nubs between her lips.

“Ooooohhhh,” Charlotte moaned softly as Julie moved back and forth from one nipple to the other, licking, sucking and nibbling on the hard little buttons. Then just as Charlotte had done, Julie lowered herself to her knees, gripped her friend’s fleshy ass cheeks, and pressed her face into her pussy.

Charlotte shuddered as Julie’s tongue laved her overheated cunt. First it parted the puffy lips, causing Charlotte to groan, and then she cried out as Julie used the tip to stab at her hard clit. Like Charlotte, Julie also knew it wouldn’t take much licking to make her friend cum, but both women had a bigger plan, so she pulled her face from her friend’s drooling gash, stood up, and the two kissed again.

Even though it had only been a little over an hour since the boys had been sucked off in the theater, they had both returned to a full state of arousal. The sight of their moms making out had their cocks straining to be released from the confines of their clothing, and they both wondered if it was almost time for their ultimate fantasy to become a reality.

Charlotte and Julie approached the bed, and without saying a word, they climbed onto the satin covered king sized mattress and lay between the two boys. Then each mother began slowly unbuttoning her son’s shirt.

Charlotte’s hands trembled with the anticipation as she released one button after another, then as her son’s smooth chest came into view, she leaned forward and licked one of his nipples.

“Ohhhhh,” Jamie groaned as his mom flicked the sensitive tip with her tongue. He didn’t realize that a man could enjoy the feeling of someone licking his nipples as much as a woman could. Charlotte kept tickling the hard bud with her tongue as she finished unbuttoning his shirt and pushed it from his shoulders, exposing his hairless chest.

Julie had already removed her son’s shirt, and she leaned forward and dipped her tongue into Tyler’s belly button, causing him to gasp as she started to undo his belt. She could feel his rock-hard prick straining against the material as she undid the waistband, and then he groaned out loud as she dragged his zipper over the prominent bulge.

Charlotte and Julie sat up at the same time, and then pulled their son’s pants off, grabbing their socks on the way by, and leaving them only wearing their boxers. The tents their hard pricks were causing in their shorts were impossible to miss, and the anticipation of where those pricks would soon be caused both women’s pussies to tremble. Then Julie and Charlotte grasped the waistbands of their sons’ boxers and quickly pulled them down, leaving them naked, with their stiff cocks rising proudly over their groins.

Jamie and Tyler lay completely still as their mothers crouched over them and wrapped a hand around their bloated organs, and then after giving each other a knowing smile, Charlotte and Julie leaned forward at the same time, and took their sons’ still-virgin pricks into their mouths again.

Both boys groaned as the now familiar feeling of warmth and wetness engulfed their stiff dicks. It didn’t matter how many blowjobs they received that weekend, the feeling never got old… especially because they each knew it was his own mother’s mouth giving him so much pleasure.

For Charlotte and Julie, this wasn’t like the blowjobs they had given their sons earlier, where the ultimate goal a mouthful of sweet young cum. Now each woman took the time to use her lips and tongue to explore her son’s beautiful organ… to marvel at how they could be so soft, and yet so hard at the same time… to feel each vein as it bulged with blood coursing into the shaft… to run the tip of her tongue around the spongy head, feeling it turn smooth and rubbery as it swelled even more.

The sensation their moms’ mouths created on their cocks was indescribable, but neither boy was ready to orgasm because the women had also been smart. The blowjobs they had given them in the theater weren’t just for pleasure, they also had a purpose. Charlotte and Julie knew that since their sons had just cum, they would be able to last longer and enjoy it more when they finally took their virginity.

The time had come, and Charlotte and Julie released their sons’ throbbing cocks from their mouths and moved up next to them. Four hearts pounded as they all anticipated what was about to happen. Then the two loving mothers wrapped their arms around their sweet boys and began rolling, kissing them as they rolled until they each mom had her son lying between her legs.

Jamie and Tyler could each feel his erection pressing against his mother’s smooth pubic mound, and that was when Charlotte and Julie both reached down to wrap her fingers around her son’s hard cock shaft and align it with her opening .

Both teens looked deep into his mom’s eyes as he was slowly pulled forward by his erection. Each one could each feel his sensitive cock head pressing against his mother’s swollen, wet pussy lips, but then the women held her son in place, not letting him enter the gates of paradise just yet.

Instinctively, Charlotte and Julie’s free hands reached towards each other as they prepared to accept their sons back into their bodies. Energy flowed between them as their fingers intertwined in an unspoken gesture of unity and love, and tears filled their eyes as they realized what was about to happen. Then they simultaneously released their grips on their sons’ virgin cocks, letting them begin to return to the place from where they had come the day they were born.

The boys were shaking as they felt their moms’ pussy lips parting to accept their aching pricks. Each teen could feel his mother’s wet opening stretching to accommodate his swollen cockhead before clamping around the ridge, trapping his the swollen knob inside. Then they both started slowly pushing forward, feeding his shaft into his mom’s tight canal.

“Slowly,” each woman whispered to her son as he began filling her quivering cunt millimeter by millimeter. They both wanted their boys to savor the moment, and make sure they would never forget it. Tears of indescribable joy were rolling down Charlotte and Julie’s cheeks as they pulled their sons down until their pubic bones pressed together, and their stiff cocks were buried deep in their pussies

Jamie and Tyler were no longer virgins. They could feel their mothers’ vaginal walls gripping their erect dicks like a vise, and they could see the smiles on their moms’ faces and the tears in their eyes. The boys got a little emotional too, realizing that they had just made their official passage into manhood. Then as they each leaned down to kiss his mom, they began moving their hips up and down.

Charlotte and Julie groaned as their sons began fucking them. The women continued to hold hands as they felt the young cocks penetrating them again and again. They both did their best to control the tempo, wanting their boys’ first time to last. While they had both been fucked more times than either of them could remember, this was different… this was special… this was their sons… this was love in its most unconditional state.

The feeling of a pussy surrounding his cock for the first time in his life was better than Jamie had ever fantasized, and as he raised himself up to look at his mom’s beautiful face, he began instinctively thrusting harder and deeper, causing her to groan, “That’s it honey, fuck me… fuck my pussy.”

Charlotte wasn’t the only one becoming overwhelmed. Julie groaned, “Oh Tyler, yes,” as her son began thrusting into her with more authority. Over and over she felt her cunt left abandoned as he extracted his cock, only to have it stretched and filled as he plunged the thick organ back into her body.

The sounds of grunting and groaning, and the rhythmic slapping of hips echoed off of the walls as each mom developed a perfect rhythm with her son, making sure every fraction of every inch of his prick stretched her womanhood. Their fucking was becoming more intense, and the musky aroma of excited pussy and teenage perspiration wafted around them as hard young cocks assaulted tight wet cunts.

Julie looked up at her son’s handsome face as it hovered over her own. She could see it beginning to contort as his fucking motion became quicker and more erratic. As one of her hands continued to hold onto her best friend, the other slid down her son’s back and clutched his firm buttock, feeling it flex with each thrust. Then he groaned, “Mom… I’m getting close.”

Tears filled Julie’s eyes again as she realized her son was about to release his seed deep inside her womb. As she looked in his eyes, she said, “Cum inside me honey… I want you to cum inside me.”

When Tyler heard his mom’s words, his hips began moving harder and faster. He could feel the base of his cock tighten as he pounded his mom’s pussy like a jackhammer. Julie spread her legs as wide as she could and pulled her knees up to accept as much of his thick rod as she could give her, and as she urged him on, saying, “Cum for me… cum for me my baby,” he made one last thrust, and exploded inside her.

“Oh God Mom…. AAHHHH,” Tyler cried out as he began emptying his balls into his mother’s cunt. She could feel his warm cum splashing against her cervix as he pumped his fluid of life deep inside her. Tears rolled down her cheeks as the last vestiges of her son’s virginity were injected into her body, spurt by spurt, causing a feeling of closeness she couldn’t describe.

Now it was Jamie’s turn. Charlotte never released Julie’s hand as her son began fucking her harder and deeper. His dark hair hung down over his forehead, and a light sheen of perspiration covered his shoulders as his hips began moving with greater earnest. He was grunting with each thrust now, and Charlotte could feel his hard young dick penetrating her body even deeper.

Charlotte began tightening the muscles deep in her cunt, squeezing her son’s hard shaft as he fucked her, and the sensation was pushing him to the edge. He had thought that a warm, wet mouth on his cock was the best thing he had ever felt, but a velvety soft pussy gripping his tool was a feeling too good to comprehend… especially because it was his mom’s.

Charlotte’s full round ass was lifting off of the mattress as she met every one of Jamie’s thrusts, opening her cunt even wider as she prepared to accept her son’s offering, and he suddenly cried out, “I’m gonna… oh God Mom… I’m cummmmiiiinnnnggggg!!!”

“That’s it honey… that’s it,” Charlotte said, urging him on as she wrapped her legs around her son’s hips, feeling his ass move up and down as he filled her pussy with powerful jets of young cum.

“Unngghh… unngghh… unngghh,” Jamie grunted with each spasm as his balls emptied their contents deep in her cunt. Like Julie, Charlotte could actually feel the warm liquid painting her insides. Then with one last twitch of his cock, he collapsed on top of her, totally spent.

As their sons faded into a post orgasmic swoon, Charlotte and Julie looked at each other. They were still holding hands as tears rolled down their cheeks, and they both understood why. Even though neither of them had reached their own climax, they had never felt so satisfied, because in their hearts, they knew they had just given their sons the most wonderful gift possible, they had given them their manhood.

Jamie and Tyler slowly came back to their senses, and as they did they could both see the tears in their mothers’ eyes, and it was Jamie who said, “Mom, are you alright?”

Charlotte blinked away the tears and said, “Yes honey, I’m just a little overwhelmed by the moment,” and then she added, “Did you enjoy your first time?”

“It was amazing mom, better than I ever thought it could be,” Jamie replied as his own tears welled.

Charlotte took her handsome son’s face in her hands and pulled it towards her own, and then she kissed him lightly on the lips and said, “I love you honey.”

“I love you too mom,” Jamie said as he hugged his mother tightly.

Julie was also trying to control her emotions as she had loving moment with her son, and as she kissed him gently, she said, “So are you still glad I was your first?”

“I’ll remember this for the rest of my life mom… I love you,” Tyler said as a lump formed in his throat.

“And I’ll always love you Tyler,” Julie said as they hugged.

Both boys lifted themselves from their mom’s bodies and lay down on either side of them, with the women in the middle… and as the two mothers turned to face each other, still holding hands, Julie whispered, “I love you Char.”

“I love you too Jules,” Charlotte said as she stroked her friend’s beautiful face with her fingertips.

Then the two women kissed tenderly, and the four of them drifted off to sleep.

Jamie had a series of sex dreams about his mom and Dr. Alexander that night. The blowjobs he had gotten from both women, his first taste of pussy, and of course, losing his virginity to his mom had spurred the most erotic dreams, but he was so exhausted that he managed to sleep through the night. Then as he began to awake, he started to wonder if any of it had actually happened, or if it all had just been a horny teenager’s very vivid, very erotic, very detailed dream.

Still groggy, he started to rub the sleep from his eyes, but as lucidity returned to his mind, he realized two things… first, he was not in his own bed, and second, there was a very real feeling of warmth and wetness surrounding his morning erection, and at that moment he knew it had definitely not been a dream.

Now fully consciousness, Jamie looked down to see a lump in the covers bobbing up and down over his crotch, and he could feel the incredible sensation of soft lips, a wet mouth, and a talented tongue working on his near-bursting dick, and he realized was being awaken with a blowjob.

When Jamie looked to his right, he could see Tyler was still sleeping, with another lump bobbing up and down over his crotch, and he immediately knew his slumbering friend was getting a wake-up blowjob too. But when the teenager tried to lift the covers to see if it was his mom or Dr. Alexander sucking his cock, his fellatrix held the material in place… denying him access.

Jamie woke up with a ‘pee boner’ every morning, as did just about every male, and he was always fascinated at how it seemed even harder than erections he would get at other times. And this morning he found it was also more sensitive, and as the soft mouth glided up and down his stalk, he started to groan as he felt his first orgasm of the day beginning to brew.

Jamie’s moaning began to wake Tyler from his slumber, and as the teenager’s mind began to clear, he felt the suction on his dick and groaned, “What’s going… oh jeeez.”

Once Tyler realized what was happening, he also tried to lift the covers to see which mom was sucking his stiff pole, but he met the same resistance that Jamie had met. After the boys tried to lift the blanket again and failed, Tyler groaned and said, “I guess they don’t want us to know which one is which.”

Not knowing which beautiful mom was sucking their raging pricks only added to the incredibly erotic situation for both teens. They could see the heads begin to rise and fall even faster under the covers, and knew it wouldn’t be much longer before they were depositing what they both hoped would be the first of many loads into the anonymous woman’s sucking mouth.

Jamie’s orgasm was building fastest, and as he looked towards Tyler, he groaned, “I think… I think my mom is doing it to me.”

Tyler groaned as his anonymous woman’s hand began rubbing his balls, and then he said, “I think you’re right… I think this is my mom too.”

Neither woman was giving up their secret, but the boys knew they would find out soon enough as their mystery cocksuckers wrapped a hand around their twitching shafts and began stroking in rhythm with their mouths.

“I’m getting close,” Jamie groaned as the new sensation intensified his pleasure. Then the woman sucking him began using her tongue to massage the spot right behind the head of his prick. He could feel the muscles in his groin and rectum tightening, and then as the mystery mom plunged her head downward and swallowed his sensitive organ, he exploded.

“That’s it… I’m CUMMIINNNGGGGG,” Jamie screamed as every muscle deep in his pelvis went into a series of pleasurable spasms. He could feel the base of his cock flexing as the contents of his replenished balls bubbled up through his pulsing stalk, stimulating every supercharged nerve ending before exploding into the mouth of whichever woman was sucking his spewing dick.

Watching and hearing his friend cum, and still not being certain who was sucking his own dick was more than the other Tyler could handle, and as he listened to Jamie’s orgasm tear through him, he groaned, “Yes, yes… AGGHHHH!!”

The teen thrust his hips upward, lifting his ass off the mattress as he tried to push his spurting prick into his anonymous cocksucker’s throat. Waves of pleasure rushed through his body as his shaft jerked over and over, and each contraction was accompanied by another grunt from deep in his chest, and another creamy dollop of young jizz spurting into the mouth of his unknown fellatrix.

Both teenagers could feel his personal blowjob artist milking the last dregs of sperm from his twitching erection. As their bodies relaxed, and the feeling of post-orgasmic paralysis washed over them, they slumped back onto the bed and waited to find who had given them so much pleasure. Then the covers were slowly pulled back, revealing which mom had sucked which cock.

Jamie was surprised to see it was Dr. Alexander, and not his mom, nursing his shrinking organ. She raised her head and smiled at him, but she kept her lips sealed, holding some of his sperm in her mouth. Then Charlotte’s face came into view, looking up at Tyler from between his legs. She too had a smile on her face as she kept some of his load in her mouth. Then the two moms kissed, and in what had become their own special ritual, shared the remnants of their sons’ creamy treat before swallowing.

“Good morning,” both Charlotte and Julie said with victorious smiles on their faces as they looked up at their sons, still comatose from the orgasms the women had just sucked from them.

“G’morning,” both boys managed to groan as they started to regain their strength.

The women laughed at how their oral talents had left their sons temporarily incoherent, and then Julie said, “Okay, why don’t you two get up and go brush your teeth, and then come downstairs… Mrs. Bradley and I are going to go down and fix breakfast.”

Both teenagers were hungry as usual, so they grumbled “Okay.”

Then Charlotte said, “Oh, and don’t bother putting any clothes on… Dr. Alexander and I decided we’re going to just stay naked all day today.”

Neither teen had to be sold on the idea of seeing the two hot moms naked all day, so they quickly agreed, and then they watched their mothers’ gorgeous behinds as they left the room.

As their moms were downstairs cooking breakfast, Jamie and Tyler just lay in the bed for a while, each contemplating all the events of the last couple of days. Then it was Jamie who said, “So did you ever think anything like this would ever happen with your mom?”

“No… how about you,” Tyler replied.

“Not in a million years,” Jamie answered with a laugh.

Then Tyler said, “I know we both said we always thought our moms were pretty, but before this week, had you ever, you know… fantasized about your mom THAT way?”

Jamie paused for a second, not sure if he should answer, but after thinking about how much they had shared the past few days, he felt he could share anything with Tyler, so he said, “Yeah, I guess I’ve had fantasies about my mom, but I think it was because she was the only woman I had a chance to see naked.” Then he added, “What about you?”

“Yeah, I have too, but I guess any guys our age would fantasize about them… they really are hotter than most moms,” Tyler said, and then he asked, “Jamie, do you think what we are doing is… um, wrong?”

Jamie shrugged his shoulders and said, “It doesn’t feel like it,” but then as he contemplated Tyler’s question, he added, “I mean like our moms said, this is just a one-time thing, and we just have to remember that when this weekend is over, things have to go back to the way they were.”

“Do you think you can do that,” Tyler asked.

“We have to,” Jamie said, and then he added, “I mean even though we think there’s nothing wrong with it, I guess our moms could get in trouble if anyone found out, and that wouldn’t be good.”

“Yeah,” Tyler agreed, “your mom works at the university and my mom’s a doctor, so that could really be bad for them… so I guess we just have to enjoy today, and then just act like it never happened.”

Both teenagers sighed with disappointment as they knew that eventually the day was going to end, but they shook hands, promising that they would never share what had happened, and they would always do whatever they could to protect their moms. Then, as they began getting out of bed, Jamie said, “I don’t care what the rules are, I think we’re the luckiest guys in the world to have moms like ours.”

“Me too,” Tyler agreed, and with that, they headed downstairs for breakfast.

When the boys walked into the kitchen, they were greeted by the sight of their naked moms preparing breakfast, acting like it was just another day. Julie was busy at the stove, cooking scrambled eggs for their sons, while Charlotte was cutting up some fresh fruit for her and Julie. There was also a pan of bacon in the oven, and an assortment of bagels and breads being toasted.

“Well hello their sleepyheads,” Julie said as the boys stood in the doorway.

Charlotte turned and saw the boys standing there, with their teenage dicks now hanging limply in front of them, and she laughed and said, “Jules, we may have worn them out… I think this is the first time that neither of them has had an erection since yesterday morning.”

All four of them laughed, and then Julie said, “So how did you guys like your wakeup call this morning?”

At first neither boy said anything, but then Tyler’s sense of humor kicked in as he said, “I’d never complain about getting up for school if somebody woke me up like that every morning.”

They all laughed hysterically, and the Julie said, “Well you’d better find a girlfriend before September, because you know the rules Buster.”

“I know, I know… things have to go back to the way they were tomorrow, you don’t have to remind us,” Tyler said in a disappointed tone as he and Jamie sat down at the breakfast bar.

Julie sensed her son’s frustration, and as she walked over to put some fluffy scrambled eggs on their plates, she kissed him on the head and said, “Don’t be sad honey, you know why we have to do this,” and then she kissed Jamie too and said, “And it isn’t because we don’t love you.”

Charlotte was right behind Julie with a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice, and after pouring each teen a glass, she kissed them both and said, “But remember… we still have the rest of today.”

“We know… Tyler and me just talked about it upstairs, and we understand why it has to be this way,” Jamie said as he scooped up some scrambled eggs and shoveled them into his mouth.

“Yeah, we know that it could be pretty bad for you anyone knew about this, so Jamie and I promised that after today, we will never bring it up again… but it’s still been the best weekend of our lives,” Tyler added as he dug into his plate.

Charlotte and Julie looked at each other with mouths agape, and tears filled their eyes again as they marveled at how their little boys had grown into such mature young men. At that moment, any guilt or regret they had vanished, and it was replaced by enormous pride in the men their sons had become.

One thing Jamie and Tyler had discovered was that sex increased the appetite, and as they polished off the last of the bacon and eggs, Tyler asked, “So what are we going to do today?”

“Well, it’s going to be another beautiful day, so we thought we would just hang by the pool,” Julie replied.

Then Charlotte added, “Plus we might still have some surprises in store for you today.”

“What surprises,” both boys asked, and then Jamie said, “We thought last night was the big surprise for the weekend.”

“Well that was the biggest one, but we still have a thing or two up our sleeves… if we were wearing sleeves,” the naked doctor replied with a laugh.

Tyler and Jamie both wondered what else there could be as they helped their moms clear the breakfast dishes, and then Julie said, “Okay, why don’t we all do our morning routines, and then we’ll meet out by the pool… Jamie, you can use the shower in the guest room… Charlotte, you can use mine.”

“Showers,” Jamie said with a puzzled look on his face, and then he added, “If we are going swimming, why do we need showers?”

Charlotte answered his question by walking up to him, taking his flaccid penis in her hand, and as she stroked it back to life she said, “Because if me and Dr. Alexander are going to put these in our mouths again today, we want them to be squeaky clean.”

“Okay, showers it is…” Tyler said, and then he practically ran to his room, causing the two women to laugh. Then after loading the dishwasher, Julie and Charlotte headed back to the master suite.

When they were back in the room where they had taken their sons’ virginity just hours before, Charlotte said, “Jules, do you want to take your shower, or do you want me to go first?”

Julie walked up to her friend, and as her hands cupped the beautiful brunette’s pendulous breasts, she said, “Well I thought we would take one together of course,” before gently kissing her on the lips.

“Mmmmm,” Charlotte moaned into Julie’s mouth as they kissed each other. Then her hands slid down her friend’s back until they were cupping her buttocks. As she squeezed her friend’s firm derriere, she broke their kiss and said, “God Jules, I love your ass.”

Julie filled her own hands with Charlotte’s fleshier butt cheeks as she said, “You’re the one with the perfect ass, Char.” Then she took her friend by the hand and led her to the shower.

The dual shower heads gave each woman plenty of warm water as they each began soaping their own bodies. Then Charlotte began washing her friend’s back, amazed at how fit her body was. Julie let out a satisfied sigh as Charlotte rubbed the slippery soap into her skin… starting at her shoulders, and then working her way down until once again she was caressing her amazing ass. Then Charlotte surprised Julie when she slipped a soapy finger into her butt crack and began stroking her sensitive anus.

“Ohhh,” Julie cried out, a little surprised by the sudden probing of her nether region, but not objecting in the least. Then Charlotte began applying pressure, and as Julie relaxed, she felt her friend’s invading digit penetrate the tight ring of flesh and muscle. Then she felt the Charlotte’s other hand come from behind her and begin massaging one of her breasts as her soapy finger began slowly fucking her asshole.

Julie groaned as Charlotte carefully fingered her tight sphincter, causing her to ask, “Are you okay Jules?”

“Uh huh,” the beautiful blonde answered as she bent slightly, letting Charlotte’s finger penetrate her a little deeper, and then she said, “I’m just not used to having something in there.”

Charlotte was a little surprised to hear Julie say that, so she asked, “Jules… does that mean you’ve never had anal sex?”

“No, I never have,” Julie groaned as the initial discomfort from Charlotte’s penetrating finger began to transform into an extremely pleasurable sensation. Then she stammered a bit as she said, “Clark has put a finger in… in my ass when… when he was going down on me… but I’ve… I’ve never had a… a man’s cock in my ass.”

As Julie gasped for words, Charlotte’s could tell her arousal was overheating, so she slid her free hand over her friend’s flat tummy and smooth mound until it cupped her womanhood. Then as she fingered Julie’s puckered anus with one hand, the fingers of the other found her hard clit.

“Oh fuck Char, how do you do this to me… you’re gonna make me cum,” Julie groaned as she fell back against Charlotte’s naked body, feeling her huge breasts pressing into her back.

Charlotte softly kissed the back of Julie’s neck, but then she suddenly pulled her fingers from her wet pussy and tight asshole. The beautiful doctor’s body was shaking with frustration as her friend abandoned her on the brink of orgasm, but when Charlotte whispered, “Well Jules, I’ve never had a cock in my ass either, and that gives me an idea,” the blonde was all ears.

The boys had finished their showers and were already in the pool when their mothers finally appeared on the deck. As usual, both women were carrying their essentials… a towel, sunscreen, magazines, and an adult beverage. Since it was Sunday brunch time, mimosas were the drink of choice.

As they approached their sons, Julie said, “You had me so close in the shower… my pussy is still on fire.”

Charlotte giggled and said, “Sorry Jules.”

“Oh I’m not complaining… I love how you turn me on,” Julie said, and then she added, “But now a part of me wants to finish our plan, and part of me wants you to finish what you started.”

Charlotte giggled and said, “You really have become a nymphomaniac, haven’t you.”

“Well you made me that way,” Julie quickly replied before they were in earshot of the boys.

Even though the weekend had already been a non-stop barrage of sexual activity, both Jamie and Tyler were amazed at how they weren’t the least bit tired of seeing their beautiful mothers naked. In fact, just the sight of their amazing bodies already had their well-used young dicks swelling again.

For the rest of the morning and early afternoon, the two women and their teenage sons had a ball together. They played pool volleyball, had chicken fights where each mom got on her son’s shoulders and tried to push the other off, and then they changed partners. Then Jamie and Tyler had races to see which one was the fastest swimmer while their moms sat on the deck and cheered them on.

As the boys threw a football back and forth, Charlotte said, “Hey guys, we just talked, and we think we came up with a contest for you… the first one to swim four lengths of the pool wins the prize.”

“What’s the prize,” both boys asked, almost in unison.

Julie smiled and said, “We decided that if Jamie wins, he gets to have sex with me, and if Tyler wins, he gets to have sex with Mrs. Bradley.”

“Wow,” the boys exclaimed, not thinking that was an option since it was never mentioned.

The boys took their places at one end of the pool, and as Julie said, “On your marks… get set… GO!” they both began a sprint to the other end of the pool.

Jamie broke out to an early lead, but Tyler was reserving his strength, knowing they needed to go from one end to the other four times. By the time they made the second turn, Tyler had caught his friend, and when they made the third and final turn, he had a pretty good lead. Jamie never gave up, but Tyler was simply the better swimmer, and touched the wall well ahead of his friend.

“YES,” Tyler screamed as he raised his arms triumphantly… not believing he was actually going to get to fuck Mrs. Bradley. And even though Jamie was dejected that he had lost his chance to fuck a woman he had fantasized about for years, he still had the sportsmanship to congratulate his friend on a good race.

Both women could see the joy on Tyler’s face, and the disappointment on Jamie’s as the boys swam towards them. And as they got to the wall, Charlotte said, “Are you okay Jamie?”

“Yeah sure,” he replied dejectedly, and then he added, “Tyler won the race fair and square.”

Tyler felt bad for his friend, and was going to offer a rematch when his mom said, “Well congratulations Tyler, I know you and Mrs. Bradley will have fun… but Jamie, you do get the second prize.”

“What’s the second prize,” he asked, a little confused.

Julie smiled at her long-time admirer and said, “You get to have sex with the winner’s mom.”

“YES” both boys hollered as they high-fived each other, causing both women to have a great rush of pride as they realized that both of their sons seemed happier for his friend than for himself.

Tyler and Jamie climbed out of the pool and approached their moms with their penises already erect with anticipation. When they got to where the women were sitting, Charlotte and Julie each grabbed a big fluffy towel and began drying their soon-to-be lover.

Jamie stood silently with his six-plus inches of hard teenage cock bobbing in front of Dr. Alexander’s face as she dried him off. Then he groaned, “Ohhhhhh,” as without saying a word, she leaned forward and took it in her mouth yet again, gently sucking on the pulsing column of flesh.

Not to be outdone, Charlotte also took Tyler’s slightly larger prick into her mouth. The handsome boy groaned out loud as the beautiful woman with the incredible breasts began using her full red lips and talented tongue to tease his bloated cock.

After sucking the boys for a few minutes, just to heighten their level of desire, Julie released her young patient’s stiff rod from her mouth and said, “I think we should go back to the master bedroom.”

The boys didn’t need to be invited a second time as each mom took her prize-winning swimmer by the hand and led him into the house. Once in the bedroom, Julie had Jamie lie on his back, and Charlotte did the same with Tyler, and then the women began sucking their cocks again.

“That feels so good,” Jamie sighed as his longtime doctor glided her mouth up and down his swollen shaft. He could feel her tongue circling the glans as she sucked him, causing his whole body to clench.

Charlotte was doing the same to Tyler until she suddenly pulled her mouth from his twitching organ and said, “So how would you guys like to try some new positions?”

Neither boy had to be asked twice as they enthusiastically nodded their heads, and even though they didn’t want their blowjobs to end, they couldn’t wait to find out what their moms had in store for them… and they didn’t have to. Charlotte quickly threw her one leg over Tyler and straddled him, and Julie did the same to Jamie, then each woman held her young charge’s organ straight up, aligned it with her dripping pussy, and impaled herself.

Four voices groaned in unison as the boys’ cocks penetrated the women’s cunts. This was a moment that Jamie had fantasized about for years when he jerked off his adolescent prick, never thinking it would come true… but now here he was, looking up at his doctor’s beautiful face and amazing body, before letting his eyes traveled down to where her soft cunt lips were wrapped around his hard shaft.

And while Tyler may not have fantasized about Mrs. Bradley for years, he was taken by her beauty and sexuality the moment he met her. He remembered seeing her sunbathing in the nude with his mom and being mesmerized by her incredible breasts. Now they were hanging over him, and as she began riding his hard shaft, he filled his hands with the huge globes of soft flesh.

Charlotte and Julie were fucking each other’s son in a slow and deliberate motion, and they could each feel their young bucks matching their rhythm, thrusting up to meet each pussy stroke, and as the teens felt their balls beginning to tighten, Charlotte said, “Are you guys ready to try doggie style?”

Both teens nodded, so the women climbed off their joysticks and got to their hands and knees, and then the boys instinctively moved behind them. Jamie looked down at Dr. Alexander’s incredible ass, and Tyler did the same with Mrs. Bradley. They could see their tiny puckered sphincters, and right below was their wet pussy lips, waiting to be mercifully invaded again by their hard pricks.

Jamie was the first to move as he wrapped his hand around his swollen cock and aimed it at Dr. Alexander’s gaping cunt, then he scooted forward and pressed the rubbery knob against the wet outer lips, and with one decisive thrust he buried himself deep inside his beautiful physician.

“Uunngghhhh,” Julie grunted as her young lover’s cock drove deep inside her until his hips slapped against her ass, and his balls bumped her clit. Then she cried out, “Oh yesssss,” as Jamie began pounding his cock in and out of her cunt.

That inspired Tyler to make his move. He rested his left hand on Mrs. Bradley’s ample butt cheek to brace himself, and used the other to hold his swollen purple cockhead against her opening… and then he violently thrust his hips forward, burying his member balls deep in her soft, wet pussy.

“Oh God Tyler… FUCK MEEEEE,” Mrs. Bradley screamed unabashedly as her best friend’s son began feeding his cock into her tight sex in long, deliberate strokes. Both of his hands were now filled with her thick hips, holding her in place as he slammed his prick into her fiery red cunt again and again. Charlotte’s fleshy ass cheeks rippled each time his hips crashed into them, and he could see his shaft shining with her each time he extracted it, only to have it disappear into her depths again.

The sounds and smells of raw sex began to fill the room, adding a new element of arousal to the four of them. Both women had reached back between their legs and were stroking their clits as the young cocks violated their bodies. Neither woman had climaxed when they took their sons’ virginity the night before, and this time they were going to get theirs… but suddenly Charlotte said, “Wait.”

“What do you mean wait?” Julie asked as Jamie kept his cock firmly stuffed inside her aching cunt.

Charlotte didn’t say anything, but quickly pulled herself from Tyler’s hard dick, turned her body around and lay on her back, sliding underneath Julie until they were in a sixty-nine position. Now Julie knew what her friend was doing, and she said, “Tyler, move down here between Mrs. Bradley’s legs.

Jamie never disengaged his erection from Dr. Alexander as he watched his friend move to kneel between his mom’s legs. Then Julie took her son’s cock in her hand and placed the puffy head against Charlotte’s seeping gash, and with one thrust Tyler buried himself in her dripping gash again.

As Tyler fucked her, Charlotte’s looked up to see Julie’s pussy, with Jamie’s cock still buried in it, only inches above her face. Jamie started thrusting into Dr. Alexander again, and as he did, Charlotte began lapping at her swollen clit. She would also use her tongue to swab her son’s slick shaft when it would pull out of her cunt.

Unfortunately Julie could not lick Charlotte’s pussy without her head getting in Tyler’s way as he fucked her, so she used her fingers to rub her friend’s hard little orgasm trigger. She could hear Charlotte moan from underneath her as Tyler pounded away at her pussy. She could also feel Charlotte’s tongue lashing at he own clit as Jamie’s cock filled her cunt again and again.

Tyler may have won their race in the pool, but it looked like Jamie was going to reach the orgasm finish line first. The combination of Dr. Alexander’s cunt gripping his cock and his mom’s tongue licking his shaft were taking their toll, and he could already feel his balls pulling up towards his body. Watching his friend’s cock thrusting into his mom’s pussy again and again was also adding to his arousal, and suddenly he screamed, “I can’t hold it Dr. Alexander… I’m cumminnggg!”

Jamie slammed his cock deep in Julie’s body, and Charlotte could actually see the muscles behind his balls contracting as they propelled millions of tiny sperm into her friend’s inflamed cunt. “Oh fuck… oh fuck,” he grunted, not even caring if his mother could hear him cursing as he consummated a lifelong dream. For years he would shoot his jizz onto his belly as he fantasized about cumming inside Dr. Alexander, and now her silky smooth vaginal walls were being coated by a thick batch of his hot spunk.

Seeing Jamie cum inside his mom lit Tyler’s fuse, and he began wildly fucking Mrs. Bradley. Julie started frigging her friend’s clit even faster as her son hammered away at her Charlotte’s cunt, causing her kegel muscles to tighten around Tyler’s flesh piston. The feeling of her pussy gripping him like a vise was finally too much for the teen to handle, and with one last thrust, Tyler exploded.

“AGGGGHHHHHHHH,” Tyler screamed incoherently as his prick began jerking deep in Mrs. Bradley’s twat, flooding her womanhood with his rich, creamy load. He looked down to see her swollen wet cunt lips gripping his shaft as he came inside her. The muscles in her vaginal walls continued to clamp down on his dick, making it feel even tighter as his spunk filled her belly.

The boys could feel their cocks being milked until there was no sperm left in their spent organs, and the deflating columns of flesh slipped from their lovers’ well fucked pussies. The women were still in the sixty-nine position, and as their sons fell back onto the bed, Julie lowered her dripping gash onto Charlotte’s face, and then glued her mouth to her friend’s leaking slit.

Both women began licking and sucking her friend’s cum filled cunt. Since Charlotte was on the bottom, she had a steady stream of Jamie’s sticky sperm and Julie’s sweet nectar leaking into her mouth. The mixture of juices flowing over her tongue had her pussy on fire, and when Julie began vibrating her tongue onCharlotte’s magic bean, she came.

Charlotte kept her mouth plastered to her friend’s leaking cunt, muffling the scream that emanated from deep in her throat as Julie licked her to orgasm. The contractions deep in Charlotte’s pussy squeezed more of Tyler’s sperm and her own syrupy juices into Julie’s mouth, and the beautiful doctor greedily devoured the contents.

As Charlotte’s orgasm began to fade, she focused her efforts on getting her friend off. Julie was savoring the tasty cocktail of Charlotte’s pussy juice and her own son’s sweet cum as she felt her friend’s tongue starting to swirl around her clit. The beautiful blonde could feel her insides churning, and as Charlotte sucked her hard clitoris between her lips, Julie’s cunt suffered an orgasmic meltdown.

“Mmmppphhh,” she grunted into Charlotte’s groin as the muscles deep in her pelvis began to convulse wildly. Julie could actually see stars as Charlotte’s tongue lashed at her clit, and her climax was so intense that the muscle spasms forced the rest of Jamie’s spunk to squirt from her pussy and cover Charlotte’s face.

Both women kept their mouths latched onto her friend’s womanhood, sucking as much of the sweet juices from them as they could. Charlotte hands gripped Julie’s perfect ass cheeks, pulling them down as she kept tonguing her friend’s drenched pussy, and Julie pushed Charlotte’s legs wide apart as she slid her tongue up and down the buxom brunette’s soaked labia.

As their orgasms finally faded, Julie raised her pussy up, and the boys could see Charlotte’s beautiful face was covered with a mixture of Julie’s pussy secretions and Jamie’s thick jizz. Julie’s lips and chin were also coated in a slippery mix of Charlotte’s cunt honey and Tyler’s pearlescent sperm. Julie turned herself until her face was above Charlotte’s, and then she leaned over and kissed her.

The combination of two different pussy juices and two different loads of sperm had created a four-layer parfait that the woman savored together. The slippery, sticky, gooey, creamy mix coated both of their tongues, and the salty sweetness was better than any wine they had ever tasted.

When the last remnants of the four orgasms had been consumed by the women, Julie said, “I think I need another shower.”

All four of them climbed into Julie’s huge shower, only this time it was for the sole purpose of showering. When they were done and dried off, Jamie looked at his mom and said sadly, “So, does this mean the weekend is done?”

Julie and Charlotte looked at each other and smiled, and then Charlotte said, “Not quite… we have one more surprised for you two.”

Then Julie quickly chimed in and said, “Well actually two.”

The boys looked at each other a little puzzled, wondering what else there could be, but they certainly weren’t going to argue, so they both said, “Okay.”

With that, the four of them went back out to the pool. Before long, the boys were fast asleep on chaises. Julie and Charlotte also took quick catnaps in the warm sun, letting the boys’ recharge their batteries. When they all awoke, Julie said, “How about for dinner, we do burgers for the boys and I have some beautiful salmon I can grill for us Char.”

Julie’s suggestion met with no objections, so she and Charlotte, still naked as the day they were born, went into the kitchen and started getting things ready,

After they ate and cleaned up the dishes, Julie poured some wine for her and Charlotte, and some iced tea for the boys, and then they headed back out to the deck. As they sat having their drinks, Charlotte finally broke the silence when she said, “So guys, what have you thought of the weekend so far?”

Jamie looked at his mom, still amazed at how beautiful she looked, and said, “The only bad part about it is that it has to end.”

“Yeah, it’s been perfect,” Tyler added, swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat.

“Well we’re glad you guys understand why it has to end,” Julie asked as she fought back her own tears.

Neither boy said a word, but they both nodded. Then Charlotte said, “So we’ve done an awful lot this weekend, and I’m sure you guys are a little tired, even for your age,” and then as she pointed at their limp dicks she said, “But do you think those things will get hard one more time?”

Tyler laughed and said, “Hey, I’ve only had two orgasms… that’s a slow day.”

They all laughed, and then Jamie asked, “Is this one of the surprises you were talking about?”

The women looked at each other, wondering who was going to take the lead, and Charlotte gave a nod towards Julie who said, “Well last night, me and Mrs. Bradley took your virginity… how about if today you take ours?”

The boys looked at each other, totally confused, and then Tyler the comedian said, “I know I’m not a doctor like you mom, but it’s my opinion that neither of you are virgins.”

Both women laughed hysterically, and then Charlotte said, “Have you guys heard of anal sex?”

This got their attention, and Jamie asked, “You mean, ummmm, like… in the butt?”

Charlotte smiled at her son’s awkwardness, and then she said, “I mean exactly in the butt.”

Both women noticed their sons’ limp penises were immediately showing some signs of life, and then Jamie said, “I’ve heard of it, but I still don’t understand what that has to do with your virginity.”

Julie sat next to Tyler and traced her finger along his growing penis and she said, “Well Mrs. Bradley and I were talking it the shower earlier, and we found out that neither one of us has ever had anal sex.”

Then Charlotte said, “And since it’s probably the only thing that both of us have never experienced, we thought that it might be a nice way to finish the weekend.”

The boys still had a bit of a blank look on their faces, even though their dicks were fully erect again, so Charlotte finally said, “Boys, neither of us have ever had anal sex, but we both want to try it, so we thought you might want to be our first.”

“Oh… so since we’d be the first to do that, we’d be taking your virginity,” Tyler said, finally getting what the women meant as his mom wrapped her hand around his dick.

“That’s right, it’s the last virginity Mrs. Bradley and I have, and we want to give it to you,” Julie said as she leaned over and kissed the head of her son’s rebooted erection.

The boys were overcome by the significance of what their mothers were offering. Both of them loved the idea of yet another new sexual experience, but the fact that they were about to be given a gift that no other man had been given caused a surge of emotions in the teenagers, and they both hugged their moms tightly.

As the women took their sons by the hands and led them to the master suite again, Tyler and Jamie couldn’t help but admire their moms’ behinds… marveling at their perfection, and knowing that they were about to boldly go where no man had gone before.

The foursome climbed onto the huge bed one last time together, and then paired off, with Charlotte kissing her son deeply, and Julie doing the same with Tyler. Then without saying anything, they switched, and Dr. Alexander and Jamie began making out, as did Mrs. Bradley and Tyler. Both women had a handful of newly hardened cock as they kissed the other’s son, then Charlotte looked at Jamie and said, “Why don’t you scoot over there and relax for a minute.”

Jamie wasn’t sure what was happening, but he sat back against the headboard, and then watched as his mom lay on one side of Tyler, and Dr. Alexander lay on the other. Then they both leaned over his lap and began kissing his dick.

“Oh wowwwww,” Tyler groaned as both women began running their tongues up and down his shaft. Then he groaned as his mom took the head of his prick in her mouth, while Mrs. Bradley began licking and sucking his balls.

Two mouths on him at once had Tyler rushing towards the summit. First one woman would take his dick in her mouth as the other licked his balls, and then they would switch. Over and over they repeated this pattern until he finally groaned, “Mom, you guys have to stop or I’m gonna cum.”

Both women quickly released his cock and moved over to where Jamie was lying, and as they got on either side of him, Tyler said, “Dude, you are going to love this.”

Jamie watched as his mom sucked his swollen purple knob into her mouth while Dr. Alexander’s head slipped between his legs and tongued his balls, and then they switched, and then they switched again, just as they had done with Tyler, until Jamie finally said, “I don’t think I can hold back much longer.”

The women reluctantly released Jamie’s cock, and Julie reached into her nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. Then she looked at Jamie and Tyler and said, “Okay, are you ready to take our virginity?”

Jamie and Tyler nodded, and then Julie opened the cap and squirted some into her palm before doing the same to Charlotte. Then each mom began applying the slippery fluid to her son’s erection, stroking the liquid over the swollen helmet, and then up and down the hard shaft… feeling it get warmer as they did.

“My God, you’re so hard baby,” Charlotte said as she stroked Jamie’s erect cock.

“Mmmmm, you too Tyler,” Julie agreed as she smeared the slippery fluid onto his son’s organ.

As the women kept stroking the lube up and down their sons raging pricks, Tyler laughed nervously and said, “Mom, if you keep rubbing me, you’re going to have more than just that lube stuff on your hand.”

“You too mom,” Jamie croaked as his cum began to surge, so both women reluctantly released their son’s cocks.

Charlotte and Julie wiped away the excess lube, and then got on their hands and knees. Then each son got behind his mom, and looked down to see the tiny pink hole that awaited them. Neither had even thought about anal sex, but now they were going to be the very first to put their cocks inside their moms’ beautiful behinds. It was the perfect mix of a loving gesture and a scene out of a porn movie.

As the boys caressed their mothers’ amazing asses, Julie handed Tyler the lube and said, “Now both of you put some of this on your middle finger to get it real slippery, and squirt some on our bum holes and smear it around… and then slowly push your finger inside. You have to be gentle, because if you just jam something in there, you could hurt us, so you need to loosen it a little first.”

Tyler squirted an ample amount of the warm, slippery fluid onto his finger, and then some on his mom’s asshole… then he gave it to Jamie, who did the same. Then they both began using their fingertips to massage the slippery fluid around their mothers’ tight sphincters.

Both women moaned with pleasure as their sons’ fingers teased the sensitive tissue. Then they both tensed a bit as Tyler and Jamie began pushing their fingers inside their rectums. Each boy watched his finger disappear into his mom’s virgin orifice knuckle by knuckle, as Julie groaned, “Go slow, boys.”

Finally each teen had his finger as deep in his mom’s ass as he could get it, and then slowly they both began fucking them in and out. Charlotte and Julie moaned in unison as the uncomfortable pressure was starting to be replaced by an incredibly pleasurable sensation of fullness.

Jamie and Tyler’s cocks were twitching as they anticipated the moment when they would penetrate their mother’s last bastion of virginity. As both women rocked back against the invading digits, their ass cheeks looked even more prominent. Then Charlotte said, “Okay Jamie… I think I’m ready.”

“I’m ready too Tyler,” Julie agreed as the boys moved into position behind their moms.

Both teenagers’ rampant cocks shined with the slippery lubricant, and when Tyler tried to hold his between his fingers and thumb it slipped out, so he had to wrap his fist around the slick shaft. Then he pressed the swollen cap against his mother’s puckered anus. As she felt the blunt end push against the tiny opening, she said, “Go slow baby,” and then prepared to accept a cock in her ass for the first time.

Tyler held his rigid penis tightly, and began pressing the rubbery head against his mother’s asshole. “Easy baby… easy,” Julie moaned as she felt his knob trying to gain entrance. At first it felt like he was trying to penetrate a brick wall as his mom’s sphincter involuntarily clamped shut, but then he hit the perfect spot, and as the lube began doing its job, he felt the tight ring of muscle begin to stretch open.

“Ohhh God Tyler… ohhhh,” Julie groaned nervously as her son’s cock began stretching her asshole. A searing pain began as the tiny orifice stretched open. She thought about telling him to stop, but instead she gritted her teeth and tried to relax and accept his thick pole. She felt him pressing forward, and then with one last push, his mom hissed, “Yesssss,” and the head of his prick was trapped in her ass.

At the same time, Jamie was rubbing the slippery head of his prick around his mom’s tight sphincter, spreading the lube with the puffy crown, and causing her to groan from the wonderful sensations. Charlotte lowered her shoulders to the mattress, pointing her amazing ass up towards the ceiling, and giving her son better access to the final opening to welcome a male organ.

Charlotte’s fleshy ass cheeks cradled the puffy head of her son’s cock as it rested against her anus. Then as he held it in place, he began pushing. Like Tyler, he felt the involuntary resistance his mom’s tight sphincter was putting up, but when he heard no objection from her, he pushed harder. All of a sudden he felt an incredible tightness start to give way.

“Oh baby… slow… oh fuck… oh… easy Jamie,” Charlotte began saying rapidly, as if saying the words faster might some way ease the stinging pain her son’s prick was causing. Then suddenly, as it felt like her asshole was about to be ripped open, Jamie’s cockhead slipped into her rectum, and the elastic ring of nerves and muscle clamped around the ridge, keeping it inside.

Once again, the women’s hands sought each other out and as their fingers locked together as their sons began slowly pushing their cocks into their waiting assholes. As Tyler began pushing deeper and deeper into his mom’s rectum, her sphincter gripped him even harder than her pussy had. He just kept slowly pushing forward, and as he did, the burning pain his mother felt began giving way to an incredible feeling of fullness, and an unexpected surge of pleasure washed over her.

Charlotte began experiencing the same transformation as Jamie’s bloated organ penetrated her anus. The discomfort she felt as her son’s prick stretched her tiny hole to its breaking point was easing, and now the nerves that had sent pain impulses to her brain had shifted gear into pleasure mode. She could feel her son’s cock filling her rectum, and as his hips finally pressed against her ass cheeks, and his dick was lodged in her to the hilt, she reached back between her legs and began stroking her own clit.

Now both teenagers began slowly fucking his mom’s ass. Julie had also reached back between her legs and begun stroking her tiny joy button as her handsome son’s hard prick began thrusting into her ass even deeper. Feeling her son’s hips slapping against her ass, and his cock invading a place that no other man had ever been had Julie rushing towards orgasm.

Jamie also began fucking his mom harder. Charlotte could feel his hands gripping her thick hips, gaining leverage as he drove his cock deeper inside of her. She was moaning out loud as one hand frigged her clit, while the other held the hand of her friend. Jamie was in her so deep that she swore his dick was going to come out of her mouth, and the obscene sound of his hips slapping against her fleshy ass cheeks was filling the room.

There was no longer any pain, only an incredible new sensation of pleasure as Tyler’s cock filled Julie’s ass. Her finger was a blur on her clit as her orgasm approached. “Harder… fuck my ass harder, baby,” she groaned as she felt her insides tightening. Tyler was slamming into her with such gusto that her face was being pushed into the mattress, but she didn’t even notice… all she wanted to do is cum.

Tyler could feel his mom’s tight sphincter gripping his shaft, and her insides wrapped around his cockhead, and the new sensation was becoming more than he could handle. Then as his mom cried out, “Oh God Tyler… you’re gonna make me cum,” he plunged his cock into her rectum and started unloading his ball.

“ARRRGGGHHHH,” Tyler screamed as his rampant prick began flexing in his mom’s ass, pumping jets of hot sperm deep into her rectum. Julie’s anus was sealed so tightly around his cock that she could feel his shaft pulsing, and the sensation triggered Julie’s own massive orgasm.

“Oh baby yes… cum in my ass, CUM IN MOMMY’S ASS…” Julie screamed as she her clit exploded, causing a ripple of uncontrollable muscle spasms deep in her own body. This time mother and son were cumming together, and Julie could feel Tyler’s hot juice spreading through her bowels as her sphincter muscles milked his spewing cock.

As the Alexander’s orgasms racked their bodies, Charlotte felt the muscles deep in her own groin starting to cramp. The sensation of her son’s cock filling her rectal cavity was totally different than anything she had ever experienced, and as she furiously frigged her clit, she groaned “Fuck me Jamie… fuck my ass!”

The teenager didn’t need any more encouragement, and he increased the speed and power of his fucking until his hips made an obscenely loud clapping noise as they slapped against his mom’s meaty derriere. Then Charlotte plunged two fingers deep into her cunt, and when she felt her son’s shaft through the membrane that separated her rectum from her vagina… she came.

“Oh Jamie… I’m… FUUUUUCCKKK,” she screamed as the most intense orgasm of her life tore through her body. Both her pussy and ass were filled at once, and it gave her a sensation she had never felt in her life. The muscle spasms deep in her groin were more powerful than she had every felt, and she was cumming so hard that a series of bright white flashes began bursting in front of her eyes.

The lock his mom’s sphincter had on his dick was more than the teenager could take, and as he looked down to see his shaft buried in his mother’s ass, he screamed, “Oh fuck mom.. here it COMES!!!”

The muscles at the base of Jamie’s cock went into a wild series of unscripted contractions, propelling the last of his thick young sperm into his mother’s ass. Charlotte and Jamie both grunted and groaned as his cock deposited his discharge into her rectum in a series of hard spurts, and she could feel the warmth of his orgasm streaming into her colon. Her son’s cock shaft twitched in her anus until his balls were empty, and he collapsed on top of her.

Suddenly the room grew quiet. Only the sound of heavy breathing could be heard as the four of them tried to catch their breaths. Both women had collapsed belly down onto the mattress, pulling their sons down by the cock with them, yet their hands were still clasped.

As they lay under the weight of their sons, the women turned their faces towards each other, and as they realized the weekend had come to an end, they looked at each other and smiled… but neither could stop the flow of tears that started again. They weren’t sure if they were tears of joy over what they had shared the last few days, or tears of sadness that it was coming to an end… and then they realized it was both.

Jamie and Tyler finally felt their cocks soften to the point where they shrank from their mothers’ asses, and as they did, both women could feel a trickle of sperm leak out and dribble over their pussies. Then their sons rolled off of them, and the two women lay on their backs between them.

For what seemed like hours, nobody said a word, afraid it might bring the moment to an end. Then Charlotte and Julie, still holding hands, looked at each other knowingly, and Charlotte said, “Well, I guess it’s time we get home.”

Now it was time for the boys to get emotional, and as his voice trembled, Tyler said, “So, is this really the last time?”

Once again, the women smiled at each other, and Julie said, “Yes Tyler, you and I will never do this again.”

Then Charlotte said, “And the same goes for us Jamie, and we are really glad you understand why it has to be that way… you really are the best sons ever.”

The look of sadness on both boys’ faces was evident, as the best weekend of their young lives had come to an end. But then Charlotte and Julie smiled at each other, and Charlotte said, “But if you remember, we did tell you both that we still had one more surprise left.”

Suddenly the teenagers’ perked up as Julie said, “Mrs. Bradley and I decided that, on occasion, when Mr. Alexander is traveling, Jamie might come over here and spend a little time with me.”

“And while Jamie is over here, we thought that Tyler might come over to our house and spend a little time with me,” Charlotte added with a smile.

Almost immediately the frowns left the boys faces. They were still a little disappointed that they would never experience a physical relationship with his own mom again, but knowing what still lie on the horizon with his friend’s mom was a consolation prize they were both happy to accept.

The Bradleys packed their weekend bags and got ready to leave. As they reached the front door, Charlotte and Julie each kissed the other’s son goodbye, knowing that they would share more experiences in the future. Then the boys gave each other a ‘b*o-hug’. And finally, Charlotte and Julie kissed each other tenderly as their sons watch.

After the two women broke their kiss, Tyler said, “I know I asked you this yesterday Mom, but are you sure you and Mrs. Bradley aren’t in love?”

The two women looked at each other and smiled, and then Julie said, “And I’ll tell you the same thing I told you yesterday… maybe we are.” Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

A Mother’s Helping Hands – Part 6

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