Daddy’s Facebook

It all started innocently enough. I merely wanted to make sure my daughter Kerri was doing okay emotionally and keep an eye on the kinds of people she was hanging out with. I didn’t really think too much about it, although I knew if she found out what I had done, she would be furious that I had violated her privacy. But I’m getting ahead of myself, so I had better start from the beginning.

I was a popular school teacher at a fairly large high school — we had approximately 2,200 students.. It wasn’t uncommon for students to graduate and still not know many of their classmates. My daughter, was one of the awkward k**s that just doesn’t seem to fit in… and she was being lost in the shuffle. She had some friends, but just wasn’t outspoken enough to stand out. I asked my colleagues how she was doing, and they didn’t even realize she was in their classes. So I was legitimately worried.

She spent a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook, but she kept her password closely guarded and often sneaked off to her room for privacy when she was online. I was worried about what she was doing, who she was talking to, and why she needed so much privacy. I decided I needed to figure it out, but I also knew that she was a computer genius so she would know if I put any keyloggers or screenshotters on her laptop.

I decided to figure out a way to set up a fake Facebook account. To begin with, I surfed the web trying to find a good candidate to be “me.” Because I wanted “girly details” and honesty, I decided to go with a girl. I randomly chose a state that seemed unlikely that anybody would know anybody there — since we were in Oregon, I chose Rhode Island. I began surfing for Facebook pictures of teenage girls in Rhode Island and when I would come across one, I would look to see how many of their pictures were public. I would need a LOT of pictures so that I could keep adding them as I went. I also needed a lot of pictures that was her by herself with no tell-tale signs that she wasn’t local — no school mascots or pro sports team logos, for example.

Soon I found a beautiful girl with easily a couple hundred pictures in a variety of situations and locations. I began storing pictures in folders in a hidden section of my Documents, and continued my research. When I saw pictures of her with one friend or with one guy, I stored them as well. I knew a situation would come up where I would need some back story. I also followed the links to a couple of her guy friends and then stored folders of their pictures as well.

Next, I began creating my backstory: My name was Emma, I was 16, we had recently moved away from the school I loved so much [the same school my daughter happened to be attending], and I had to start over. My mom and dad were divorced, they both worked, etc. My mother and I moved to Rhode Island so she could be around her family. I kept a text document so that as any stories/lies came up, I could update her profile. When I was done building this new character, the thought of trying to add someone who had no other friends came to mind. I knew that was going to be a hard sell.

Using the pictures of her friends, I created 3 other fake Facebook accounts — one girl and two boys — and did the same backstory with them. Now she had 3 other friends and would look a little less “stalker out of the blue”.

Now I was ready to start the process of finding local friends. I didn’t want to come at Kerri first because I couldn’t risk her getting suspicious, so I went to people I didn’t think she knew. I began clicking “Add friend” and then moving on to their friends. I didn’t want to risk spamming them enough to make them say, “Hey, who is this girl adding people?” so I did a few at a time. When someone would ask, “Who are you?” I would reply that I had been a student at Jefferson High School and we moved at the beginning of the year and that I was just really missing home — so I decided to start a Facebook page that was JUST stuff from home. Usually that was enough.

Eventually people would accept my request to be friends because I was friends with their friends — and before I knew it I had friends that remembered me from last year. Soon after that I began getting flirty messages from some of the guys. I was sufficiently amused. Now that I was a “student”, I went and added Kerri as a friend. At first she was reluctant and said, “Who are you and why are you adding me?” I responded with my story of how I moved away and how I really missed the school and I was adding her because I was her dads “favorite student”. We talked for a while and eventually the accepted my friend request.

I used the account to monitor things she posted for a week or so, all the while playing off of other students in my school. Sometimes they would ask me random questions or ask about Rhode Island or just need someone to chat with because they were bored. Eventually I was learning a lot about a lot of my students. I knew who was fucking who, what girl cheated on what guy, and which teachers the students thought were perverts. It was very enlightening.

One night I felt like chatting with Kerri so I “accidentally” sent a message to my her saying, “OMG I can’t stand my math teacher here! I miss Mr. Walker!” She replied, “You miss my dad?”

I said, “Oh… yeah… I meant to message my other friend. Yeah, your dad was hella cool.” That gave us the chance to start chatting and I found out that my daughter respected me a lot and that her friends liked me as a teacher as well. It was a nice ego stroke, but I really wanted to find out more about how things were going.

I asked about her “boyfriend” and what was he into and she talked about not having a boyfriend — and said she had never had a boyfriend. Eventually the topic turned to sex and she shared that she had never had sex but would like to try it some time. I explained that, “One of the reasons we had to leave was because I got in trouble. I was kind of a slut — so if you ever have questions about sex, just feel free to ask because nothing embarrasses me.” Really I was hoping to plant the seed so in the future she could ask my advice and then I [as her father] would be able to head off any “evil plans” that may occur.

But her next question threw me for a loop. She said, “Can I ask you a private question?”

“Anything.” I responded.

“Well… do you masturbate?” she asked.

“Um… yeah, all the time. How come?”, I said.

“Well, I do it a lot. Like every day. Is that normal? Sometimes even two times a day.”, she confessed.

I sat stunned for a moment. I had never really considered her to be a sexual being before. And since her mother had passed two years earlier, we never had “the sex talk.” How did she even know what masturbation was… or how to do it?

“No, hun… that’s not bad. It’s natural. I do it all the time.” I answered honestly. And as I sat there thinking about it, my dick began to grow. I said, “What sorts of things do you think about when you do it?”

She said, “I don’t know… just like wishing a guy was doing it. What do you think about?”

I don’t know what made me say this, but I was losing self control. I responded with, “Honestly? I fantasize about your dad. LOL”

She said, “WHAT?! LOL! OMG!”

“I just think it’s hot. I always wanted to do it with a teacher. LOL”, I said.

She responded with, “I never thought about it before. I don’t really think about him like a teacher. LOL why my dad?”

“Well, I just think he’s handsome and probably really lonely.” I said – now feeling a bit guilty with the direction of this conversation.

“You should come over and do him then. LOL I know he could use it. Sometimes when I’m doing laundry his sheets have lots of dried cum on them! LOL”, she typed.

Wow… she would have shared something like that with a stranger? And she had even noticed AND she knew what it was? “Gross!”, I answered. “I bet you lick the sheets! LOL!”

She said, “Ewww! No! But sometimes I take off my clothes and lay on the cum stain and rub myself. LOL”

My dick was now at full attention — and that quiet little voice in my head telling me to stop had shut up quite a while earlier.

“Have you ever done anything sexual with your dad?”, I asked — knowing the answer was a definite “no”.

“No. I wonder what it would be like? LOL”, she said.

I thought for a moment and said, “It’s not too bad. One night my dad had been drinking and fell asleep on the couch. I tried to wake him up but he didn’t move. I pulled his shoes off and went to cover him up and noticed a huge bulge in his pants. I got so curious that I undid his belt, slipped it off of him, unbuttoned his pants, and unzipped his fly. His cock was pushing at his underwear so I reached through the opening in the front and pulled his dick out of the hole. I had seen a couple boys before but my dads was huge. I couldn’t believe it.”

“OMG! You touched it?! What did it feel like?”, she asked.

“Well, yeah I touched it. I rubbed it for a minute and then I knew he would stay asleep so I started licking it.”, I continued.

“Eww! Your dads dick?! LOL”, she asked again.

“Yeah, I have done it to guys before so this wasn’t too different. So then I started going down on it and sucking him off. But I realized he was going to cum soon and I didn’t want him cumming all over his pants and trying to explain it, so I decided to swallow it all — and i did.”, I finished.

“That is the nastiest thing I ever heard… and I wish I could do it. LOL!”, she said surprising me again.

“LOL You’re bad!”, I told her wishing it was true. “I should add your dad on Facebook and make him jack off. I’ll tell you when he’s doing it so you will know. LOL”

“OMG you should do that! Totally!” she said.

The next day we set it all up. My daughter built a fake Facebook account to “trick me” into adding this girl who was supposed to be 24. She gave me — well, her “new friend” me — the username and password and set it up for me to chat with her dad.

I opened two different browsers and began my conversation — with myself. My daughter lay on the couch glancing over at me and smirking every now and then. Tapping away at her laptop she would ask her friend, “What’s he saying? How is it going? What is it like?”

I would respond, “It’s cool. He’s really nice. He’s awesome.”

Eventually it got to the point where we were talking about sex — and at this point it was really me asking myself what I was into, what I liked to do, what my fantasies were, etc. It was an awkward charade, but it seemed to be intriguing to Kerri. I pulled the blanket up onto my lap and pretended to be arranging my dick under the blanket.

“OMG what are you saying to him? I think he has his dick out?”, she asked.

“He said he’s into younger girls and loves watching girls masturbate. We’re talking but he keeps saying he wants to watch me do it!”, I lied… again.

“OMG! No way! My Daddy is a freak! LOL!” she tapped back quicker and more excitedly than she should have.

I pretended to be jacking off slowly under the blanket and tapped back with one hand.

“OMFG hes jacking off I think!”, she messaged. “This is so fucking awesome! LOL”

“For real?!”, I typed back with one hand.

“OMG I’m going to my room. I have to cum too! lol”, she tapped at me. She left the room carrying her laptop.

I typed to her, “I hate to leave him like this but my mom wants me to do the dishes. Could you help him finish?”

“What?! LOL omg thats so funny! You think I really could” she said.

I went for it and said, “Hellz yah! Log in and take it!”

I logged out of her “friends” account so she could log back in from her room and waited.

Suddenly I saw, “Emma is typing” and I knew my daughter had taken control. I waited and then saw the screen flicker alive with a message:

“Do you have a webcam? I would love to see you jack off.” she said, immediately. I was shocked.

“I do, baby. Do you?” knowing full well she couldn’t reveal herself to me.

“I do but I’m not something you would be into. I don’t have any makeup on.”, she tried.

“You can always point the camera away from your face!”, I teased.

Suddenly my Facebook notice said that Emma was trying to video chat with me. I accepted reluctantly not knowing how we were going to pull off this situation. I knew I could feign anger at her trickery — but I didn’t know for how long. When the picture opened, I could see a pink blanket pinned to a wall, a furry pink rug on the floor, and what was obviously my daughter sitting on the rug in her bra and panties — wearing a large Mardi Gras / Victorian mask covering her entire face.

I chuckled and said, “Wow, girl. You’re fancy!” She giggled and leaned in to whisper to the camera, “I can’t talk too loud because my roommate is asleep.”

I sat staring and realizing for the first time how much my little girl had grown up. Not only was she sitting there in her bra and panties, but her breasts were perfect. And she was here so she could watch me masturbate to her, while she pretended to be someone else.

I turned my webcam downward and began to uncover my hard cock. There was an audible gasp from the computer and I said, “Okay, baby… are you sure you want to do this?” “Yes!” she said too readily.

I uncovered my cock and began rubbing it up and down, watching her lean in to look at the camera. I could see that she was almost absent-mindedly rubbing her nipple through her bra with one hand while the other hand was rubbing the fabric on the front of her pussy.

“Can you cum for me so I can watch?”, she whispered.

“I can try, girl… but you gotta help me.”, I laughed.

Suddenly, before my eyes, my baby girl was unhooking her bra. Her beautiful breasts were uncovered and they were perfect. She began rubbing her little nipples and stared at the screen intently.

I began jacking off furiously and said, “You can do the same, if you want. I would love to see you.”

She said quietly, “I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

I laughed and said, “I’ve never done anything online before. Normally I just jack off by myself.”

She sat for a second and said, “Do you get much sex?”

I replied, “I haven’t had sex in two years. The closest I come to sex is jacking off in a pair of my daughters panties that I found in the hamper.”

She gasped.

“Are you okay?”, I laughed.

“Y..y…yes. Just surprised.”, she said.

She leaned back onto her back and slid her panties off over her hips, down her legs, and then onto the floor next to her. Then she spread her legs and showed me her pussy.

“That’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.”, I said quite honestly.

“Thank you.”, she replied with obvious pride in her little whispered voice.

“I see you shaved for me.”, I said, smiling.

“Of course. I like it smooth.” she flirted.

What happened next, I will never forget. She spread her labia apart and pushed a finger into her pussy, pumped it a few times, licked her fingers, and slipped two fingers in. Suddenly before me, my little girl was using 2 fingers to fuck herself. Soon she was moving so fast the camera was having trouble tracking her hand and I was matching her as best as I could. About that time I heard her start to groan and her voice got a little louder and I knew she was ready to cum. Suddenly I exploded as rope after rope of cum shot up onto my chest and hands. She let out a little shriek and clutched her pussy tight as her hips began bucking against her hands. She was cumming hard.

We both lay there for a couple minutes when she rolled over and said, “I need to get cleaned up. Can we do this again?”

I smiled at her and said, “Beautiful, you just tell me when and where.”

The screen blanked and she disconnected, and I heard her moving things around in her room.

I laid back in my chair and relaxed, knowing that I would have to get up and clean myself in a minute.

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Daddy’s Facebook

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