My New StepDaughter

I met Helen at the park one day, we were both out walking our dogs and just bumped into each other, and the instant i saw that mature 30 something blonde woman in her summer dress and sandals, i knew i was going to be with her forever.
As it turned out she was just a couple of years out of a divorce, and after some friendly chatting, she agreed to go on a date with me and the rest was history, we fell in love, moved in together a few months later, and now a year on we we’re preparing to get married.
Now we chose a church nearby for our ceremony, and to make it extra special for Helen, i paid for a top class room at the local hotel for her to stay in for the night, before our wedding, and eagerly she left with all her bags and her white dress that afternoon.
So, there we were, my bride to be in her fancy hotel room on the eve of our wedding, and me at home just trying to not get to excited and nervous, except for i wasn’t home alone, no. There was also, Amanda.
Amanda was Helen’s daughter from her first marriage, a cute friendly blonde haired teen, who looked just like her mother, only a little more petite and younger.
Anyway, due to reasons i didn’t understand, she didn’t go to the hotel with her mother and instead decided to stay with me at the house, and after an afternoon of pottering about the garden, and then a nice meal in front the television, i settled in my favourite chair to watch some sport.
It was then Amanda walked into the room wearing her white fluffy dressing gown, and then stood in the middle of the room looking at me.
“Tony!” she said addressing me.
“Yes?” i asked looking up at her.
“I just wanted to say… i’m really glad you’re marrying my mother, she’s was a little lost before she met you, and you’ve really made her feel loved again!” Amanda then said
“Well, thank you!” i replied smiling.
“I love your mother, and i’m happy i can make her happy, and feel loved too!” i then added.
“Good!” she then said.
“And because of that, i think i need to reward you!” she then said.
“Reward me? Reward me how?!” i asked a little confused.
Amanda then glanced down and began undoing her robe, before she looked up, looked me in the eyes with a big eager grin on her face, and then… let her dressing gown fall open.
I stared in disbelief because now, my blonde petite stepdaughter to be, was stood in front of me wearing a pair of white thigh high stockings, and absolutely nothing else!
She then let her dressing gown fall to the floor, and i could see her small tanned petite frame in all its glory, with her long blonde hair flowing over her shoulders, her perky B-cup boobs with their pink little nipples, flat perfectly toned stomach, and her smooth bald pussy with just a hint of blonde hair above it in a strip.
My cock instantly twitched in my jeans as i took it all in, and then she moved towards me.
“I’m going to reward you the best way possible, and ride you until you blow!” she then said with a look of lust on her face.
I sat frozen in my chair unsure what to say, or what to do? On the one hand this was my bride to be daughter, soon to be my stepdaughter, and i should have no part of whatever she had in mind, on the other hand, she was a hot young blonde willing to do whatever it was, to thank me for loving her mother, this was an act of generosity, how could i ever decide?
Well, i didn’t have to, because in the time it took for me to think all that through, she had dropped to her knees between my legs, and had begun undoing my jeans, and before i could stop her she had them undone.
As she pulled them open, my semi hard cock flopped out and with an excited little cry she took hold of it, wrapped her slim little fingers around my firming length and began jerking me.
I groaned loudly at her touch, feeling my new stepdaughter holding my cock was exciting and surprising, and instantly i think a grew another inch or so harder and thicker.
“Oh daddy! You do have a big cock!” she said in a playful way.
“No wonder mother loves you!” she then said as she continued rub my length.
Her hand raced up and down my stiff member, working me to full hardness, and after a good minute or so of playing with my length, she then leant forward, opened her mouth and engulfed my cock.
I groaned again at the sweet loving touch of my teen stepdaughter, as she began sucking on my hard cock length, and watched in amazement as her little wet lips ran up and down my shaft coating it in her saliva.
For a good few minutes her head bobbed back and forth, gobbling happily on my hard cock and slowly taking more and more of my length into her mouth, then every so often she would pull her head off my cock and just lick the tip for a bit, before going back to sucking on it again.
I was in heaven, and loving how amazing Amanda was at blow jobs, then she pulled her mouth off my cock again, before she lowered it, and began sucking on my balls, and i groaned loudly again completely lost in my own lust at her touch.
For a good few minutes Amanda sucked on my balls and jerked my hard length, all the while i sat there moaning happily, until finally she lifted her mouth from my genitals, smiled and then stood up.
Then opening her white stocking clad legs, she straddled my waist, and holding my stiff member steady she then began to lower herself down towards it.
I stared in disbelief as her smooth, bald, little pink pussy eased it’s way lower and lower towards my hard glistening length, and felt like i was in dream, or watching a porn film, either way i just couldn’t believe this was happening to me, until her little pussy made contact, and instantly i was brought back to reality.
I groaned, and so did she, as her little soft pussy lips parted and engulfed my firm cock head, and then with out hesitation she slid down and in a instant my stepdaughter was sitting on my cock.
She then sat there for a moment, impaled on my hard cock, and she stared right at me and smiled, and then slowly and steadily began to rock on my cock, before after a bit, her little arse began to rise and then fall, and now we were fucking.
That was it, there was no going back now, my stepdaughter to be, Amanda, that blonde petite cutie, was now riding my cock, and i was doing nothing to stop her, because i was loving it!
Yes, i was loving the feeling of that hot young woman on top of me, and how her beautiful wet little pussy was sliding up and down my hard length, working it so perfectly, and right then Helen could have walked through the door and i wouldn’t have stopped, because i was getting my reward!
For the next few minutes Amanda happily and steadily rode my hard cock, moaning and groaning on top of me, and i too was moaning and groaning as she did, while i placed my hands on her smooth little soft round butt cheeks and held onto her.
Then she picked up the pace, her little arse rose and dropped faster, her little wet pussy slipped up and down my length quicker, and we both began to moan louder and breath heavier.
Eagerly i held onto her little arse cheeks and helped her lift up and down on top of me, while happily staring at her little boobs jiggling about, just above my face.
We continued like that for another few minutes, until finally we ran out of energy, and with a sigh, Amanda dropped into my lap and then began grinding against my cock as she groped at her own little boobs.
“Oh god, your cock feels good! Oh god, your cock feels so good!” she moaned
Then she leant forward and kissed me, and eagerly i kissed her back, before she then lifted up, looked at me and said “Fuck me from behind!”
“Okay!” i replied, now more than happy to fuck her anyway she wanted, as long as i could just keep fucking her.
Amanda quickly stood up, and as my hard wet cock slipped out of wet little pussy, she stepped over to the sofa and instantly knelt down on it, facing the cushions.
Eagerly i stood up, and kicked off my jeans, pulled off my t-shirt, and now as naked as she was, i moved up behind her.
I happily looked at her little bare round arse, that was pointing out towards me, just waiting for my cock, and eagerly i stepped up behind her, took hold of my hard wet length and placed it up against her smooth wet pussy entrance.
Then with one hand on her back, i eased my hard cock into her, and watched as her little pink lips parted letting my hard length slip inside.
She moaned loudly as my hard cock slid back inside of her, then when i was most of the way in, i took hold of her hips and began steadily thrusting into her.
“Oh yes daddy! Yes! Give me your cock! Give it to me! Give it to me!” she moaned as i pumped away inside of her.
For the next few minutes i happily fucked Amanda’s little pussy, and she rocked back and forth on my length happily taking it.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she kept repeating as i did.
My hard cock slid back and forth in that young wet pussy, and i could feel her warmth and her pussy getting wetter, after a while i was pounding into her faster and harder than i had been, and happily she urged me on and begged for more.
“Yes! Yes! Fuck me like that! Fuck me like that! I want it harder daddy! I want it harder! Make me moan daddy! I’m your reward! Pound me as hard as you want to!” she then moaned.
Then as i tried to fuck her harder and faster, her head dipped into the cushions and i could hear her moaning even louder.
Her moans were now almost one long noise as i pounded my hard stiff member into her, and i couldn’t believe how a petite innocent looking young girl like her, wanted to be fucked so hard and raw, but she did.
For another minute or so i happily pounded her little warm wet pussy as hard as fast as i could, until finally, with a groan, i couldn’t keep going, and then just thrust deep and hard into her, and stopped.
“Oh fuck! Oh fuck!” i groaned
“I can’t keep going! I can’t keep going! I’m just not that fit!” i then added gasping for breath.
Amanda instantly lifted up, twisted around to look at me and said “Then lay down, let me have another go!”
So i quickly pulled out of her pussy, and then lay down on the floor, before she stepped over me, facing away this time, and then lowered herself back onto my hard waiting cock.
Her little wet pussy quickly slipped down on to my length with ease, and in seconds she was riding me again.
In this position i could see her cute little round arse cheeks lifting and falling upon my hard cock, and she leant forward and placed her hands on the floor between my legs, to give me the best view possible of her little wet pink pussy, stretched around my hard thick shaft.
I moaned happily as her little body bounced rapidly on top of me, and loved watching her little pussy sliding up and down my length again.
For the next few minutes Amanda rode my cock, bouncing eagerly on top of me while i just lay back and let it happen, and the more we fucked, the more my excitement began to build.
I was soon moaning almost as loudly as she was, as her little pussy continued to work up and down my shaft, and even though i wanted it to last for as long as possible, the inevitable soon began to happen.
“Oh god! Oh god! Your going to make me cum! Amanda, your going to make me cum!” i groaned loudly as my excitement grew faster.
“Yes Daddy! Yes! Cum for me! Cum for me! I want it! I want it! I want to make you cum!” she moaned back, and just continued to ride my cock hard and fast.
So i just lay there, watching her little arse rise and fall, feeling her little wet pussy slide up and down my hard cock like she was trying to wear it out, and still i couldn’t believe my soon to be very cute blonde stepdaughter was riding my cock, wearing only a pair of white stockings.
For another minute or so she continued on, and i moaned with every movement of her sweet wet little pussy on my hard throbbing cock, and tried to hold on as best as i could, but with her riding me hard, there was just nothing i could do.
“Oh god! Amanda! Amanda! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” i groaned as i felt my balls tightening up.
“Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it!” she moaned back excitedly.
“Cum Daddy! Cum!” she then cried out.
Her little pussy wasn’t stopping, and it was riding my hard ready to burst cock so hard now there was just no way i could hold on anymore, and with a loud groan, i felt my cum begin to surge.
“OH SHIT! HERE IT COMES!” i then cried.
Amanda then bounced up and down on my length a couple more times, like she was shaking up a bottle of champagne, and then as if she was the cork, she popped up off my hard veiny length just in time for me to start exploding, and with a cry i began shooting sticky white goo up into the air.
In flash my stepdaughter spun around, opened her mouth, grabbed hold of my spewing cock and aimed it at it, and eagerly began catching my wet sticky wads of cum in her mouth.
“OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” i cried out as unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum.
My hard throbbing cock continued to spurt more and more wet sticky goo, and greedily Amanda swallowed it all while jerking my cock to get every last drop out.
Then after several hot amazing seconds i was done, and with a sigh I relaxed, completely spent and happy.
My stepdaughter to be then lowered her mouth, and slowly began sucking on my sticky spent cock making sure she got every last drop, until finally she lifted her head and licked her lips clean.
“How was that?” she asked smiling.
“Great! Just great!” i replied still trying to catch my breath.
“Good!” she grinned.
Then she sat up, moved a foot forwards towards my testicles, and with her dainty little stocking clad foot began massaging my balls.
“Now! How about my reward?” she then asked with a grin, as my cock began to rise again. Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

My New StepDaughter

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