The Sleepover Pt.4 Sex Stories

I feel like I’m dreaming as I watch Kristina wrap one hand around my cock and raise up on her knees. I’m lying flat on my back on Lauren’s bed and Kristina is kneeling between my legs. Locking eyes with me, she lifts my cock and slowly licks the underside of it from the base to the tip. Her eyes are sparkling with mischief as she teases me mercilessly.

“Oh fuck!” I moan. “That feels so fucking good, Kristina!” The compliment educes an absolutely radiant smile from her and she repeats the lick several more times.

Lauren and I were just toweling off after our shower when Kristina arrived. We let her in without bothering to get dressed. Kristina immediately took in our state of dress and our demeanor before stating the apparently obvious conclusion.

“You two fucked, didn’t you?” she asked. Lauren just shrugged and offered to share, leading us both to her bedroom and suggesting Kristina was over dressed. Kristina quickly shed her shorts, top and underwear while Lauren went to my room to get the condoms.

“You guys started without me,” Lauren said. Kristina isn’t the only one who can state the obvious.

“You want some of this?” Kristina asks, pointing my throbbing cock in her direction. Lauren just smiles as she walks towards the bed. My eyes follow my sister’s movements.

I swear I will never tire of my sister’s sexy body. Her thick nipples are in full arousal mode, protruding about half an inch from her large areolas while her neatly trimmed pubic hair is still damp from our shower. Her long, distended pussy lips are glistening with excitement, making my cock quiver in Kristina’s hand.

“I can feel his pulse,” Kristina laughs as Lauren kneels on the edge of the bed and positions her head inches from my cock.

“Let’s both lick him,” Lauren suggests, pushing her tongue against the left side of my cock. Kristina joins in and licks up and down the right side. Fuck! How did I ever get so lucky to have these two teenage beauties giving me a joint blowjob?

“OH God! I’ve never felt anything like this!” I moan as I slide my hand over Lauren’s ass cheeks and tease her moist slit.

“Mmmmm, “Lauren moans as the two girls continue to lick all around my cock, taking turns sucking my cockhead into their mouths. Their licking which at first was awkward is now starting to feel more synchronized and my cock is swelling beyond belief.

“Oh Fuck!” I cry as they trap my cockhead between their lips, licking and nibbling the sides almost as if they are kissing each other. Lauren reaches between my legs and starts teasing my balls as Kristina continues to stroke her hand up and down my shaft.

I’m not going to last much longer. I’m thrusting my hips off the bed while pushing two fingers into my sister’s wet pussy. My cock is so fucking hard and swollen beyond belief from these two teenage nymphs trading it back and forth between their mouths.

“Oh God, yes!” I groan as my cock erupts inside Lauren’s mouth. She must have felt my balls tighten because she slipped her mouth over the end just in time. Sliding her mouth to the side, she offers Kristina the second spurt, which she quickly swallows before sliding her lips about halfway down my shaft and then back off. Lauren takes me back and milks the residual jism from my deflating cock while Kristina crawls up the bed and kisses me with her cum soaked tongue.

“We can get him hard again,” Lauren announces. “He’s a fucking stud, aren’t you Brandon?” She smiles as she sucks my spent cock back into her mouth, flicking her tongue all around it. I can’t answer because Kristina has her tongue deep inside my mouth, kissing me with a lustful insistence that portends her urgent need.

Lauren’s hand is teasing my balls while her mouth is working its magic on my cock. Having already come three times this morning, I’m surprised when my cock starts to respond to her salacious machinations. Fuck! I’ve been known to go more than four times in a day but usually with more time in between. I’m still finger fucking my sister when Kristina breaks the kiss.

“Will you eat me, Brandon?” Kristina whispers, literally shivering with excitement.

“It would be my pleasure,” I answer, motioning for my sister to let me up. Lauren moves toward the foot of the bed, pulling my fingers from her soggy pussy. My cock is fairly recovered but eating Kristina’s pussy will definitely give it more time.

“And then fuck me?” Kristina smiles coyly.

“It is your turn,” I answer, glancing at my sister for approval. She nods as she watches Kristina plop down on her back and spread her legs.

“You sure someone didn’t already get you off?” Lauren asks as she stares into Kristina’s splayed open pussy.

“No, but I’m more than ready,” she says with understatement. Her love juices are literally dripping from her anxious opening and she is quivering with excitement. I position myself between her legs as my sister settles down next to me on the bed. I feel Lauren’s hand caressing my ass cheek as my face dives into Kristina’s pussy.

Fuck! My tongue is soaked just licking around the edges of her inflamed pussy. Kristina pulls her knees up and spreads her thighs even wider, almost begging me to plunge my tongue inside. Instead I lick from the bottom of her slit up along her flower-petal labia to just below her clit.

“You taste so fucking good!” I tell her as I take a breath. Lauren’s hand has slipped between my legs and is massaging my balls as I suck one of Kristina’s lips into my mouth and gently chew along the edge.

“Oh yeah! Whatever that is, keep doing it!” Kristina moans as I repeat the action on the other side. Her taste mixed with her intoxicating aroma hardens my dick the rest of the way. Not to mention my sister playing with my balls and nibbling on my ass cheek. This is an amazing fucking experience.

Sliding my tongue deep into Kristina’s pussy, I slurp up her succulent nectar as she squirms around on the bed. She’s still creaming like crazy and my cheeks are getting soaked as I rock my head from side to side and tongue fuck her steamy pussy.

“Oh yes! Oh God!” Kristina cries when I suck her clit into my mouth and push a finger into her tight little pussy. She’s humping against my fingers and pushing her clit hard against my tongue.

“Don’t stop! I’m going to cum! Oh fuck!” Kristina keeps moaning. Her ass is fervently bucking against my face as I pump my finger in and out, twisting it back and forth and sloshing around her hot juices.

“I’m cumming!” she screams, grabbing the sheet in a death grip and jerking her head and shoulders off the bed. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is wide open and she’s gasping for breath as she pushes harder against my mouth and finger.

I’m soaked with her juices and I’m having trouble keeping my mouth on her clit as she grinds against my face. With an unexpected abruptness, she stops moving, pushes me away from her sensitive clit and clamps her pussy around my finger.

I glance at my sister who has abandoned her teasing of me to watch her friend convulsing wildly through her intense orgasm.

Extracting my finger from her quivering pussy, I lap up as much as I can of her free flowing liquid while she catches her breath. My cock is rock solid as my lips trace a trail up her smooth torso and gently kiss her rising and falling breasts. Her thick, taut nipples are sticking straight up from the center of her small areolas and I suck each one into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue.

Instead of relaxing her, the orgasm has wound her body tighter than a coiled spring as she anticipates me fulfilling her next request. Lauren is staring intently with a voyeuristically lustful look on her face.

“Condom?” I ask Lauren, startling her out of her near trancelike state.

“Sure,” she says huskily, catching her breath as she reaches for the shiny package on the nightstand. Tearing it open she skillfully holds my cock in one hand while she rolls down the protective sheath with the other. Instead of letting me go, she holds my stiff cock between her thumb and index finger and guides it into Kristina’s slick opening. God! This is so fucking erotic having my sister feed my cock into her best friend’s pussy.

“Oh yeah!” Kristina moans, arching her back to welcome the sheathed intruder. Lauren caresses my ass cheeks, sliding her hand between them to tease my balls as I plunge my cock deep into Kristina’s anxious pussy. Unfuckingbelievable!

“Oh God!” Kristina cries, wrapping her arms around my back as my cock bottoms out and I push my pussy-soaked tongue into her mouth.

Lauren obviously wants to participate, keeping her hands in constant motion all over my ass and balls as I repeatedly slam my cock into Kristina’s pussy. I’ve never done anything even close to this and the sensation is incredible.

Lauren in kneeling beside us as the rhythm of our fucking starts to rock the bed. I reach back with one hand and stroke her right thigh. She spreads her legs and I slide my hand up the inside of her thigh until it reaches the apex. Cupping her pussy mound in my palm I push two fingers deep inside her slippery opening. She squeezes my balls and starts to hump my hand as I continue fucking her friend.

Damn! I can’t keep both rhythms going successfully so I concentrate on fucking Kristina and let Lauren use my hand at her own pace.

“Oh Brandon! Oh Fuck!” Kristina moans as I hammer my cock into her inexperienced pussy. She’s bucking her hips up to meet my thrusts as my sister masturbates herself against my hand. Lauren’s rhythm is almost matching ours as she continues to play with my balls and caress my ass.

“Oh God! I’m cumming again!” Kristina announces as she frantically thrusts her hips off the bed.

“Me too!” Lauren breathes, grabbing my wrist and pulling my hand tightly against her rapidly gyrating pussy. I’m getting pretty damn close myself.

“OhhhhhHHHHHH! YEAH!” Kristina’s whole body shudders as her orgasm rips through her and she squeezes her pussy muscles around my cock. That, plus my sister caressing my balls pushes me over the top and my cock explodes inside Kristina’s snug cavern.

“Just… about… there…” Lauren pants as she fervently fucks her pussy against my hand and I feel her muscles tighten around my fingers. “Yeahhhhhh,” she sighs, slowing her movements as her pussy pulsates rapidly and her hot juices run down my arm.

Kristina pulls me tightly against her as my sister plops down on my back. All three of us are breathing heavily and gasping for air.

Fuck! Glancing at the clock, I smile when I realize we still have a few hours before our parents get home. Lauren is the first to move, allowing me to disengage my spent cock and flop down next to Kristina. Lauren pulls some tissues from the box on the nightstand and carefully pulls the used condom from my limp cock and discards it in the bathroom trashcan. When she returns, she stretches out on the other side of me. The heavy scent of sex fills the air as the girls cuddle up to me and I wrap my arms around them.

We’re all spent, especially me but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying these naked beauties lying beside me. My hands are all over Kristina, especially her curvaceous little ass. Her pale cheek fits almost perfectly in the palm of my hand and I caress its sexy roundness while my other hand teases her nipples. She sighs happily while planting kisses on my chest.

Not to be left out, my sister is cuddled up on the other side of me, running her fingers through my pubes while idly pushing my spent cock around. Releasing Kristina’s tits, I wrap my arm around Lauren, pulling her against me and squeezing her ass cheek. Fuck! It doesn’t get much better than a teenage ass cheek in each hand and my sister’s hand sliding down to my balls.

“Have you ever wondered about our parents’ visits to the cabin?” Kristina asks to no one in particular.

“What do you mean?” Lauren responds, raising her head from my shoulder to look across my chest at Kristina.

“Well… nothing… never mind,” she says.

“No, what?” Lauren presses her. “What were you going to say?”

“It’s stupid,” she answers. “I never should have brought it up.” Now she’s got me curious.

“It’s okay,” I kiss her on top of her head. “Just say what you were thinking.” My hands are still caressing their respective asses and Lauren’s hand is still massaging my cock and balls.

“Well,” she hesitates, then sits up and looks at both of us. “I watched my mom pack her sexiest underwear and lingerie for the weekend at the lake.”

“So?” Lauren vocalizes what I’m thinking. “Maybe your mom and dad were planning on a little lover’s weekend.”

“With your parents?” Kristina asks. “I mean, if they wanted a romantic get away wouldn’t they go by themselves.”

“What are you suggesting?” I ask, sincerely curious, my hands lying idle on their backsides.

“Wait!” Lauren says, jumping off the bed and heading down the hall. Kristina looks at me sheepishly while I try to figure our where my sister went.

“Mom packed her sexiest things too!” Lauren announces upon her return.

“So they use the cabin to spice up their marriages,” I say. “Nothing wrong with that… and I really don’t want to discuss our parents’ sex life.”

“What if…” Kristina shakes her head like she can’t really believe what she’s saying. “What if the sexy lingerie isn’t for their own husbands?” Her question hangs in the air as my sister and I stare at her in disbelief.

“I think you’ve been watching too much daytime TV,” Lauren says, laughing off the accusation.

“Probably,” Kristina agrees. “I told you I never should have said it.”

Of course, now that it’s out there it can’t be unsaid. Kristina has opened a door that my imagination involuntarily tromps through, creatively wandering to the far corners of believability. I find myself conjuring up all sorts of scenarios for our parents during their get away weekends. Damn!

I can’t even begin to think of my mom like that but Mrs. Andrews has always looked good. I’m not the only guy my age who checks her out when she’s sunbathing at the pool. She and my mom go to the gym together and have both kept in really good shape. Shit, maybe guys are checking out my mom like that, too. Fuck! Could they really be fucking around at the cabin? If they are, is it just swapping or could it even be an orgy?

“Earth to Brandon. Earth to Brandon,” Lauren says, snapping me out of my reverie. “Kristina asked how we’re going to keep doing this,” she nods at our naked bodies embracing on the bed, “once our parents are back in town.” Good question.

“I mean… um… assuming we all want to keep doing it,” Kristina adds. “I mean… I certainly do!” Lauren leans over my chest as she raises her head to look me in the eyes. Her warm boobs are pressed against me and my arm is d****d around her back.

“Me too,” she whispers, kissing me lightly on the lips. “What about you, Brandon?” she smiles. “Are you going back to Kelly or do you want to keep your little teenage harem?”

“I would be crazy not to want to keep doing this as often as we can but how can we get away with it?” I ask my two lovely companions.

We lay there in companionable silence for quite sometimes before anyone speaks. Finally, I offer up one obvious conclusion.

“I need to get my own place,” I answer.

“And you could start dating Kristina,” Lauren says, raising her eyebrows at me.

“I’m all for that!” Kristina says, excitedly. “But what about you, Lauren?”

“We would still be a threesome,” Lauren explains. “Brandon obviously can’t date me and it would look weird for us to hang around his place for no reason. But if he’s dating you, my best friend, it wouldn’t seem weird at all for the three of us to always be together.”

“Do you think we could… you know… be like this very often?” Kristina asks.

“Is that all you think about?” I tease, tweaking her nipple as I kiss her cheek.

“It is now that you’ve corrupted me,” she answers, punching my arm as she’s seen my sister do. “Want to be my boyfriend, Brandon?” she asks, running her fingers up the length of my soft cock.

“Not if you’re going to hit me,” I smile, buying myself time to consider my sister’s proposition.

“How about spanking you,” she smirks mischievously. I ignore her comment but my cock twitches in her hand.

“People will say I’m too old for you,” I finally say.

“Let them,” Lauren says. “It doesn’t matter as long as they don’t say you’re fucking your sister.” Maybe she’s right.

“Maybe we could make this work,” I say as Kristina scoots down and starts gently licking all around my cock. Lauren leans her boobs on my chest and pushes her tongue in my mouth. Yes, we definitely need to make this work.

“As good as that feels, Kristina,” I say, when my sister breaks the kiss. “I don’t think I’m going to be ready for a while,” I smile.

“Can I still play with it or is it sore?” Kristina asks innocently.

“No, it’s not sore at all just don’t get your hopes up,” I answer as I pull my sister back down and continue kissing her.

We spend the next hour or so in a languorous entanglement of arms and legs. With no real urgency, I suckle at Lauren’s nipples while my hands explore her exquisite body. Kristina licks and sucks my cock, gently caressing my scrotum until she trades places with Lauren. I stroke her overheated pussy as she pushes her tongue in my mouth and bucks against my hand.

Lauren’s more experienced mouth works magic on my cock and I fully recover while sucking on Kristina’s taut nipples. Fuck! This is way more than any guy could wish for.

“I believe it’s my turn,” Lauren says, pulling her mouth from my hard cock as she looks questioningly at Kristina.

“Oh yeah!” Kristina says enthusiastically. “I want to see you two… you know, do it!” She scoots back to give my sister room to mount my cock but I pull her back towards me for another kiss.

“You can watch from right here,” I tell her, cupping her ass with my hand. Lauren rubs my cockhead against her wet slit a couple of times before slowly lowering herself onto my fully erect shaft. Kristina appears mesmerized as she watches my cock disappear between my sister’s extended pussy lips.

“Wow,” Kristina whispers. “You’re actually fucking your sister.” She turns towards me in amazement.

“Yeah,” I answer just before she pushes her tongue in my mouth with a lustful urgency. Fuck. Could our i****tuous coupling be turning her on? Sliding my fingers between her legs, I’m greeted by a hot, dripping, pussy which I gladly fill with my fingers.

“Mmmph!” she moans into my mouth as Lauren assumes a steady rhythm on my hard cock. Talk about heaven!

As Kristina and I kiss, I finger fuck her through a hot, syrupy orgasm. My sister, who started out with a slow, steady rhythm has been picking up speed and is riding me like a fucking maniac. She has her head back and one arm balancing on my thigh as her young tits bounce all over her chest.

Kristina breaks the kiss, gasping for air when her orgasm hits and I start thrusting my cock deeper into Lauren’s pussy.

“Fuck!” I breathe, “I’m just about there, Sis.”

“Me too!” she pants, “just… a little… more!” She slams down on my hard cock, rocking her clit against my pelvic bone and rides me into an intense orgasm that has her screaming my name.

“FUCK! BRANDON! OH FUCK!” she yells, riding out the waves of pleasure and gradually slowing to a quivering spasm. Her pussy muscles clenching around my cock triggers my release and I shoot loads of cum directly into her tight teenage pussy. Kristina leans back so Lauren can collapse on my chest and the three of us cuddle up, catching our collective breaths.

We finally disentangle, Kristina goes home and I retreat to my own room before our parents get home. We arrange to meet later in the week so they can help me find an apartment.

Over the next couple of weeks, we find a place for me to rent within my price range, get together one night at Kristina’s when her parents are gone, and anxiously look forward to moving day.

Lauren suggests that Kristina and I ease into the whole dating thing gradually so as not to arouse any suspicion. Lauren, Kristina and my parents help me move into my new home and everyone goes home with no opportunity for the three of us to christen it. Lauren calls me as soon as she gets home.

“Damn!” she says when I pick up her call. “I wanted to give you a little housewarming present!”

“I would have really liked that,” I answer, lying back on my bed as we talk.

“Alex called,” she says, changing the subject, sort of.

“Oh?” I answer noncommittally.

“She thinks we should have a housewarming party.” I can hear the smirk in my sister’s voice and my cock stirs, knowing what kind of housewarming she has in mind.

“Mmm,” I answer even more cautiously. Lauren and I haven’t talked about Alex or Kylie any more since the lingerie party.

“Mmm yes or mmm no?” Lauren asks, clearly enjoying my discomfort.

“What do you think about it, Sis?” I ask, deflecting her question with a question of my own.

“You liked fucking her,” she says.

“Yeah,” I answer guardedly.

“I don’t have any hold on you Brandon,” she says matter-of-factly. “You can fuck whoever you want.”

“But you’d rather I didn’t?” I ask and get a long silence before she answers.

“I’d rather that you didn’t want to fuck anyone but Kristina and I but if you want to fuck Alex it’s okay,” she says quietly.

“What makes Alex different than Kristina,” I ask, honestly wondering about how she sees our relationship.

“I don’t know,” she says. “It just is. I need to go to sleep now. Good night, Brandon.”



“I really don’t even care if I fuck Kristina. We’re just doing that so no one gets weird that you and I are spending so much time together. Tell Alex that I don’t really have time for a party.”

“I love you, Brandon,” Lauren says, hanging up before I can reciprocate.

Following Lauren’s advice, Kristina and I gradually become a couple, going to the movies and out to dinner by ourselves. Of course, while that’s happening the three of us are fucking our brains out every chance we get. Both girls have dinner at my house several nights a week, which usually consists of quick service take out and an exhausting romp on my bed. As predicted, our parents aren’t too happy about the age difference and my dad takes me aside the first chance he gets to confront me about it. He’s at my place helping me fix my leaky dishwasher when he brings it up.

“So, what happened between you and Karen?” Dad asks as he gets on the floor to reach under the sink.

“I don’t know,” I shrug. “It just didn’t work out. We didn’t have as much in common as I thought.” He just nods and starts tightening a connection.

“You and Kristina have been seeing a lot of each other.” It’s not a question so I don’t immediately answer.

“She’s a nice girl,” I finally offer after he raises his eyebrows at me.

“Yes, she is,” he acknowledges. “A bit young, though.”

“Only six years difference,” I answer, maybe a little too defensively.

“She’s your sister’s age,” he says, sitting up and pushing the button on the dishwasher. “She’s always looked up to you like a big brother.”

“It’s not like we’re getting married, Dad,” I say, my defensiveness continuing in spite of knowing better. “Besides, after all the fighting Karen and I did, it’s a relief to be with someone who is always so upbeat and likes me just for who I am.” This isn’t untrue even if it isn’t the real reason Kristina and I are dating.

“She’s going to get hurt,” Dad says matter-of-factly as he stands up and brushes off his pants.

“Why do you say that?” I ask.

“Because you’re on the rebound, she’s infatuated with an older guy and this is a recipe for disaster. Trust me, I get how you feel but if you’re smart you’ll break this off before it goes too far.” This is a lot more critical than I expected him to be.

“We have fun together and nothing is getting out of hand. Besides Lauren is with us half the time. She’s fun, I like being with her and I’m not going to hurt her, Dad.”

“You won’t mean to, Son,” he says, putting his arm on my shoulder and giving me his ‘I know what’s best’ look. “She will get hurt. It’s not a matter of if, it’s only when. Better it is sooner rather than later. Let her grow up, date some guys her own age.” He makes it sound like a command.

“It’s only six years, Dad,” I protest. “When we’re thirty, six years will be nothing.”

“You’re not thirty,” he says, tersely.

“I hope to be someday,” I joke, trying to lighten the mood. It doesn’t work. “Seriously, Dad, what’s the big deal? This isn’t like you.”

“Your mother and I want you to stop dating Kristina,” he says, still giving me the severe stare. I just look at him, run my hand through my hair and turn away.

“Why?” I finally say. “I know what you’re telling me but there must be more to this.”

“We’ve been friends with the Andrews for a long time, in fact they’re our best friends. They don’t want to see their daughter hurt. They agree that it would be best for everyone if this didn’t even get started.” What the fuck! I thought they’d be concerned but I never thought it would be like this.

“This is just weird!” I yell. “Why not just let it run its course. We’ve barely started dating, it’s not like either one of us are taking this as seriously as you guys are.

“Are you sure she isn’t?” Dad asks, causing me to pause and consider Kristina. Nah, she’s in it for the fucking just like Lauren and I.

“Yes! I’m sure,” I answer confidently. “If it isn’t meant to be, it’ll fizzle out. And what if we do become serious? How cool would it be that your best friends could be your in-laws?” I tease. When Dad stiffens, I hold up my hands. “Just k**ding, Dad.”

“It’s not funny,” he says, gathering his things. “Please, Brandon, think about what I said. You don’t want to hurt her or ruin our family relations.”

As soon as he leaves, I call Lauren.

“What the fuck!” Lauren says. “They’ve never interfered like this before.”

“Do you think it has anything to do with wanting to keep the Andrews happy? Maybe there is something to what Kristina said about the cabin?”

“Oh God!” Lauren shrieks. “It couldn’t be that! Could it?” Who knows? We agree that I’ll call Kristina and give her a heads up, too.

“I know,” Kristina says after I describe the conversation with my dad. “My mom had the same conversation with me. What are we going to do?”

“We’re both adults,” I answer. “We knew they wouldn’t approve. This is just a little more intense than I expected.”

“Me too,” she says quietly. “Brandon, I don’t want to stop being with you guys.”

“Me either, Kristina,” I answer.

“Okay, then let’s ignore them for now,” she says decisively.

“Let’s!” I agree. We hang up and I fall back on my bed, wondering about my dad’s motivations.

I keep seeing Kristina, and the three of us keep getting together at my apartment for some amazing sex. I keep remembering how Lauren played with Kristina’s nipples when I first took her virginity and I’m waiting to see if she makes any further moves. So far it has all been two girls fucking one guy, which of course, I’m not complaining about at all.

Right after Lauren and Kristina leave one evening and I’m lying exhausted on my bed, my mom calls.

“Mrs. Andrews and I want to talk with you and Kristina tomorrow night,” she says without much preamble. “Can you come over after dinner?”

“Sure mom, but I think Lauren should be there, too.” I know what they want to discuss with us and I’d feel better if my sister was part of it. I think she would too.

“This doesn’t concern Lauren,” she says, rather abruptly.

“Kristina is Lauren’s best friend, she hangs out with us a lot, I think we’d both like her there, Mom,” I answer. “Is that a problem?” Mom hesitates.

“No, I guess not,” she sighs. “I’ll see you tomorrow, honey.”

“See you, Mom.” As soon as she hangs up, I call Lauren. They’re still en route to Kristina’s house. I fill them in on the very brief conversation I had with mom.

“Thanks for including me, Brandon,” Lauren says.

“I just want to outnumber them,” I joke. They laugh, but I can sense the tension about tomorrow. “It’ll be fine,” I reassure them.

“This isn’t an easy discussion,” Mom starts after we’re all seated around the dining room table. It’s about 7 o’clock and dad is gone out somewhere with Mr. Andrews. “I wouldn’t have included Lauren, but Brandon insisted and I guess you should probably hear this from us rather than second handed from your brother or your friend.”

We all look at each other. This seems more ominous than a cautionary concern about a difference in ages. I immediately wonder if they are sending Kristina away to school or something to split us up.

“We tried to avoid this conversation by asking you two to stop seeing each other but…” Mrs. Andrews interjects, shrugging her shoulders rather than completing her sentence.

“If you’re going to say he’s too old again…” Kristina says, impatiently but mom cuts her off.

“Just a second,” Mom holds up a finger for emphasis. “Please hear us out and then we can discuss it again.” The three of us nod, waiting for mom to take a drink of coffee.

“You know our families have been friends for a long time,” mom says, soliciting nods from her captive audience. “Since before you girls were born,” she adds, unnecessarily. “We moved into this neighborhood about the same time, when Brandon was just a toddler.

“What you don’t know,” Mrs. Andrews says, looking at Kristina. “Is that your dad and I had been trying to have k**s for a long time.” From the looks on the girls’ faces, none of us knew that. “We went through all kinds of tests and procedures and finally it was determined that your father had low sperm count.” No one says a word as Mrs. Andrews takes a breath. “The chances were very low that we would ever conceive. But we wanted k**s so badly. It looked like the only alternative was artificial insemination.”

“We were all best friends by then,” mom picks up the story as I wonder what this has to do with anything. “The Andrews wanted your father to donate the sperm.” Now I get it.

“Is that what this is about?” I ask. “Because dad donated some sperm, Kristina and I can’t date?” Ignoring my question, Mrs. Andrews jumps back in, speaking faster than before.

“It was all very expensive,” she says. “We weren’t sure we could afford it. That’s when your mother had the idea to do it the old fashioned way, without all the doctors.” She pauses and no one says a word while her words sink in.

“You fucked our dad to get pregnant?” Lauren asks.

“Please, Lauren, watch your language,” mom admonishes her. “But yes, that’s what the old fashioned way means.”

“You were okay with this?” Lauren asks mom, incredulously.

“Your mother is brilliant,” Mrs. Andrews exclaims. “She was concerned that the potential for jealousy could ruin our wonderful friendship so we made a reciprocal agreement.”

“You swapped?” Lauren is the first one to get it. “At the cabin, right?” Mom and Mrs. Andrews nod. “And you got pregnant with Kristina?”

“That’s why we’ve been so against you two dating,” mom says. “It isn’t that we don’t think you make a cute couple. It’s because Kristina is your sister!”

“Half-sister,” I answer for lack of anything better to say.

“So you can see that before you two get too intimate, we thought…” mom’s voice trails off as she notices the looks between the three of us. “Too late, huh?”

“Damn! We were afraid of that,” Mrs. Andrews says.

“OHMYGOD! You’ve been fucking your sister!” Lauren shrieks, dramatically covering her mouth with her hands, presumably to keep from laughing. It takes everything I have not to bust out laughing, as well. I catch Kristina’s eye and see that she’s had the same reaction to my sister’s fanciful outburst.

“Language!” mom says, sharply and then turns back to me. “So you can see why this can’t go on.” No one speaks for several minutes.

“We can’t just ignore our feelings for each other,” Kristina says quietly. “It’s not like we’re getting married,” she adds, using the very same argument I used with dad. “And we’re not making babies.”

“Kristina,” Mrs. Andrews says, “I know this is upsetting and I wish we didn’t have to…” Kristina interrupts her before she can continue.

“You were both pregnant at the same time,” she says, more a statement than a question. Both women nod and after a moment’s pause, Kristina adds, “What about Angela?” Kristina is referring to her 16-year-old sister.

“Well…” her mom clears her throat. “It worked so well the first time, and we didn’t want you to be an only c***d, so we did it again a couple of years later.”

“Swapping partners, again?” Lauren asks.

“Yes,” mom says.

“What about now, when the four of you go to the cabin?” Lauren asks and I bet mom wishes she had never promised that she would always tell us the truth no matter what we ask.

“Not that it is any of your business,” mom starts meekly. “But sometimes a marriage needs something to keep it from getting stale,” mom looks at Mrs. Andrews instead of us as she speaks. “We’ve found a way to spice up our marriages without any hurt feelings or repercussions.” We all sit quietly, no one quite sure what to say.

“Now do you two believe us that you shouldn’t be seeing each other?” mom asks.

“We need to think about this,” I answer, looking at Kristina who nods solemnly.

“What’s to think about?” Mrs. Andrews asks. “It’s i****t! That’s wrong!”

“I need to think about who my father is!” Kristina answers. “All these years, I thought dad…”

“Your dad is still your dad!” Mrs. Andrews admonishes. “It isn’t sperm that makes a dad, it’s who raises you!” Mom is giving me an imploring look, hoping I’ll make some sort of declaration.

“I don’t think this is so easy,” I say. “You’re telling us that i****t is wrong, but wife swapping isn’t?” I ask sarcastically. “I think it’s a little late to take the moral high ground, don’t you? That train has already left the station.”

When no one says anything for a few minutes, I stand up and grab Kristina’s hand. “We’re going to go out for a while and talk about all of this, okay?” I ask. Mom and Mrs. Andrews both look worried so for their benefit I add, “Don’t worry, Lauren will be with us.” Lauren is almost able to hide her smile.

“Love you, Mom,” I say, moving around the table to kiss her on the cheek. “Goodbye, Mrs. Andrews.” The girls say their goodbyes and we head to my car.

“I almost burst out laughing,” Kristina says when we get into the car. “OHMYGOD! You’ve been fucking your sister!” she mimics Lauren and then bursts into laughter.

“That was classic, Sis,” I tell her. “How do you feel about all of this?” I ask, looking over at Kristina.

“I don’t see where it changes anything,” she responds instantly, placing her hand on my thigh. “Maybe that’s why you were attracted to me,” she adds with a twinkle in her eye. “You do seem to have a thing for i****t.” We are all laughing again.

“Seriously,” Lauren says. “I think this does change things. We were hiding the i****t behind your relationship but now that is i****tuous too. What are we going to do?”

“Call Alex?” I tease. Both girls hit me at the same time.

“Not funny, Brandon!” Lauren says, but she smiles anyway. “What were the odds that the one person we picked to include would be our half sister?” She adds as I turn the car into my driveway.

“Whatever we decide,” Kristina says as I unlock the door, “I need some i****t right now.” She’s pulling her top over her head as soon as we walk in the door.

“I know, all that talk about fucking got me horny,” Lauren adds, shedding her clothes as well.

“Everything gets you horny,” Kristina teases, smacking Lauren’s bare bottom as I unsnap my jeans.

“Hey!” Lauren protests, trying to return the slap but Kristina turns to the side and she barely connects with her hip.

“Eating cereal makes you horny!” Kristina says, hopping back out of the way. “Answering the phone makes you horny!” The naked girls are hopping around the room, laughing while Kristina teases my sister… uh, our sister, I mean. My cock responds to these two naked beauties playfully prancing around trying to smack each other’s bottoms. And very sexy bottoms they are.

“Breathing makes you horny!” Kristina laughs, plopping down on the sofa so Lauren can’t reach her butt. Lauren straddles her legs, kneeling on the couch while she tries to pry her up off the cushion. They have no clue how sexy they look wrestling naked on the couch.

“Get these things out of my face before I bite them,” Kristina laughs, swatting at Laurens tits, which are dangling dangerously close to Kristina’s face.

“You’d probably like to, wouldn’t you,” Lauren teases, shaking her beautiful tits back and forth in front of our half-sister.

“It would just make you horny!” Kristina laughs, sticking her tongue out and trying to catch one of Lauren’s nipples as it swings across in front of her. Lauren slows her movements, letting Kristina’s tongue barely connect with her left nipple.

My cock hardens in anticipation of Kristina sucking Lauren’s tits. For a second it looks like it’s going to happen. Lauren is staring at her friend, almost like she’s willing her to do it. Her tits have stopped swinging from side to side and just hover near Kristina’s open mouth.

“I wish I had tits like this!” Kristina laughs, pushing Lauren away. “Look at Brandon drooling over them!” Fuck! The spell is broken and she has no clue that I was really drooling over the idea of a girl on girl show.

“I was just enjoying the show!” I respond, trying lamely to recapture the moment. Lauren glances at me like she understands but Kristina is up off the couch and grabbing my hand.

“Come on, Brandon!” she says, pulling me down the hall towards my bedroom. “Time to fuck your sisters.” I’m not going to argue with that. Lauren joins us and I spend the next couple of hours alternating between my two gorgeous siblings. Watch Our Private Photo –

I devour, tease and fuck them both, eating them to an orgasm each before fucking Kristina from behind and Lauren face to face. These have proven to be their favorite positions. Lauren really likes to kiss while we fuck and Kristina likes how deeply I pound into her from behind.

When I think I’m spent, they give me a joint blowjob that gets me going all over again. They’ve gotten quite adept at trading my cock between their talented mouths. As I watch how close their lips get to each other, I can’t help but think of their earlier actions. Lauren really looked like she wanted to take this farther. I remember how surprised I was when she played with Kristina’s nipple while Kristina rode my cock during the sleepover. When I shoot my load into Lauren’s mouth, she’s not looking at me; her eyes are locked on Kristina’s.

As I take the girls home, we talk a little about our dilemma but don’t come up with any answers. After dropping off Kristina in front of her house, I pull into my parents’ driveway and Lauren and I sit in the car for a few minutes.

“That was very sexy when you and Kristina were wrestling on the couch,” I say, trying to open the conversation without being too overt about it.

“Yeah, that was fun,” she says, looking at me like she wants to add more. “You got really hard watching us, didn’t you?”

“Of course. It was very erotic.” I hesitate for a minute and then figure what the heck. “You enjoyed it too, didn’t you?”

“I always enjoy making you hard,” she says without answering my question. We say our goodnights, our kiss lingering a little longer than usual, neither one of us wanting the evening to end. Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

The Sleepover Pt.4 Sex Stories

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